10 Best Resume Writing Services in Phoenix, Arizona

Job hunting is becoming a stressful event even for those with tons of experience in different industries. It is a global experience, and everyone is trying their best to be competitive and beat their competitors. In Phoenix, the situation is not different. With thousands of talented individuals, job seekers try to give their best so that recruiters can notice them.

One of the smart moves job seekers are taking is seeking services from professional resume writers in Phoenix AZ. These writers are usually certified so that they can gain the trust of their clients. This way, job seekers are assured of improving their chances of being invited for interviews.

In this overview, we shall review some of the most reliable resume writing services in Phoenix AZ for professionals of all levels. We will consider specific features for all, such as:

  • Prices: how much they charge for their services and the packages available.
  • Turnaround time: how long it takes for the provider to deliver their services after purchasing.
  • Quality: how helpful the resumes created are to their clients and the type of feedback they receive.
  • Customer support: how helpful and responsive the support team is to the customers at any given time.
  • Guarantees: types of assurances the services provider give to their customers.

Let us look at some of these outstanding resume writing services Phoenix:

Resume Writing Lab

Resume Writing Lab Company is not just another company that uses templates to craft resumes for its client. It is a spectacular resume help in Phoenix that understands the kind of competition in the region.

As a service provider, we give customized attention to each order made by our clients and optimize it to be ATS compliant. Why? Because we understand that each industry requires a specific skill set and that there are seniority levels in the job ladder.

We have more than 200 professional resume writers in our database that enables us to take care of our clients within a short while. Their prowess has made us featured in CNN, Forbes, CNBC, and we are proud of having this achievement.

Also, we have offered our Phoenix resume writing services to brands such as Tesla, Verizon, Amazon, CVSHealth, and 500 more. We are a recognized provider since we are members of the NRWA and PAWRCC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches).

We also enjoy a high customer satisfaction rate of 98%. For this reason, people that choose to use our professional resume writing services Phoenix leave us excellent reviews.

What customers love about our services is they can access them from anywhere. We are borderless, and we do not have physical offices. Everything is delivered online. Because of our good work, we have gained trust from customers from different parts globally.


  • All the resume writers are certified and know features of winning resumes
  • Clients can use our services regardless of their locations


  • We do not have physical offices, and this may inconvenience clients that want to visit us physically.

Turnaround time: we deliver our resumes within 3-5 business days. It does not necessarily mean you have to wait for these days as sometimes, you can get your resume sooner.

Prices: you can enjoy our services from $179.99 – $479.99, depending on your career level

Customer Support: Our customer support team is always available and can be chatted 24/7. We care about our clients are ready to receive requests such as revisions for the work submitted to help you increase your visibility.

Guarantees: we provide a 14-day money-back guarantee, 100% confidentiality, and 7 days free revision to our customers.

Quality: we pride ourselves on providing high-quality resumes to our clients. They have left us good reviews for the spectacular job done. You can find our reviews from Sitejabber, Edureviewr, Trustpilot, and more. Here are some examples of what they say:

Craft Resumes

Craft Resumes is a top-rated provider in offering resume writing services Phoenix. The company has built a strong reputation that has seen it serve great clients globally, such as Pfizer, J.P Morgan, FedEx, IBM, and others.  The company has experienced writers in different industries, making it ideal for industry-specific resumes.

Customers that use this company’s services have a 93% chance of landing interviews after getting their resumes.


  • Industry-specific experts that write ATS friendly resumes
  • Customer guarantees to ensure clients are happy with what they receive


  • The company only offers its services virtually with no physical offices such as the headquarters, for people that would like to have physical consultations.

Turnaround time: when you order services from Craft Resumes, resume writers Phoenix work and deliver within 24 hours. According to the provider, you do not have to wait longer than this.

Prices: the cost of a resume service Phoenix provided by Craft resumes ranges between $139 and $439.

Customer support: there is always someone waiting to chat with customers on the live chat. So, clients are always in reach of help whenever they need support from the company.

Guarantees: the company does not mention any guarantees to its customers, but there is an assurance of getting support whenever a customer needs some and 24 hr. delivery of the first draft.

