10 Best Resume Writing Services in Austin

It’s no secret that many Americans are relocating to the Lone State Star. And Austin, in the South, is one of their main destinations. This Texan city is the home of tech giants such as Oracle, eBay, and Apple. Austin is a magnet for young workers and entrepreneurs.

According to Bloomberg and recent studies, this Texan city is the fastest growing city in the United States. The median income of an employee is $74,860 and, with $60, you can get the public transportation pass.

You can enjoy the Lady Bird Lake Hike-and-Bike Trail or the Barton Springs Pool, a great place during summer. Don’t forget the bats under the Congress Avenue Bridge and the Cathedral of Junk museum. Indeed, you can’t get bored here. So, it’s time to find your resume writing services in Austin, to make sure you don’t miss any opportunity.

Let’s start with the top five resume writers for Austin, 100% online.

The Top Five Resume Services in Austin

Let’s take a closer look at their characteristics.

Name and website Prices Turnaround time Rating
Resume Writing Lab From $199 1-7 business days 5 stars
Career Addict From $125 Not found 4.4 stars
Resume Zest From $179 3-5 business days 4.8 stars
Find My Profession From $395 3-5 business days 4.8 stars
Resume Target From $399.95 3 business days 4.7 stars

As we mentioned above, these five companies don’t have a physical office in the city. But you can request both a quote and consult online, to enjoy the best resume service for Austin, TX-although outside of it. These are the top professional resume services in Austin, TX. We will take a look at different features, including advantages and disadvantages.

Resume Writing Lab

Since this is our own service, you might think we are biased. But we aren’t. What we know is that we dedicate time and effort to your CV, making sure you get the best resume writing in Austin. Our services are designed for everyone, from students to executives. We offer different packages as well as various extras, such as Linkedin profile writing. Our packages are:

  • Basic, which also includes a cover letter. With a one-time fee of $179.99, you will get unlimited revisions, a stylish format, and a dedicated writer.
  • The Optimal Package for a cost of $229.99. It features the Basic’s characteristics, a Linkedin profile makeover, and distribution. This is our most popular service for job seekers.
  • The All-In-One for $399.99, which includes the Optimal package plus more dedicated services, like 24/7 career coaching (also for interviews) and a thank you letter.

The turnaround time for all our services is 1-7 business days. Plan ahead and you will get the best resume help in Austin.

Quality: we have 5 stars. Our clients have loved our attention to confidentiality, especially people entering the workforce. Established professionals and mid-career workers love our free resume review, a first (and right) step towards the job of your dreams. 100% made for you.

Website usability: our interface is intuitive. As soon as you open the homepage, you will notice our “get started” button to make your order.

Customer service: You can call us at: :1-888-385-3312. Don’t have time for that? Fill out our online form.

Now, to the guarantees: 100% percent satisfaction guarantee and 90 day interview guarantee.

Pros: we offer different packages, both in terms of prices and career level. Plus, the extras you can add to your order ensure you get exactly what you need, nothing less. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can start quickly with your resume writing.

Cons: sure, it can take us up to one week to send you the CV. But that’s because we like details.

Career Addict

In our list of the best resume writers in Austin, Texas, we can’t forget this online company which offers different packages depending on the level of experience, plus free unlimited revisions for 30 days. First timers packages start from $125, no guarantees. You can add:

  • Cover letter
  • Extra revision
  • One-page resume
  • Linkedin profile

Turnaround is 3–7 business days.

Quality: 4.4 stars, with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Website usability: very user-friendly, in one page you can find all the helpful details to place your order.

Customer service: there is no 24/7 support, but you can fill out the contact form.

Pros: budget-friendly and easy to use. There are no complicated rules or instructions. Select, place the order, and wait for a stellar document.

Cons: the customer service isn’t 24/7. Plus there isn’t a wide variety of packages for new graduates or first timers.

Resume Zest

If you are looking for one of the top resume writing services in Austin, TX, you might have just found it. Resume Zest offers three packages:

  • Entry-level resume, starting from $179, which includes both Doc and PDF formats plus keyword optimization
  • Professional resume, from $279 for people with more than three years of experience

All of these packages include unlimited revisions, 1-on-1 Phone Consultation, and 60-day interview guarantee.

Quality: 4.8 starts, with reviewers loving the quick turnaround time (3-5 business days) and the phone consultation.

Website usability: in the homepage, you will find everything you need.

Customer service: you can either fill the online form or email the company at: [email protected].

Pros: matches you with a professional resume writer in Austin, TX, and affordable.

