What Is a Resume Summary?

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In a simple word, resume summary is a piece of information recruiter is looking for first. It’s a brief but informative introduction that contains a combination of your skills and professional achievements. It’s also known as summary qualification, resume summary statement or competencies.

Here are two samples of resume summary, the first one is winning:

  • Software Developer with 5+ years of experience in the reputable company. Creative and detail-oriented. I have the technical expertise to carry out innovative ideas, create client projects from scratch and write new codes. Ready for extreme situations and chunks of uninterrupted time. Easy to learn and adapt in new societies.

Such summary contains the main qualifications that are required for this position. According to the statistic, recruiters tend to spend 6 seconds to understand whether candidacy qualifies for the position. In fact, it’s enough for the experienced people to define professionals.

Reliable resume writers recommend also mentioning some kinds of degrees and name of the company if it can influence the employer’s decision.

Here is the poor resume summary that can hardly grab someone’s attention:

  • Software Developer looking for the promising position to polish and develop my computer skills.

This summary doesn’t carry any useful information for the recruiter. It doesn’t also show any use of the candidacy for the company.

Your summary must show off that you are the best candidacy as you can improve the quality of the company’s production, attract new investors, increase the level of sales with a help of the good skills to put on resume. Information in the perfect summary might not be enough but it will be clarified during questions on the interview. Just stay informative and clear.