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Salary Expectations: How to Answer the Interview Question

You have probably done your best and worked hard to make your application perfect and effective. You think your battle has finished once you’ve successfully landed the job interview. However, it’s certainly not the end of your battle, as there are many tricky interview questions you need to be prepared to answer in order to get noticed and win the recruiter’s trust. It’s equally significant to prepare yourself for behavioral and skill-r

5 Traits of a Great Employee that You Can Spot On a Resume

No matter what size business you are hiring for, it is crucial that you get the right people in there. But what qualifies someone as the best? Is it their knowledge? Partially yes but there are more important characteristics. Knowledge can be taught, personality traits cannot. When companies or recruiters make hiring decisions, they often base these on a few specific traits and skills. The next time you are looking for a new hire, be sure to

How to Find a Perfect Career Coach

So, you have made the decision to hire a professional career coach to help you propel your career forward and make it even more successful. Now what? Don’t use your phone book in any case as career coach cost may reach up to $80 per hour for their services. Your aim is to find the golden mean and get a great coach for a reasonable price. One of the best ways to select the right coach is applying to a trustworthy service. (more…)

3 Key Steps to Land a Job at Facebook

The modern job market is becoming more and more competitive day by day. So, it’s a challenging exercise to craft the effective and persuasive resume to get you noticed and grab the attention of employers among a stack of other well-qualified applicants. You may have dozens of questions swarming in your head. Am I using the right action verbs? Are these buzzwords relevant for this industry? What “power words” shall I use? Here are the be

3 Risks Jobseekers Need to Take

  Looking for the perfect job is a daunting task we have to face. It takes a lot of time and effort to get hired by the company you want to work for. Our friends over at share the 3 risks you need to take if you want to find the best job for you. (more…)

Top 5 Well-Paid Jobs with Constantly Growing Salaries

If you would like to find a job that offers both high and fast-growing salary or think about changing careers, consider reading this article. It will inform you about five jobs in different fields that manage to combine these important criteria. You will discover the peculiarities of each one of these occupations and will find out why they are likely to bring a salary growth. The list is based on a year-over-year rating of the income incre

The Secret of Stating Your Salary Requirements

Many job seekers feel experienced when they have already searched for a job for a long time. However, not everybody knows what to do when a job application asks for their salary requirements. Are you sure you need to mention them? What if they will impact your ability to negotiate in case you are offered the job? Can you leave it blank? The main reason for so many questions and doubts is that nobody wants to go too low without telling what

How To Write Your Resume If You Are Changing Career

Creating a catchy resume might be challenging. Not to mention that experienced employees often try to look for the same career opportunities. However, when it comes to career switcher, the challenge doubles in times. Unfortunately, HR managers wouldn’t be able to estimate your huge passion and desire to work in the new area from your application. At the same time, they wouldn’t want to. Most of the things depend on the way how you demonstr

Five Tips on How to Prepare for an Interview Assessment Test

It is becoming more and more common for employers to use assessment tests as part of the job screening process. Assessment tests differ from employer to employer and can be based on specific professions. (more…)

Our Best Articles of 2016

Dear friends, we have reached the final month of another awesome year. Hopefully, you will find some time to relax over the festive season and read useful articles to get new ideas and inspiration for a future career. Our team is happy to announce that Resume Writing Lab blog was announced one of the best 50 resume writing blogs according to FeedSpot, that’s why we created a top list of the most read articles in 2016. (more…)