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10 Things that Make Up a Nursing Resume

By 15th February 2020

how to write a nurse resumeThe requirements, raised by the recruiters in the nursing field, may not meet your expectations. However, your nursing resume must meet them. This is the main formula of the successful nursing summary. A graduate nurse resume, which contains the key skills and qualities, is almost doomed to success.

Obviously, the  team of professional resume writers online are familiarized with nursing skills for resume and the basic professional requirements. Such reputable resume writing companies as Resume Writing Lab  are ready to accomplish the best resumes for nurses. Nevertheless, if you decided to write your nursing resume independently, you should include the following 10 details.

Know How to Shine

The shoe pinches in your accomplishments. Entry level nurse resume may not include a set of substantial accomplishments but this issue tends to increase your chances to amuse your potential recruiter. A typical nursing summary contains your accomplishments and your duties on the former jobs. Both of them tend to define your previous professional activity. Still, there is a significant tips to land a nursing jobdifference between them. Accomplishments tend to show the real result of the professional growth while duties outline a set of requirements, which don’t, actually, tell a lot about your competence.

Therefore, emphasize your accomplishments, which can be suitable for your potential position. You should know exactly what points should be emphasized in your resume. Try to avoid common medical resume mistakes at all costs!

Clarify the Unit

When it comes to specifying the unit you belong to, be sure to use the commonly accepted terms such as MS, L&D, CVICU, TELE, ICU, or ER. It’s important to enter a workload and a clientele, which will define your priority. In other words, include all specific unit characteristics (what kind of patients you used to support, what kind of instructions you used to follow, etc.).

Include the Type of Institution

The type of the institution you used to work in defines the level of your professional experience as well as the number of the entrusted beds and the accomplishments. Specify the facility type in your Work/Employment History or in the Summary. A sample of the facility type: Long Term Acute Care at a Trauma Hospital 2.

Pushing the Envelope

Every sphere of the life is becoming more computerized. Therefore, the role of the computer skills in the medical sphere is increasing too. So, a good nursing resume contains a good knowledge of Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Paperwork is considered to be the last century in comparison to the “Epic Software” and “Meditech”. There exist lots of tech courses, which allow nurses to occupy ICD10 and ICD 9.

If you don’t know how to complete the skills section of your resume, be sure to check skills section writing steps!

Mention the Number of Bedshospital jibs for nurses

Every good nursing resume must contain a number of beds in the institution you worked in and the number of beds, which referred to your duties. The two-digit number will reveal a level of your professional skill. A new grad nurse resume may reference on the internships or praxis institutions.

Provide the Documents

The documents, which confirm your professional competence, must be included in the nursing resume. However, don’t just simply attach a bunch of documents mindlessly. Overall, your nursing resume should be well organized. You can also check professional resume samples to write a well-structured application. Here is essential information, which refers to the nursing license and certification:

  • License type (LPN, RN, NP, CRNA, etc.)
  • Licensing State/Body
  • Name on license if different from name on resume
  • License expiration date
  • License number
  • The relation to Nurse Licensure Compact


  • Certification name (BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc.)
  • Certifying body (AHA, etc.)
  • Expiration date

Provide Information about Education

A good nursing resume must provide a potential employer with clear information about the nursing education. Name of the institution and degree you have got (ADN, ASN, BSN, MSN), the academic period, and the place where you received an education. Specific awards, achievements, internships, and other activities are welcome in a killer nursing summary.

The Importance of the Schedulejob for a nurse timetable

Being a nurse is about being flexible or choosing the most favorable schedule. Therefore, a nursing summary should contain a potential possible time of your work or at least a shift. You have a wide choice – Days, Mids, PMs, and/or Nocs – whatever suits your possibilities. Nonetheless, it is definitely a plus if you can adjust to requirements of the recruiter.

Increase Probability

Different honors, awards, achievements, certificates, and diplomas from your school, university, work, or volunteering increase a probability of being noticed and estimated. If you feel that other applicants outrun you, be sure to check handy ways to improve your hireability.

Fix the Result

If you belong to American Association of Critical Care Nurses or the Emergency Nurses Association, mention this information in your nursing resume and support it with data about the period of your membership, its office, your duties, and contributions!