Job Search Tips

The Secret of Stating Your Salary Requirements

Many job seekers feel experienced when they have already searched for a job for a long time. However, not everybody knows what to do when a job application asks for their salary requirements. Are you sure you need to mention them? What if they will impact your ability to negotiate in case you are offered the job? Can you leave it blank? The main reason for so many questions and doubts is that nobody wants to go too low without telling what

How To Write Your Resume If You Are Changing Career

Creating a catchy resume might be challenging. Not to mention that experienced employees often try to look for the same career opportunities. However, when it comes to career switcher, the challenge doubles in times. Unfortunately, HR managers wouldn’t be able to estimate your huge passion and desire to work in the new area from your application. At the same time, they wouldn’t want to. Most of the things depend on the way how you demonstr

Five Tips on How to Prepare for an Interview Assessment Test

It is becoming more and more common for employers to use assessment tests as part of the job screening process. Assessment tests differ from employer to employer and can be based on specific professions. (more…)

Our Best Articles of 2016

Dear friends, we have reached the final month of another awesome year. Hopefully, you will find some time to relax over the festive season and read useful articles to get new ideas and inspiration for a future career. Our team is happy to announce that Resume Writing Lab blog was announced one of the best 50 resume writing blogs according to FeedSpot, that’s why we created a top list of the most read articles in 2016. (more…)

Optimizing Your Job Posts [Infographic]

You might think that filling an empty position in your company is an easy thing — but it’s not. Only about one-third of all people are looking for jobs, and the market for them is competitive. While you might think that as a company, you are in the driver’s seat, in fact, you are competing against other companies for the attention and interest of those prospective employees. That’s why crafting the best job description (and getting it noticed

Cracking the Interview Dress Code [Infographic]

Research has shown how crucial the first 10-40 seconds of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this short time. Employers and hiring professionals often make assumptions about a prospective candidate based on their appearance, so it is important to make your first impressions count. What to wear for an upcoming interview or that first day at work can feel like a minefield. Crea

Monster Resume Search Guideline

The Internet offers you great opportunities to boost your job search in several times, so you can make it through much faster. Not only could you read about useful job search tips and strategies, register on LinkedIn and network with potential employers, but also you could even have your CV/resume written at professional best resume writing service. Among the largest job search sites, we want to draw our attention to is (mo

Ultimate Guide to Job Search in Virginia

Job search of Virginia job seekers doesn’t, actually, differ a lot from a simple job search. Still, there are lots of useful resources and institutions for Virginia job hunters. If you want to succeed in the job search process, you need an extra professional help. Check out this article to get the handy tips and resources for your successful Virginia job search. It’s impossible to succeed in the job hunt without a localization of the job

Your October Job Search Kickstart Checklist!

An autumn is already there and the job hunting season is on. Everybody starts to fit in their own working rhythm. The whole atmosphere is encouraging and stimulating. Therefore, October is a perfect working start line. Although it seems to be otherwise, October is an ideal month for the job hunting. It marks the start of the holiday season, with the Halloween and Thanksgiving on the corner. October is a green light for the hiring new people

9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Career Opportunities

Every major step takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to your career. Naturally, achieving career goals can turn into a long and challenging battle. However, the amount of time needed depends on It depends directly on our attitude towards career coaches, professional organizations, and professional resume writers. If you always strive to do your best, be absolutely sure that your efforts are going to be rewarded. Here are top 9 recomm