What Donald Trump Says About the Future of Job Market

donald trump and job searchThe interest in this controversial person has rapidly increased. Obviously, Americans want to know who is going to lead their powerful country.

The outstanding story of his life, full of rises and falls, is known. The program of his political activity is learned.

However, there is one extremely actual issue of his policy, which still piques the interest of the masses. The 45th president of the USA raised the question of unemployment and the labor market.

No matter how controversial the quotes of the businessman-turned-politician might seem, the best online resume service is ready to deliver you a brief overview of his views on the labor market.

About Business

The news about business taxes increasing isn’t fresh. The new president couldn’t bypass this pressing issue and commented on it:

‘All raising taxes on businesses does is force business owners to lay off employees they can no longer afford. It also drives up prices, encourages businessmen and women to move their businesses (and their jobs) to other countries that have far lower tax rates and regulatory costs, and sends people scrambling for tax shelters’.

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About Jobs and Rebuilding

donald trump and business developmentA smart person with a patriotic attitude has already commented on the economic rebuilding of the country. Should we look for a new promising job in the nearest future? We will see:

‘The Senate Budget Committee estimates that rebuilding America will create 13 million jobs. Our economy needs more available jobs.

If we do what we have to do correctly, we can create the biggest economic boom in this country since the New Deal when our vast infrastructure was first put into place’.

Justin Chappell, the RespectAbility Report’s newest reporter, stresses that some of the voters are positive about Trump’s intention to supply veterans with jobs.

About Unemployment Rate

trump and employment problemThis issue has been discussed heatedly during the last few days. The skeptical opinion of Trump’s supporters is perceived contradictorily. Some political scientists and economists don’t accept the new president’s point of view, others support it enthusiastically.

Some tabloids are bursting with flashy headlines about Trump’s incompetence. But isn’t the right that the problem of unemployment is one of the most critical in the USA?

‘Our labor participation rate was the worst since 1978. But think of it, GDP below zero, horrible labor participation rate. Our real unemployment is anywhere from 18% to 20%.

Don’t believe the 5.6%. The real number is anywhere from 18% to maybe even 21%, and nobody talks about it because it’s a statistic that’s full of nonsense’.

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About Labor Market

One of the most critical questions, namely the labor market, was thoroughly outlined in Trump’s debate performance. The key idea of the new president lies in preventing foreign countries from ripping off US jobs:

‘Jobs are going left and right. Foreign companies are ripping off the United States like never before.

Our money is flowing out of the country. We are shifting factories to Mexico and China, using our resources in other countries. We have turned into the bank to other countries’.

The substantial tax cut and the increase in jobs are winning strategies to solve the critical economic problem.

The problems of unemployment and the labor market, fortunately, take the place in the policy of the new president. The only thing that is left to do is to bring these ideas to life!