Cons: the customer service isn’t always easy to reach. But you have to pay for many extras, including the cover letter. Want a rush service? That will cost you $99.

Resume Writing Service

This online Austin resume service has two bestseller packages with 100% money-back guarantee:

  • Starting at $161, the first includes assistance, cover letter, and follow up
  • Starting at $240, the second package also includes Linkedin profile

Quality: 5 stars, but there aren’t many online reviews available.

Website usability: the interface feels a bit cluttered.

Customer service: the phone number is toll-free and 24/7: 1-657-295-8538. Or email at: [email protected].

Pros: the best selling packages already include the cover letter. Also, 24/7 assistance.

Cons: not many reviews online, so you’d have to contact them and form your opinion.

Find My Profession

This team includes some of the best professional resume writers in Austin, TX, and it offers six types of services, including:

  • Entry-Level Resume Package at $395 with fully customizable Word and PDF versions.
  • Premium Package, which also features a cover letter at $495.
  • The VIP Gold Package at $695. Everything from the Premium plus the SEO-optimization of your Linkedin profile.

Always with a 3-5 days of turnaround and 60-Day Interview Guarantee.

Quality: 4.8 stars from the customers who love the consultation and the review of the Linkedin profile.

Website usability: the interface can be a bit messy, with specifics difficult to find.

Customer service: you can email ([email protected]) or call (+18318880967).

Pros: quick turnaround and the elite career services, such as job searching and interview coaching.

Cons: obviously, the cost, not accessible for everyone.

Resume Target

With a physical office in the city of Texas, this is one of the best options if you are looking for Austin resume services. It offers six packages with a few commonalities:

  • 90 day interview guarantee
  • 3 days turnaround
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

The price starts from $159.99 and they reach over $900.

Quality: with a 98% interview success rate, customers of Resume Target love the dedication.

Website usability: the interface is clear and intuitive.

Customer service: you can call them at: 210-879-6429. Or fill out the online form.

Pros: quick turnaround, a free resume review, and the free career level quiz.

Cons: the cost varies, so it might not be for everyone.

Resume Goat

100% Texan. It’s more than a fun name, since this resume writer in Austin offers four packages, with prices ranging from $150 to $450. No matter the package, the turnaround time is 2-7 days. You will get:

  • PDF and Text-only formats
  • 2 revisions in 30 days

Quality: 5 stars, with positive feedback and curated updates.

Website usability: a bit stuffy.

Customer service: call at: (512) 862-7400 or email: [email protected]

Pros: quick turnaround, 100% online, and profile photo editing.

Cons: the version of the resume you will receive isn’t editable unless you pay extra.

Resume Assassin

This is one of the top professional resume writing services for Austin, Texas. The packages start from $449 and they reach $649. All of them have a 5-7 day of turnaround and one week of free revisions.

Quality: 4.5 stars for these Austin resume writing services.

Website usability: easy to use.

Customer service: you can email: [email protected]. Call at: 641-351-9492.

Pros: the week of free revisions.

Cons: the final cost might be too high.

Professional Resumes

These Austin resume writers have decades of experience in the field. The lower rate is $99 while the highest is $199. All basic packages are one paged. There are no available details about the turnaround.

Quality: Professional Resumes is in the top 10 of professional resume writers in Austin, Texas.

Website usability: a bit confusing.

Customer service: email at: [email protected] or call: (512) 708-9900.

Pros: years of experience.

Cons: the website isn’t clear, so you will always have to get in touch.

Keep Austin Hired

If you are looking for resume help in Austin Texas, this might be the right fit. Although there is no set fee, the price starts at $75. The initial critique is free-of-charge.

Quality: the only reviews available are on the website, so take them with a grain of salt.

Website usability: not stylish, but useful.

Customer service: email at: [email protected] or call: 512-444-1979.

Pros: samples on the website and a low starting price.

Cons: these professional resume writers in Austin, Texas, don’t work with early career. If you are a recent graduate, this is not for you.


This city in Texas is the hottest place to be, for students, job seekers, and people looking for fun. Thanks to these resume writing services in Austin, your odds will improve. While Resume Writing Lab, Career Addict, and Resume Zest don’t have physical offices in the city, you can trust their online consultations. What are you waiting for? Texas awaits.


  • Where can I find a resume writer for hire?

Any of the services we have mentioned above are the top professional resume writing services for Austin, Texas.

  • Do employers look at LinkedIn profiles?

Yes, this social media is also great to network and connect with the right people in your industry of choice.