12 Job Sites and Search Engines in Saudi Arabia

looking for job in saudi arabia

There are top job search sites that might help you. It can be job-finding services in Saudi Arabia or those dedicated to job hunting. Most of the websites on the following list have a strong reputation among the Saudi Arabian audience and other countries in the Middle East.

Whether you are unemployed or looking for better career opportunities, this list would be more than helpful. The websites below help people find jobs according to their current skills and qualifications.

Remember the importance of a resume writing service during your job search. For better results, though, you should go to each site. So, here are the top 12 websites for finding a job in Saudi Arabia.

Rank Site Price
1 Careerjet.com.sa free
2 FlexJobs free
3 Jooble paid
4 Bayt.com free
5 Expatriates.com free
6 Indeed free
7 GulfTalent.com free and paid
8 Saudi.Tanqeeb.com free
9 Mihnati.com free and paid
10 Career Builder free
11 Monster free and paid
12 Glassdoor free and paid
13 sa.Talent.com free

Read further to see detailed descriptions of these websites.

1. Careerjet.com.sa

Careerjet is a job search engine that takes your job search further than any other website.

It references job listings straight from company and recruitment agency websites. This engine offers numerous jobs you wouldn’t learn about otherwise. Another positive side is that the website is easy to navigate!

2. FlexJobs

Flex Jobs is a comprehensive online platform designed to connect job seekers with flexible work opportunities, including remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible-schedule jobs. Catered to the needs of the modern workforce, it offers various job listings across multiple industries, making it easier for individuals in Saudi Arabia to find positions that align with their skills, preferences, and lifestyle requirements.

With an emphasis on providing scam-free, legitimate job opportunities, FlexJobs screens each job posting meticulously, ensuring a safe and reliable job search experience. This platform is ideal for Saudi Arabian professionals seeking to balance their work with personal commitments, those looking to work remotely, or anyone interested in finding flexible employment opportunities both locally and globally.

flexjobs banner

3. Jooble

Jooble aggregates active job ads from different job boards and simplifies job searching. It operates in 65 countries worldwide, and you can expand your job search. Join their Facebook account to learn about updates and careers they offer today.

4. Bayt.com

UAE job search websiteThis one claims to be one of the most informative job search websites in Saudi Arabia, with millions of job listings and other job opportunities posted daily.

This fact makes the site stand out among other websites from our top. If you make it a habit of looking through Bayt.com, you’ll undoubtedly find suitable employment!

5. Expatriates.com

This one provides several other services besides employment advertisements compared to our previous site. Those even include second-hand selling and buying. But why is Expatriates.com attractive to Saudi Arabian job hunters?

It sorts job postings according to their locality, making your online job search much faster and easier. If you are qualified and hardworking, you might even have to handle phone interviews to find a suitable employer among interested ones!

6. Indeed

Looking for the most popular online job search engines? Here’s Indeed for you to try. This is one of the top job search engines, serving more than 100 million monthly visitors. Indeed is an international company that deals with more than 50 countries worldwide.

7. GulfTalent.com

 job search website UAEMany job searching websites exist in Dubai, UAE, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. But what if one site exists for each Arabian country to fit in one place?

Visit GulfTalent.com, and you’ll see job postings from all over the Gulf region. The website guarantees that all registered companies offering vacancies (including Samsung or General Motors) are certified, so visitors will not be deceived.

8. Saudi.Tanqeeb.com

Tanqeeb might seem like another website with job opening posts, which doesn’t differ from the other ones from our list above. What is unique about this website is its job-search-oriented blog. It has excellent and helpful articles about common job search issues and ways to overcome them easily.

Also, to land a job faster, check the list of the best Pinterest boards for job seekers!

9. Mihnati.com

The most remarkable feature of this website is its availability in both Arabic and English. Like GulfTalent.com, it represents some business giants that make regular job postings.

10. Career Builder

With other most popular international job search engines, Career Builder’s rating is relatively high: more than 24 million monthly visitors.

So far, the engine covers more than 60 markets. However, you can also get information about salary rates in Dubai here.

11. Monster.com

monster job search website Arabi SaudiAs for Monster, everything’s simple: the engine is an extended job board, sound for employees looking for excellent job placement and employers looking for specialists.

You’re offered a wide range of job-related services on the site.

12. Glassdoor

Open up doors for a Glassdoor job and career community! One specific thing that differentiates Glassdoor from any other mentioned job search engine is its detailed preview of specific jobs of particular companies or job fields.

Hence, you can use it to compare the salaries of different employers.

13. sa.Talent.com

If you were looking for a list of 20 million jobs in more than 60 countries, check out Talent. This job search engine can help you find the best opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

The best part is that their job listing is regularly refreshed, so you don’t need to spread your attention. Be sure to try it if convenience and time matter a lot to you!