5 Simple Steps to Put Entrepreneur to Resume

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As an entrepreneur, you have all chances to experience business from the inside. Properly including this information in your entrepreneur resume is essential if you want to impress the potential recruiter.

An entrepreneur’s resume is an essential document that can open a number of career paths for any individual.  Get ready to address your experience and knowledge by following key steps suggested by the company that writes resumes.

1. Write Your Story

First of all, there are several reasons why people need a resume for the entrepreneur. Even if you don’t plan to change your career, some clients would want to know your story. What are your skills? Experiences? Credentials?

You may think this information is irrelevant and putting it on your creative entrepreneur resume is similar to bragging. WRONG! This information proves that you are a perfect choice for either clients or recruiters.

Pro tip! Be convincing. Demonstrate that your background makes you an expert at what you are doing. Mention your qualifications and, most importantly, provide actual examples of what you’ve managed to achieve!

What is more, if you need a resume “entrepreneur to corporate”, you should use it as the first step to building trust with the potential employer. A similar strategy can be applied while writing a network engineer resume.

A knowledgeable and experienced entrepreneur is a catch for any business. It is up to you to impress them with your application!

2. Create a Personal Brand

Now that you know how to turn a company into a brand, it shouldn’t be too hard to promote yourself in the same manner.

Use your company website as well as your LinkedIn company page to introduce peers, clients, and potential partners to your plans.

Keep in mind: both clients and recruiters might research you and your business to make sure they won’t face any risks while doing business with you. Thus, make sure your social media presence is spotless!

If your personal brand is on the rise and you have a well-crafted entrepreneur resume, it will also be a lot easier to:

  • become a member of a suitable industry organization
  • apply for a certification that matches your industry
  • become a speaker at the appropriate conference

3 Highlight Business Ownership Background

No need to copy entrepreneur objectives for resumes from resume examples online. HR managers look through thousands of applications every week and they are familiar with all existing samples.

If you want to stand out, you must be sincere and show your passion! Make the reader believe that the time you’ve spent running your business turned you into a valuable employee.

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What roles can you handle? What contribution can you make? Help the employer find the answers!

Keep in mind that your entrepreneurial past can help you fit into a number of positions:

  • financial adviser
  • sales and marketing manager
  • business consultant

4. Add Functional Format

While crafting an entrepreneur job description for a resume, you may wonder what resume format will be the best choice.

Career coaches suggest that a functional entrepreneur resume is a lot more useful to distribute your experience, skills, and accomplishments.

Assuring potential employers, partners, or clients that you are worthy of their business should be your priority.

Also, make sure to check the information technology cover letter, if you want to make a career in the IT industry!

5. Use the ‘Problem, Action, Results’ Method

‘Problem, Action, Results’ (PAR) method is a perfect way to illustrate how can deal with a certain problem that may haunt any business.

Pro tip! The best way is to add bullet points that will help the HR manager quickly navigate and understand how you can benefit the company.

Be sure to support your achievements with actual statistics on your entrepreneur resume.

Keep in mind that the fundamentals of the entrepreneur resume are the same, however, a knowledgeable business owner has to include the key elements mentioned above. Good luck!