Best Pinterest Boards for Job Seekers

pinterest board boards job seekerWho wouldn’t like great Pinterest boards about clothes, accessories, and decorations for their houses? Although, is there something more glorious behind nicely organized Pinterest boards? Surprisingly, yes.

A pinboard site is actually a perfect place for sharing ideas and getting useful advice, including the one about your career planning and a successful job search. If you have a current interest in a job search, want to learn about resume services online or anything related to your employment, then start your Pinterest usage by following some of the best boards for job seekers.

Note that some of them indeed aren’t popular and don’t have thousands of followers, although, as you know, quantity doesn’t always mean quality.

1. Career

Self-described as the community, specified in “everything about job search: resume writing, cover letter building, CV tailoring, creating of LinkedIn profile”. The creator of the board itself is Resume Writing Lab Company, which provides quality resume help online. “Career” holds interesting articles about tips related to writing a CV/resume, handling job interviews, as well as useful infographics and facts about job search, etc.

2. Career Trends

career trend job seachAs we can understand from the board’s title, it provides followers with updated career trends regarding job search, winning cover letter, or resume writing. Make sure that even the headline of your resume is stunning! The “Career Trends” gives access to tons of articles about a career change and effective job search. Don’t miss the chance!

3. Job Search Bible Group Board

After visiting this board, you will be amazed by several of the pins’ stylish designs. They provide the very best of job search and career advice, tips, and guidance. The board is always open to other collaborations. “Job Search Bible Group Board” offers its official website

4. Interview Necessities

“Interview Necessities” attracts visitors with a variety of fun infographics on everything related to interviews, from learning non-verbal communication and mastering your telephone interviews to interview etiquette. Besides, there are lots of useful recommendations for the interview preparation, dress code, etc.

5. Job Search Tips

What’s interesting on this board is how they bring a psychological part of the human into the job search. For instance, there’re lots of infographics aimed to figure out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert and which types of jobs may eventually suit you best. Therefore, if you’re interested in the psychological part of this matter, then welcome to “Job Search Tips”.

6. Infographics for JobSeekers

pinterest board job searchAre you an instant visualizer? Then the best way for you to learn is through infographics. Even though, most Pinterest boards contain infographics among other pins (and we have already mentioned that above), “Infographics for JobSeekers” has probably the best one out of all.

The variety of topics amazes: here you’d find tips on productivity, time management, improving your LinkedIn profile, or even some useful statistics about the current workforce. This is exactly the place where you can learn how to avoid LinkedIn profile writing mistakes. And this is only the smallest part of what you can actually learn. See for yourself!

7. Where Could I Fit?

If the previous boards had quite strong similarities with each other, this one is unique. As the board clearly explains, “it’s an exploration of jobs and industries from the common to the curious, a sort of virtual career day showing off all the different types of people in your neighborhood”. It’s still in the process of developing, nevertheless, you’ll find out much about how to benefit your career in many interesting ways.

8. Job Search Planning and Techniques

Want to find secrets of professional resume or cover letter writing, networking, work attire, and many others? Then “Job Search Planning and Techniques” would become one of your favorites.