Quality: customers are generally happy with the services they get from the company. They have a 98% satisfaction rate according to reviews left by customers. Check this example:


Getting a good resume writer in Phoenix is challenging, but at Zipjob, you get writers that help you secure the job you are eyeing. They write great resumes that are compliant with ATS, a software most recruiters use today. As part of their achievement, the company has helped its clients get jobs in brands like ABC, BBC, Chase, and Google.

Writers at this company are experts in their fields and know how to highlight skills that make their clients more marketable. They serve over 65 industries and keep expanding their services.


  • Custom resumes written to suit each career path
  • A professional service provider that is a member of PAWRCC


  • No physical offices where customers can go to address their concerns

Turnaround: they have a fast turnaround time since some of their writers work even during the weekend.

Prices: the professional resume writing service Phoenix AZ has friendly prices that range between $139 and $299.

Customer support: the provider offers commendable support to their customers. However, they do not work on weekends and are only reachable from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

Guarantees: the company offers its clients a 60-day guarantee after receiving their resumes. After the period elapses without securing an interview, they re-write your resume and check links to the jobs you have applied for.

Quality: resumes written by Zipjob are of high quality and often earn those that have received the service a 200% chance of landing interviews. Check out what previous clients say:

Find My Profession

Find My Profession has some of the best professional resume writers Phoenix and serves clients without focusing on where they come from. That means that provided you have access to the internet, you can order their services from anywhere.

The writers’ database of this company has experts in over 85 industries, all providing outstanding resumes. Because of its consistency in delivering quality resumes, its work has been featured in Forbes, Jobscan, LinkedIn, Zety, ThriveGlobal, and others.


  • The company is a member of PARWCC and has professional and experienced writers.
  • They deliver quality resumes that have seen their clients secure jobs in some of the reputable brands in the world.


  • Some customers may not land an interview within 60 days after receiving their resumes.

Turnaround time: the resume service Phoenix AZ delivers within 3-5 days after receiving the order and discussing the deliverables with the client.

Prices: customers get services from this provider from $395-$995

Guarantees: customers are guaranteed a 60-day interview upon receiving their resumes from the service provider.

Quality: Find My Profession has many positive ratings from its customers, which means they are happy with the resumes they get. Check some of them:

Résumé Spice

It is among the best places to seek professional resume service Phoenix AZ. Whether you want an in-person or virtual consultation, the company provides both. It is accredited by the BBB and a member of PARWCC. At ResumeSpice, jobseekers get expert services, and their success in writing winning resumes always see them having a surge in demand.

Although the service provider has their offices located in the US, they also cater to job seekers in Canada. The provider has been featured in Yahoo Finance, Houston Business Journal, Recruiter, and other reputable publications.


  • Résumés are written by a team of writers with actual human resources experience.
  • Résumés delivered are ATS friendly, which means candidates have better chances for landing interviews.


  • The provider is limited to offering their services to specific geographic locations.

Turnaround time: candidates normally wait for 2-3 business days after ordering their resumes. But, when there is a surge in demand, they can wait up to a week. The service provider is professional enough to let their customers know of such delays when they happen.

Prices: from $429 to $649

Customer Service: the company does not have live support. However, they can be reached through email or phone call for any help or inquiries.

Guarantees: customers are guaranteed a 100% satisfaction rate. If not, the company promises to make things right if the client notifies them of their dissatisfaction.

Quality: the quality received from clients of this company is of high standards. It can be because the service is provided by passionate professionals, which can be reflected in customer reviews.

Virtuoso Resumes

Jobseekers looking for custom resume help Phoenix find it from Virtuoso resumes. The provider is known for giving individual attention to each resume, focusing on the client’s strengths for the job they want to apply for. The founder, Krista Morris, does all the writing. She brings in her expertise in résumé writing, which she has gained in over 20 years of practice.


  • All resumes are written by the company owner, which means premium quality since the owner would not deliver anything that would negatively affect her company.
  • Unlimited revisions for all work delivered


  • The turnaround can be long

Turnaround: it can take 2-15 business days to have your resume ready. It can be because the owner works solo and pays attention to every resume.

