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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Tech-Based CV

By 2nd November 2019

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Competition on the labor market these days is huge, especially for the tech jobs. That’s why you should be very meticulous when you are trying to create your CV.

There is no need to list the typical CV mistakes in general as there is plenty of information on this topic on the Internet. That’s why check the list of tech-based cv mistakes prepared by professional cv writers.

Here you will find out about some of the most common crushing mistakes that can be made specifically by tech job applicants. So, if you belong to this group of job hunters and you would like to boost your chances to land a decent tech job, keep reading our summary of the most widespread CV errors to avoid.

Too Long CV

The first thing you need to keep in mind before sending your applications to various tech companies is that your CV will not be read. it will be scanned by special software.

So, if you don’t want your application to end being thrown into the trash, make sure your document is no more than one or two pages long. In case you went a bit overboard and created a massive essay of your life on five pages, don’t forget to condense it and make it easy-to-read.

Even if your CV is targeted, no need to make it too long. If you are trying to deal with physician CV writing, make sure to put all main achievements upfront!

Accomplishments Focused on Your Team

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Recruiters and hiring managers aren’t interested in reading about your group or team achievements. They want to find your own accomplishments in your CV.

It means that you should highlight and showcase your achievements and accomplishments on your document so that they will tell about your capability and will be easily noticed by recruiters.

Remember that you are not the first and only person applying for a job. Don’t hesitate to get some help in order to figure out how to create an effective application document. Keep in mind that only resume consultants are aware of the newest CV and resume trends!

Mentioning Irrelevant Skills

Some recruiters and hiring managers state that they regularly receive resumes listing such skills as PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. Try to understand that listing the skills and abilities not relevant to the position you want to apply for won’t give you any extra chances for a successful job search.

Instead of wasting your resume space, concentrate on the relevant and important tech skills, such as portfolio work, links to your code, and publicly visible work.

Enumerating Every Programming Language

Some recruiters mentioned having to read multiple application documents enumerating every single programming language without the actual indication of the expertise level in each of them.

Instead of listing all at once, emphasize your experience in certain languages and indicate in which areas you have basic knowledge.

Mentioning Responsibilities

Don’t try to include everything possible on your CV. Listing responsibilities instead of achievements won’t help the hiring manager understand what exactly you’ve managed to accomplish on previous jobs.

If you can’t distinguish between these two different areas, then the recruiter will also experience difficulty reading your document. Ideally, you should give your achievements top priority and quantify them.

Also, remember to keep your LinkedIn profile updated. For a better result check the best LinkedIn profiles of 2017!

Vague Career Progress

Recruiters want to see the proof of your career progress through the projects of increasing complexity and new roles.

Being flexible and taking steps forward will definitely be beneficial for your career path and will strengthen your application.

Highlighting Academic Projects

The last but not least is to avoid emphasizing academic projects on your CV. Hiring managers are looking for side projects without pre-assigned deadlines typical to academic projects.

Only side projects can describe your willingness to take challenges, your tolerance and drive, which is important for any tech-based job.