How to Write Million in Resume

In case you are using millions on your resume, use such format — $1 million. Only if you are in a case when you need more space in the resume use such format – $1MM.

How a Million Dollar Resume Should Look Like?

million dollar resume

We’re always told about what a proper resume should be like: no more than 1-2 pages, structured by categories or chronologically, applied with references and links to your LinkedIn or Facebook account.

But in fact, according to some HR business managers, these aspects can’t guarantee 100% success. This presentation is aimed to show how the best resume writing service crafts powerful job application document.

The main principle – it must look like a $100 banknote. Study the following presentation to learn how it is done!

Experienced HR experts believe that people shouldn’t fully entrust advice from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other “reliable” sources, whose representatives publish their articles solely for the company’s interests.

No one actually cares if you could sell yourself for a better price. The only purpose they are guided by is bringing your resume to the level of their expectations. This is the reason your application and CV should be flawless and free from unacceptable CV mistakes.

There’s a common belief about the resume, being a main ticket for the interview and its key goal is limited to receiving that long-awaited call. It’s all wrong. Your main target is to sell yourself “for a better price”. You must do everything to make the recruiter “buy” you, as a future employee.

So, this is what the presentation is going to be about: increasing the price of your resume more than 2 times and listing the top 12 common mistakes that make it “less expensive”.

For instance, when saving the resume, it must be saved solely in DOCX format and in no other way. All PDF, ODT, DOC, or RTF are taboos. Mention the other typical mistakes often presented as “good advice” for the application are your family status (this is more interesting to online dating websites), the full date of your job completion (it’s unnecessary), and many others.

Also, try to avoid resume gaps at all costs!

A million-dollar resume – this is what leads you to career success. When your recruiter doesn’t see the logical connection between your education, career path, all manner of training and certificates, personal attributes, and the actual job position you’re applying for, then he would definitely skip it.