Homeless Man With Resume Asks For Work Not Money

searching for job in any circumstancesFrederic Callison has spent the last 2 years in an unexpected way. He was sitting outside a grocery shop in Sacramento, California.

But, to your great amazement, he was not asking for money like all homeless people are used to. Instead, he decided to use the piece of real estate as his place for active job search.

Finally, his efforts were rewarded, as one man noticed him and helped.

The man was Michael Marteen who was just shopping with his fiancé and 2 daughters. Unfortunately, it’s no wonder to see some homeless people outside different stores.

However, this situation was really strange to Michael and Sandra, his fiancé. They saw the man who was not just desperately asking for money. They became witnesses to the great efforts of the man who was trying to find work and change his difficult circumstances.

New Way to Search for a Job

When Michael saw him, Callison was laying out multiple resumes on his sleeping bag. He was used to sitting on his sleeping bag surrounded with resumes and a sign telling that he was searching for work and food. This was not just words, as his Social Security number and ID, with food handler’s certificate, wefind job job search methodre also lying near him. All these documents showed his serious intentions to find work. Naturally, his resumes were well-written and had a striking resume headline.

Marteen was amazed by such preparation and ask the man to see his resumes. With no hesitations, Callison handed one resume to Michael. Then he began telling Marteen about his qualification and work experience. It was like a real interview, but not so intense and strict. Marteen totally understood the situation of Callison, as he had been searching for a job himself. Efforts and dedication of Callison were worth of respect, as it was really a difficult goal.

The Man Has Profession and Experience

The resume of Frederick Callison claimed that he was a fine cook. He left Washington 2 years ago and came to Sacramento to become a cook and work for the Salvation Army. It didn’t happen that way making him live on the streets from that time. Smart & Final allowed him to stay near the store, as he helped them to push carts for free.

Michael Marteen worked in this industry for a catering company some years ago. So, he had an idea to pass the resume along to former colleagues he still has in this sphere. Of course, the best is to craft your resume specifically for a certain type of job.

For instance, when looking for an executive position, be sure to read executive resume writing tips first.

Nonetheless, Michael took a photo of Callison’s resume to post on social networks. He was not able to make any promises, but he did everything to help the man. He also bought him some water and ravioli.

The Power of Social Networks

social search looking for a job Michael almost made friends with Frederick. He asked the man about his interests and work ambitions. Marteen tried to know Frederick better to help him find a place he would like.

Little time has passed and there was a result. Someone paid attention to the post on the Internet and invited Callison to be a cook at a pizza restaurant.

So, now you can find Frederick at a downtown Pizza Rocks. As you can see, the Internet can be used for more than just entertainment. Some people use social media to land jobs and build their own network!

Michael was happy about what he had made, as Callison was really grateful for such an opportunity. He was serious about studying the menu and preparing for the working day. He got special clothes from the restaurant and also found a place to stay. His friend decided to help him until his situation changes for better.

This story is a great example of the different attitude to homeless people. From the first sight, it’s easy just to turn away from such people. But just a little time spent talking to them can change their life. Surely not every job suits them. For instance, a medical job requires proper education, years of experience and proper medical resume without mistakes.

Frederick Callison appeared to be a great guy with necessary skills, good manners and friendly character. So, it’s always worth paying attention to people in need, as it might be you who can help them right now.