• donald trump and job searchResume Writing Lab is glad to congratulate Donald Trump with the election victory! The interest to this controversial person has rapidly increased. Obviously, Americans want to know who is going to lead their powerful country.

    The outstanding story of his life, full of rises and falls, is known. The program of his political activity is learned.

    However, there is one extremely actual issue of his policy, which still piques the interest of masses. The 45th president of the USA raised a question of unemployment and labor market.

    No matter how controversial the quotes of the businessman-turned-politician might seem, the best online resume service is ready to deliver you a brief overview of his views on the labor market.

  • job search and american companiesDuring any job search, people try to do everything to ultimately end up in the dream position in the target company. Certainly, by ordering a professionally written resume from ResumeWritingLab, making frequent calls to companies, arranging thousands of interviews you can increase your chances significantly. And what could be better than reaching this goal and starting to get a big paycheck for doing what you’re actually passionate about?

    At the end of April 2016, an American news website Business Insider together with PayScale company has made a research on 50 most dream-job companies with the best working conditions for employees.

  • how todetect scams on employment sitesThe job search has never been an easy process. Nevertheless, together with social media, we have much more opportunities to make this challenge a lot easier. Besides, the Internet has opened various job search options none of us could think of before, such as resume and LinkedIn services, cover letter writing etc.

    No wonder that millions of the Internet users prefer LinkedIn or Indeed to daily newspaper job advertisements. But here’s a thing: no one could be 100% sure whether he comes across real employers or online scammers.

  • resume writing for students2015 was a productive year for Resume Writing Lab and for our clients. Job seekers got their quality resumes and stayed satisfied. We are grateful to our customers, who ordered their application documents. Their trust to our service was guaranteed by our quality work. Thousands of job seekers learned that they can rely on our professional writers. 2016 is the year of changes for our service and for the labor market.

    We decided to pay attention not only to job seekers but also to students, who will have to try themselves on labor market soon. Our tempting offer lies in providing students with free resume editing services! This is your chance to use this attractive opportunity from professional resume editors and ensure your professional success!

  • searching for job in any circumstancesFrederic Callison has spent the last 2 years in an unexpected way. He was sitting outside a grocery shop in Sacramento, California. But, to your great amazement, he was not asking for money like all homeless people are used to. Instead, he decided to use the piece of real estate as his place for active job search. Finally, his efforts were rewarded, as one man noticed him and helped.

    The man was Michael Marteen who was just shopping with his fiancé and 2 daughters. Unfortunately, it’s no wonder to see some homeless people outside different stores. However, this situation was really strange to Michael and Sandra, his fiancé. They saw the man who was not just desperately asking for money. They became witnesses to great efforts of the man who was trying to find work and change his difficult circumstances.

  • Updated on: 03.03.2017

    job search UAE salaryDepending on your skills in negotiation and a level of your qualification, you may get quite a different salary in Dubai. There is no minimum wage rate and standardized salary level, but salaries are often higher than in western nations. Salary will also depend on your nationality, qualification, experience and history of your employment, as well as on other different factors.

    Surprisingly, you may negotiate a better salary, even if you apply for a standard job position. Thus, workers of the same level in the same company may have a different salary. That is why it is really important to choose the best way for introducing yourself. To increase your chances, you should obviously create professional CV. Mind that not only your professional features matter. Your negotiation skills also have a great impact on the result of your interview.

  • job search during stormsDid you wake up and understand that you couldn’t leave the house because of the snowdrift covering your path? Winter is the time for such surprises. While the city is at a standstill, you are not required to stop your activity, especially your job search process.

    Of course, you can take your time and relax drinking hot chocolate and reading books. Beloved winter’s movies are also due to be watched. But, if you feel a little bit bored with all this holiday’s laziness, you still can develop your job search process. So, here are useful career tips for you being stuck at home.


  • boston job searchXmas holidays are almost over and job seekers can resume their job search. Great news can cheer up desperate tech job seekers – over 1,000 of Boston tech workers will be hired in 2016. Software and network engineers, sales and marketing professionals, as well as, IT specialists have more chances to get their dream jobs and high salaries in a new year.