Lies In Resume: 15 Facts

To lie on not to lie? Probably nearly every job applicant asked himself this question writing professional resume or CV. There are numerous stories when misrepresentation led to very unpleasant circumstances.

Though, as the survey of “The Telegraph” shows nearly three-quarters of hirers have spotted a lie on resumes or CVs. It proves that there are still many applicants, who use this tactic.

So, if a thought to exaggerate or falsify information comes to your head, remember that you are not the first, however, those job seekers will unlikely share the outcome of this kind of experience.

In previous post Resume Writing Lab told you the truth about using resume samples and now we gladly present facts about lies in application documents gathered in this infographic.

facts about lies in resume

Final Thoughts…

It is always your decision what information to present in your resume. Though, even if the proverb “All the secret becomes clear” doesn’t persuade you, remember that lying on a resume is considered a fraud and can lead to 10 years in a jail. We are confident that you have awesome skills, talents, and skills. It is just necessary to find right words for presenting them.

2 Responses to “Lies In Resume: 15 Facts”

  1. Sandra says:

    I believe and I know that truth always wins! Even if you lied in the resume about your work experience and the employer hired you, later it will find out that the written resume does not correspond to the reality. My nephew after graduation had small work experience and had a huge break in the experience but he wrote the truth in the resume and now he has a good job and he really likes his job. If you don’t know how to present your resume in a right and professional way – ask about help resume writing service.

  2. BabyJ says:

    Hello. Thanks for posting this useful article. In my opinion, every job hunter should read this information before sending out their resumes and looking for a job. One of my coworkers lied about his work exprience and achievements on his graduate resume because he thought it would win him a better job. Of course, HR managers quickly reveal the lies and out such application in the “no” pile. Luckily, I’m among 73.5% of people who have never written lies on their resume. The secret here is to know how to highlight your strenghts and to market yourself to potential recruiters. If you aren’t sure you can do it yourself, turn to a professional resume writing service rather than mention lies on your application document.

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