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    Employers and hiring managers tend to spend less than ten seconds looking at applications. Reviewing your LinkedIn profile is not much of a difference. Regardless of how much time a decision-maker will look through it, the point of your profile is to make a good first impression.

    Don’t worry if you feel unconfident or aren’t sure how to create a brilliant profile that will highlight your skills and qualifications. Luckily for you, our LinkedIn profile writer can help you deal with LinkedIn profile formatting without any troubles. Keep in mind that creating unique and high-quality application is similar to LinkedIn profile writing. However, there are certain differences you have to take into consideration.

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    Now that most recruiters have gone digital when it comes to selecting their job candidates, no matter how strange it may sound, it’s just significant to market yourself online. One of the starting points of their research is usually people’s LinkedIn profiles, which means, you have to build up your LinkedIn profile in the first place.

    One of the key elements here is your summary placing quite a visible position in your profile. If you take a chance and put the most efforts into writing a self-marketing summary, it will lead you to some most attractive and demanded employers you have been dreaming of.

    So, how to write a LinkedIn summary? And what to put in a LinkedIn summary? All you have to do is spending extra 5 minutes reading the answers prepared by our LinkedIn profile writing service!


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    Several years ago, the most professionally oriented social media platform LinkedIn introduced its users to the new website’s feature of “endorsing” other profiles. Since then, there had been a lot of questions the main of which was and still remains: what is a LinkedIn endorsement anyway?


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    Are you sure that your LinkedIn page works and doesn’t require optimizing? Unfortunately, if you are still looking for a job, your LinkedIn page, more likely, doesn’t cope with its responsibilities. The main goal of the social media for the job search lies in the attracting recruiters and, thereby, increasing the chances of being hired.

    If you haven’t achieved this goal yet, you should learn how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters.

    Modern LinkedIn profile writing service offers affordable writing and editing help but if you want to optimize an online page independently, you should look through the following effective tips to attract recruiters on your outstanding LinkedIn profile!

  • mistakes in business linkedin profileYou must be well informed about the importance of a LinkedIn profile for personal promotion and career. The same situation relates to your business. Now you can market your business with a LinkedIn company page.

    Sadly, often people have no appropriate experience and knowledge to create a good page that can really develop a business. What is more, optimizing your LinkedIn profile for recruiters can take a while if you don’t have appropriate knowledge. Keep on reading and learn how to make your business page to promote your company. However, creating a perfect LinkedIn profile for a company is a lot harder than it seems.


  • Can social media really help you get a new job? Or probably, people just overestimate the impact and in fact, we use such websites as Facebook and Twitter only for chatting with friends? Job seekers argue a lot and, all in all, they have different experience and methods that helped them to win a dream job.

    Therefore, to make a conclusion and help job seekers choose the right strategy Resume Writing Lab has created an infographic based on thorough research, and as you know, facts are stubborn things.

    Anyway, only you can decide if LinkedIn Profile writing is worth time or it is better to print resume and make the needle move. Thus, if you want to know which social media is the most effective for a job search in 2016, how many recruiters use social media and how many companies are googling candidates, pay your precious attention at this infographic…

    using social media for job search

    So, are you ready to be one of these 2% of applicants, who is going to be invited to the interview? Then follow the tips mentioned in this infographic. No need to spend hours trying to check every existing social media (in fact there are lots of them), as now you know which websites will give you maximum results and you can become a job search champion.

    At the same time these numbers prove that if you do not care about your online presence at all, you really miss lots of chances!

    Modern recruiters think differently and value every minute, so online resources are their best helpers. That’s why, check this infographic once again and start polishing your profiles. Be the first and good luck with your job search

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    The role of social and professional networks can’t be underestimated. The biggest and most popular professional network on the web is LinkedIn. It’s priceless for establishing professional connections. LinkedIn makes recruiters, potential business partners, people from your industry find you much easier.

    When you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn has much to offer. Just make sure to take a moment to update your profile. To avoid mistakes and make sure your page is flawless, learn from Resume Writing Lab LinkedIn profile writers!

  • Many thanks to Jon Hayes, founder of Profile Pic Plus for this guest post written specially for ResumeWritingLab.

    linkedin profile image and business

    We all know that image is everything, right? The use of social media can either build or break yours depending on how you go about your business. It’s hardly possible to be an ardent social media user and not include a profile picture. The availability of the Internet-enabled gadgets such as phones has made it easy for users to update their profile photos every now and then. How many times have you ever found yourself thinking of effects your profile picture may have on your business? Most people brush the question off as soon as it creeps in their thoughts but that’s a poor business strategy!

  • linkedin title to find a jobWhen it comes to using LinkedIn, most of the job seekers face difficulties they could easily omit. Try to consider the issue connected with LinkedIn profile titles for unemployed. The first and essential tip provided by professional LinkedIn profile writers lies in choosing appropriate job titles.

    Being successful on LinkedIn is about stating the current position. Otherwise, your ranking will drop and a findability decrease. Being on top is important and best LinkedIn profile title will help you to achieve this goal. While you have a flawless summary written independently or produced by reputable resume writing companies such as Resume Writing Lab, it’s important to manage your LinkedIn profile making it complete and catchy!

  • social media linked in job searchLinkedIn is a must have for today’s job seekers but is joining it enough? Unfortunately, no. This irreplaceable tool accomplishes a set of important tasks and will definitely enhance your job hunt but only if you know how to use it.

    Simply joining LinkedIn and observing others won’t bring you a promising position. Having a LinkedIn profile is about presenting your personality and standing out from the crowd. Professional LinkedIn profile writers provided us with several priceless tips on how to use this job hunting tool 100%.