Are Resume and Curriculum Vitae the Same?

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No. The major differences between CVs and resumes can be found in their length, function, and the layout, although there can be cases when a CV and resume are interchangeable.

First of all, a Curriculum Vitae represents a more detailed and structured document with a chronological order listing of a person’s professional experience and qualification, and a resume is more concise, highly customizable summary of his career-related skills and experiences.

And here lies the greatest distinctive point between those two: a CV will cover up your entire career history, meanwhile a resume will focus its attention on the more brief and targeted list of qualifications, rewards, and other accomplishments.

Therefore, in most cases CVs are far longer than 1 page, which is typically a normal length for a resume. Though the difference is not only in length and structure but the country where resumes and CVs used and targeted position.