Prices: between $225 and $625

Customer Support: customers can get support from the offices in Gilbert, AZ, make a call or fill the form provided on the service website.

Guarantees: the provider does not have guarantees for their clients.

Quality: the quality is impressive, as seen in the review below.

 Arizona Résumé

The company is owned by a recognized resume writer Phoenix AZ, Barbara Urlaub. The founder has gained recognition for her prowess in writing industry-specific résumés. Her company was nominated for Torch Award in 2021 for recognition of its outstanding services.



  • Industry experience of more than 30 years
  • A reliable service provider with custom data gathering processes


  • Despite being in the industry for over 30 years, the provider does not offer guarantees to their customers.

Turnaround: 3 days

Prices: between $299 and $599

Customer care: the provider does not have a live chat option but can be reached through a phone call, email message, or by filling the form on their website.

Guarantees: there are no guarantees given to customers

Quality: the provider is an award winner for delivering quality services and rated A++ on BBB. Here is a glimpse of what customers say:

Perfect Résumé

The company was founded by a top resume writer Phoenix, Kent Lee. It has been offering its services for more than 15 years. The company has its headquarters in Phoenix. Writers at Perfect Resume are talented and help job seekers present themselves in the most compelling way to their potential employers. All resumes written by this provider are compliant with ATS standards.


  • Physical offices in different locations in the US to allow one-on-one consultations
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


The turnaround time is long

Turnaround time: it takes the Phoenix resume writing company 10-14 days to deliver a resume.

Prices: from $199 to $575

Customer support: the support team can take up to 48 hours to respond to queries submitted via the website form. Customers that do not wait for that long can call the provider for faster services.

Guarantees: Perfect Résumé gives its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Quality: clients enjoy working with one of the best service providers, as featured in NBC, CBS, ABC, CareerBuilder, and more. Customers have a lot of good things to say about this provider.

Change Solutions

Change solutions help job seekers be on the right path. Not by writing résumés but by offering coaching services. Dr. Melanie Chase heads the coaching department and has tremendous achievements as a change facilitator and coach. At Change Solutions, job seekers are prepared for a career change, transition, or jumpstarting through different sessions.


  • Jobseekers learn about careers they are best suited for instead of wasting time trying to figure them out on their own.
  • Working with a certified career coach


  • Everything is done virtually

Turnaround: turnaround depends on how fast the client learns. The coach offers her services as a series of sessions, which the client chooses the best time for them to learn.

Prices: between $75 and $398 per session

Customer support: clients have to book appointments to talk with the coach

Guarantees: there are no guarantees

Quality: the company offers quality services since it has been contracted to provide its services to institutions such as Ford Family Foundation and others.

Phoenix Resumes AZ, LLC

The company has been providing resume services Phoenix since 1992. Since its formation, it has had tremendous improvements and has served hundreds of clients. Its spectacular works have been featured in the Arizona Republic, AZ Magazine, and more.

Phoenix Resumes AZ, LLC is a member of the NRWA and PARWCC. It serves clients across different industries and at different levels.


  • There is a physical office in Tempe and Phoenix for those interested in face-to-face consultations
  • Appointments are fast and can happen the same day after booking or the next day


  • The company does not specify how many writers it has

Turnaround: approximately 3-7 business days

Prices: from $179 to $289

Customer support: super responsive and professional

Guarantees: the company offer personal guarantees to its clients

Quality: there is a lot that proves the company provides quality resumes. Its long time offering its services and awesome reviews from customers as below.


Having your résumé written by a professional is one of the best career investments you can make. Although there are many resume writers in Phoenix AZ, not many are really good at it. Thankfully, we have compiled a list of some of the good places you can look.

Our top from the list includes: Resume writing lab, Find my profession and Resume spice. These providers have outstanding services and put extra effort into making sure their clients are happy.


Is it Worth Paying for a Resume Service?

Yes. You get services from professional resume writers in Phoenix who know what recruiters look for in résumés. They also have experience working with the software used by human resources to pick candidates. So, you save your time and have better chances for an interview invitation.

How Much Does it Cost for Someone to Write a Résumé for You?

It depends. The résumé helpers will consider your industry, seniority level, and others. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $955.