What are Good Skills to Put on a Resume?

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When you ask a question what are some good skills to put on a resume, you should remember one Golden rule. You must mention the skills that are required for a specific position.

If you apply for IT manager vacancy, it’s inappropriate to mention your outstanding analytical abilities to calculate the economic benefit of the production.

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Of course, certain skills can help you almost in any position. Most of the employers are interested in relevant hard and soft skills. Problem-solving and stress management can also give you a few extra points if you mention them appropriately. Make sure to add a few examples that confirm your statements.

If you still feel like your resume could use a few skills here are some neutral options:

Hard Skills:

  • Programming
  • Bookkeeping
  • Mathematics
  • Systems Analysis
  • Schedule Management

Soft Skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Work Ethic
  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

If you decide to write resume in Microsoft Word independently, you should familiarize with a job ad thoroughly and highlight the required skills. Then it’s important to brainstorm all your skills. After all, you just must pick up those skills that are similar for the job ad and your list.

This is the Golden rule of resume writing that you must recall when you ask yourself what are skills to put on a resume. Using it, you will produce an effective resume that will impress your potential recruiter. It doesn’t guarantee an invitation to the interview but it moves your closer to it.

Naturally, you might ask whether a new resume for each new position is required. Resume Writing Lab offers its clients to write an application paper targeted to the position. Still, usually, job seekers send a dozen of resumes to different companies. That’s why it's important to define 3-5 prime companies and write 3-5 targeted resumes.

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