What is Office Casual Dress Code? [Infographic]

Research has shown how crucial the first 10-40 seconds of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this short time.

Employers and hiring professionals often make assumptions about prospective candidates based on their appearance, so it is important to make your first impressions count.

What to wear for an upcoming interview or that first day at work can feel like a minefield. Creating the right professional image is just as important as having a resume crafted by resume writing professionals! But what exactly makes you look like a good fit right away?

The historic British tailor, T.M.Lewin, crafted the following guide for Resume Writing Lab readers, providing an excellent overview of the types of clothing suitable in various office and interview settings. With a rise in creative and on-trend working environments, the question of what is appropriate to wear becomes increasingly more complicated.

Office Dress Code Essentials

Aside from an employer handbook, there are no true definitions for office dress codes. We tend to see confusion and uncertainty about what business professional or business casual really means.

The best indication of what can be worn comes once you adapt to the company culture and begin to see how others around you present themselves. This is no help if you’re a first-time job seeker, making a career transition, or unfamiliar with the position you are interviewing for.

Dress codes are subjective and vary across different fields, positions, cities, and companies. One thing remains unquestioned ー dressing for success is important!

Finding Your Own Style

Whether you are looking for formal business attire to help you land an upcoming promotion or a professional business look for your next interview – dressing sharper and smarter can actually make a huge difference.

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Dressing the workforce to look smarter, sharper, and polished, in accordance with the times is something that many brands try to achieve. T.M.Lewin came up with a number of style decisions for office workers that are on point even today.

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graphic interview dress code

About the Author: Caleb Well is a visual consultant and brand ambassador for T.M Lewin, a British heritage label established in 1898 on Jermyn Street in London.