Privacy Policy of Our Website

The aim of privacy policy you are reading is to provide with a proper understanding of the way our customers’ personal details are used. This Privacy Policy, as well as, Terms and Conditions explain to you how the information you mention on the website will be used.

The Information Gathered

While browsing site, domain name and address, as well as IP address are registered automatically. Such details as the pages visited, browser type and visit duration can be also registered though they provide no details to identify the client.

It will be necessary to mention such information as credit card information, contact and personal details, current career goals, professional background supplying customers with necessary online resume writing service. ResumewritingLab never asks or uses any sensitive information like race, religion or political preferences.

To protect the privacy of any child under 13 Resume Writing Lab Company doesn’t collect/use information submitted by people, who haven’t reached the age of thirteen. The website doesn’t offer services for individuals under this age. In case visitors, who is less than 13 submitted some information on the website, it will be automatically deleted.

The Gathered Information Usage

Such information as IP address, type of browser, duration of visit and alike is used for statistical purposes solely. On the whole, the details are used to help us to:

  • react to our customer’s inquiries
  • make the services our clients need available
  • offer proficient customer support service

The main principle of our Company’s policy is never disclosing any of our customers’ personal information (payment, contact and personal details) to the third parties under any circumstances. You can find additional details regarding the clients’ data usage at our terms and conditions page. Every customer has to study them before placing the order. The credit card number is used only to process the order. Our service never shares information with any third parties.

Cookie Policy

This policy points out all significant points regarding how Resume Writing Lab processes personal information of our users. Continue reading to understand our practices and how we use personal data of our visitors.

Data Storage. Resume Writing Lab stores data on secure servers managed by proven services. All information is protected by the security system and strict access controls. However, it is impossible to guarantee 100% safety of date transmitted online since the Internet and mobile network cannot be completely safe from outside attacks. Resume Writing Lab does everything possible to protect user data but the Company cannot secure the data while it is being transmitted to our website. This action is performed at the risk of the visitor. Once Resume Writing Lab receives your data, we will perform all necessary measures to secure it and prevent any misuse of it.

Use of Cookies. Resume Writing Lab uses tracking technologies also known as cookies to optimize the work of the website and improve customer experience. Cookies are small data files meant to be stored in your browser to guarantee proper work of the website and allow it to track your preferences. it is possible to control your use of cookies and completely disable them.

The majority of modern websites use cookies in order to track traffic. It is necessary to understand that cookies are only needed to classify the computer used, but not any kind of personal details.

Cookies help to track the time user spent on the site and the pages he visited. The user individually set his PC to accept or not the cookies from various websites. In case you deny receiving cookies, some services may be unavailable for you.

The main reasons why Resume Writing Lab uses cookies are:

  • to ensure proper work of Resume Writing Lab website;
  • to maintain the functioning of the website and implement improvements in the future;
  • to boost client experience and make sure clients do not have to repeat the same actions while using the service;
  • to store data that helps us provide relevant content to all users;
  • for Google Adsense - web-advertising-service of Google Inc. Adsense also uses a so-called “Web Beacons” (small invisible images) to gather information.;

Resume Writing Lab maintains the right to partner with third parties. These services can use tracking cookies to provide targeted content and messages. These technologies may recognize you as a unique user each time you visit Resume Writing Lab website. However, the Company guarantees that no personal data is being collected on our website.

Disabling Cookies. There is a possibility to open your browser settings and change the cookie preferences. This can be done on most browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari etc.) as well as mobile devices. However, all users should be aware that disabling cookies may negatively affect the work of Resume Writing Lab website and partially or completely hinder its functionality.

In case you have any additional questions regarding our Privacy Policy and Cookies, it is possible to contact a staff member at [email protected]

Transactions Online

When you make a decision to purchase some of our services, we will ask you to mention the credit card number.

All the payments online are realized with the help of licensed reliable Secure Sockets Layer protocol, which prevents your credit card details from being disclosed to any third parties or stolen.

Privacy Policy Statement Changes

ResumeWritingLab Company reserves the right for changing the present privacy statement from time to time.

As we do not inform about privacy policy statement changes, we recommend you to check this page on a regular basis to keep informed of any current changes. Contact Support Team Regarding Any Question

Contact Us

If there are some questions or suggestions as to the current privacy policy some services or sections of our company, please feel free to use Contact Us page in the bottom of this page. We work hard to make the quality of our services better every day.

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