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Top 22 Job Search Blogs: Full-Fledged Collection

By 16th February 2020

job searching blogs

Familiarize with amazing and quality job search experience blogs that are written by the career insiders and reputable employers!

Your resume helpers collected top 22 career blogs that will help you to succeed in the interview, find a trustworthy resume writer, or find out about irreplaceable resources.

1. Social Hires

This blog is suitable for all those looking for an expert advice in the field of social media.

The company itself specializes in social media marketing and the advice they post come from their own experience. Plus, there are dozens of the quality and useful guest posts.

2. Jobsite

If you are starting from the bottom, then this resource is something that you truly need. While many job seekers blogs focus on how to find a dream job, Jobsite gives basic advice.

It is especially good for the beginning job seekers or students preparing for a future career. If you want to learn more about the work abroad or need some tips on how to use social media, check out their blog.

3. Bubble Jobs

Another representative of the job seeker blogs from the UK is Bubble Jobs. It covers many specialties starting from multiple freelance opportunities and ending with the design jobs. Keep in mind that there are certain design resume tips for those interested in this type of career.

Bubble Jobs articles refer to different categories. It facilitates the navigation through the website and you can find what you need easily.

4. SimplyHired

This useful job search blog is also divided into categories and that’s handy. It’s especially good for international opportunities. There are two parts of the blog – for job seekers and for recruiters.

Another big part of the blog is dedicated to picking up the right job for your personality or how to find a second job.

5. Careerealism

This is another amazing blog with over 70,000 of daily subscribers and premium content.

New articles appear on the blog daily and cover all aspects of the effective job search from a catchy LinkedIn profile to the right behavior during the interview.

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6. Mashable Jobs

If you want to know about the latest trends in the social media industry, then you should definitely check out one of the best job search experience blogs. The major advantage of the blog is the relevance of the information.

7. CareerBuilder Work Buzz

With the help of this popular resource, you will manage not only find a job but also use the fresh and handy recommendations.

The writers of the articles are experienced employers and successful employees.

8. Brazen Life

One of the most attractive blogs for job seekers is divided into two categories.

One is suitable for job seekers and recruiters, another one – for future or current students. Hundreds of useful articles framed with the fancy templates.

9. Guardian Careers

This resource gathered an enormous number of the qualified and outstanding experts from different fields.

Pro Tip! You should only focus on the US-based jobs. There are many British or Canadian resources that are worth your attention!

10. Spark Hire

Wanted to know the ultimate truth about recruitment? Check out one of the best career-related blogs then!

11. Rate My Placement

Here is a handy blog for students and graduates.

Don’t know how to start a job search with no experience? Want to know how to write a killer interview?

You will find this information on Rate My Placement!

12. Lindsey Pollak

This resource is suitable for millennials and those, who want to hire millennials. Just because the job specialization is quite narrow, you will find plenty of suitable tips and resources.

Pro Tip! The resume of the millennials needs a targeted approach too. If you can’t write the effective one, it’s better to order it from the trustworthy resume writers.

13. Career Girl

This career blog is launched by the woman and is suitable for the female job seekers.

14. Penelope Trunk

Check out this amazing blog about startups and risk-takers!

You will face a great number of the success stories and recommendations how to overcome tough beginning of your business.

15. The Muse

As you might have already realized, this blog is a great portion of inspiration. Plus, it offers many useful resources that would boost and facilitate your job search.

16. The Savvy Intern

Here is another cool blog for the starters! You will find here plenty of basic but important recommendations. For example, you can learn how to write professional resume affiliations.

17. Personal Branding Blogs

There is no secret that recruiters are looking for the individuality and Dan Schawbel will help you to build your own outstanding and unique brand!

Check out the quality posts that appear 7 times a week!

18. Career Enlightenment

This is a must-see among the job seekers that want to succeed in their job search.

The articles you should definitely check out cover the right attitude that will lead you to the dream job.

Also, senior job seekers should pay attention to resume tips for people over 50 to significantly improve their chances!

19. Career Pivot

A couple of tips from the Texas career design firm? Follow the link and check them out!

20. Work It Daily

This blog provides 10 posts a week about recruitment. A sort of the serious content plan, isn’t it?

21. Employment Digest

This is one of the best job search blogs suitable for executives, technologists, and experts in career transition. Check it out for fresh ideas.

22. Alexandra Levit’s Water Cooler Wisdom

Have you ever heard about such amazing career books as “How’d You Score That Gig”?

“They Don’t Teach Corporate in College”, or “New Job, New You“? Their author created a blog where she reveals the secrets of the successful job search for free!

These are the best job search blogs we have found online. Feel free to suggest more helpful resources in the comments!