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Do You Need to Update Your Resume?

By 2nd April 2019

update resume fastDozens of articles on the Internet claim that updating your resume is an essential part of a job search process. It is supposed to increase resume’s efficiency, as well as, your chances of being hired. Generally, experts believe that it should be updated, according to your career changes and skills development. Therefore, changes in your resume define your self-development and, actually, should little by little turn you into a promising professional. If you stick to this point, your resume must be updated by real professionals. Thus, make professional resume editing and forget about sleepless nights!

Some people say that nowadays updating your resume becomes more and more unnecessary as a role of a resume itself isn’t that significant. If you know a golden rule of every job seeker, you can just approve it. The “20-20-60 approach to job hunting” offers a simple proportion of your time and efforts you should dedicate to each particular section of your job search.

According to this rule, 20 percent of your time should be spent on job boards, another 20 percent on attempts to draw employers’ attention, and 60 percent on networking. It shows that the value of your resume, no matter how flawless it is, decreases. More important is your attitude to the job search and the dream position and your actions, which define your wiliness and dedication. Surely, the quality of your resume is also important. For instance, you can learn how to put a temporary position on a resume and avoid making mistakes.

Nonetheless, updating your resume is important and can help you land a job. This action should be performed occasionally. Of course, once you get your powerful resume done by Resume Writing Lab there is literally no need to update it the very next week.

Evidence # 1. You Are Wasting Your Time

resume updating timeNever overestimate the role of your resume. Yes, it can be stunning, it can present you as the most promising employer and the best fit for a particular position BUT it will never do the whole work for you. One paper that lists your professional and personal skills and reveals your employment history isn’t enough. If you think that by updating your resume and sending it to your potential recruiter you will reach an incredible result, you are completely wrong!

Therefore, in this case, your resume updating won’t help you. Also, keep in mind that updating your resume on your own might ruin it unless you write it flawlessly. You should know exactly what phrases to avoid in your resume to make it look professional.

Evidence # 2. You Forget about Networking

Nowadays networking is the most important part of your job search process. It can start from LinkedIn or any other social media and end with your mother’s friend. When you do networking, you build bridges that can lead you to the dream job. Your resume doesn’t speak. Yes, it can impress your potential employer but if you don’t manage to impress him/her during the interview, you have a few chances.

Relying on your resume updating means that you don’t give yourself any chances to reveal yourself. Better use this time to learn how to dress for an interview and how to make a positive first impression.

Evidence # 3. You Are Lazy

refresh resume nowProducing a resume, updating it, and sending it to the recruiters is the easiest part of your job search process. These steps don’t reveal you as a person. Nowadays personal skills play a significant role in breaking eyes with business people.

When you try to contact employers, expand your network, attend different events referred to your professional field, write cover letters, prepare for the interview and flawlessly present yourself in real-life, you show much more than what is written in your resume and can be updated. Remember that soft skills are essential if you want to get hired!

Yes, a well-written resume is good but relying on it and spending too much time updating and improving it is wrong. A free resume review is an additional tool for every professional job seeker but not an ultimate weapon or key to success.