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You can be experienced in your career, but finding your desired job or getting promoted in your company becomes hectic. On average, you got 6 seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume. Even worse, it has to pass ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that recruiting managers are growing fond of by day.

As a professional creative, you could have spent a lot of time improving your skills, and it is okay if resume writing is letting you down. Obviously, we cannot be good at everything, so it is important to outsource skills we are not good at to those that have honed them. At ResumeWritingLab, we offer creative resume writing service to professionals like you to save you the headache.

A good resume summarizes your skills. It is your marketing tool that determines whether the hiring manager will want to invite you for an interview or not. If you are looking for an executive position, we offer creative director resume writing services too. The service is offered by field specialists that understand which skills in the creative industry are more marketable.

Whether you want your resume written from scratch or improve the existing one, we got you. If you have no idea of what type you need, don’t worry. Before getting started, we ask you a few questions to help our professional writers know the kind of service to offer.

How Our Writers Help with Creative Resume Writing Services

Our services are inclusive. We provide creative resume writing services for sales professionals to boost their chances of landing those jobs. When crafting such resumes, our writers ensure that the resumes are maximized to pass ATS. Here is how:

What You Get When You Buy a Creative Writing Service from Us

Using Infographics

It is a nice way of showing off your skills. It is ideal for use by graphic designers. Since some things are hard to present using words, our writers use infographics to catch the attention of the hiring managers. It is efficient, but not in all creative resumes. So, before including it, our writers weigh whether it will add value to your application or not.

Using a Perfect Font

Recruiters don’t have time to strain to look at what you have written. Although you are in the creative niche, resume writing is not meant for showing off your calligraphy skills. Standard fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, and Calibri are perfect for writing a professional resume. Font sizes between 11 and 13 are ideal and make your work appealing. Consistency is also important. It makes your resume look neat and professional, which hiring managers love.

Using Relevant Keywords

When writing a resume, our writers use relevant keywords that help in ranking for the job offered. It is more of utilizing core skills to ensure recruiters don’t have to look too much.

Writing a Skimmable Resume

Professionals with many years of experience have a lot of skills to show off. Instead of writing a bulky resume that is tiring to read, our writers focus on the most relevant skills for the role. They use relevant headings that recruiters can use when they want a particular skill from the candidate.

Reasonable Visuals

It does not have to be plain and boring just because you don’t want it to look bulky. Visuals such as a passport photo of you at the top of your resume make it outstanding. It gives a recruiter a feel of you even before you meet. Colors can also be used to enhance the visual appeal. However, too much color can be a turn-off, and we do it in moderation.

Use of White Spaces

Like we said earlier, it should be ATS-friendly. When written as a block, it becomes difficult to identify the core skills for a professional. Our creative resume writing service does not overlook this important factor. A minimalistic resume design is a fast way of securing interviews. Our writers ensure everything is visible from contact information, experience, skills, and others, thanks to the use of white spaces.

Resume Writing Services Creative Industry

The creative industry includes many skills, and each professional has a combined set that makes them different from others. This niche is exciting since professionals can choose to offer their services as freelancers instead of permanent staff in a company. It includes talents in design, crafts, music, architecture, and more.

Our resume writing services in the creative industry are pocket-friendly to ensure professionals keep winning. Ordering creative resume design services from only $139, you can have your order delivered within 3-5 business days. We value your satisfaction, and our writers take their time to understand your niche and your experience. We can deliver your resume earlier than this, but we prefer quality over speed.

Why Choose Resume Writing Lab?

You can be sure to work with us and have a winning resume written to you. We do not use pre-written templates. Because different professionals require highlighting different skills to make their resumes marketable, we personalize yours so you don’t get ghosted by potential employers.

We are an experienced result-oriented service provider. We have received testimonials from people we have worked with before, and their success becomes our success. Our commitment is to deliver quality orders that help to make the job searching process easier.

At ResumeWritingLab, we have professional fashion resume writers and provide free revision, should you find the resume unsatisfactory. This service is rarely sought after because we only assign orders to writers specializing in your field.

Our services are available online, and you can complete all transactions online too. It means you don’t have to waste your time commuting to get our services. We also avail our creative resume writing services in Boston, MA, for the professionals in this region.

Let Us Help You

We do not judge professionals because they have so much experience and cannot put up a resume. At ResumeWritingLab, we treat all our customers equally. Whether you are just starting your career, an experienced professional, or transitioning, we are happy to help.

Buy our creative resume writing services today and note the change in the number of interviews you receive. We are available on live chat 24/7, and you can reach out for resume consulting services any time you are ready to make an order.

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