How to List Latin Honors on a Resume?

If you have any Latin honors, you should definitely mention them in your student resume if they will point out your suitability for the job. The first rule that you have to keep in mind is to list the honors in lowercase. They should also be italicized. It will look like summa cum laude on your resume.

According to Harvard Law School standards, a perfect resume should contain two separate sections for honors and activities. You should list Latin honors only in the honors section but remember that it’s not a tribute to your university. Include three to five university achievements and move on.

Where to Put Latin Honors on a Resume?

Some students don’t know where to put Latin honors on a resume but, in most cases, they should include them in the honors section. For instance, such achievements as the semesters/years that the student spent on Dean’s List should be in this section. Speaking of the activity section, there you can list activities in organizations such as Phi Beta Kappa.

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The next rule that you have to follow if you don’t know how to put Latin honors on a resume is to mention your GPA. Some students think that mentioning GPA is unnecessary because some of the Latin honors already reflect it.

latin honors on resume

For instance, magna cum laude means that a student has an outstanding GPA. Still, some employers require including the exact number in the document, especially speaking of entry-level jobs. A good idea would be to mention your GPA in parenthesis: magna cum laude (GPA 4.2).