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2 Weird February Job Search Problems to Solve

By 1st February 2016

job search in winter2016 is already started but lots of job seekers still can’t recover after winter holidays. This way, lots of them lose valuable opportunities to get a job. This is a typical problem that almost every person all over the world faces with. Such policy is the worst one for job seekers, as it reduces their productivity and increases their unemployed period. I hope that after reading this information most of readers start editing their LinkedIn profiles and tailoring their resumes, BUT wait. There are two more weird problems that require solution. What are these problems, who faces them and how to deal with them – all these and even more find out from our article.

Problem #1: Being False-Motivated

Yes, your number one problem isn’t connected with a resume, even though in most cases resume is a real problem. Still, today I decided to dedicate this article to a completely fresh topic, so, if you need a flawless resume, choose online resume service, order a writing and get back to this article.

The first odd problem some job seekers face is a false-motivation. What’s it? It’s a kind of thought “What if I lose time looking for numerous job ads, find nothing and can’t pay my rent/newspaper subscription/usual life style/etc.?” In these cases job seekers usually promptly and chaotically start looking for a suitable job and if their search doesn’t succeed, they keep on living their usual life without job till the next false motivation.


Your job search should be your realized goal. You should have certain preconditions and grounds for a job hunt. This way you will have a strong motivation that will inspire and push you forward. Otherwise, you just waste your time. Lack of motivation freezes your job search and at the end of the day you will reach nothing. Therefore, if you don’t need a job now, don’t start your job hunt. But if you really need it, get up and start acting.

Problem #2: Being Under or Overestimated

I have met two types of job seekers: those who think “This job is too good for me, I won’t fit it” and those who think “I am too good for this job, it won’t fit me”. Basically, their resumes and CVs perfectly reflects their attitude, therefore, they are usually rejected. Recruiters, especially, in the Middle East prefer the Golden mean (so, if you decide to apply for job in Dubai, familiarize with CV writing peculiarities in the Middle East).

Being one of two aforementioned types of job seekers isn’t bad, except of the fact that you will hardly ever get a job while there are lots of perfect candidates. What are you supposed to do?


The solution for both types of job seekers is one – being objective. When it comes to a job search, you must objectively estimate your skills and abilities and don’t understate or raise standards. If you are a perfect fit for particular position, don’t even dare to think that you will fail! You have eyes that read a job ad and you have brains to understand that you have all required skills, personal qualities, abilities, experience and etc.

A little tip for those whfebruary job searcho tend to overestimate their opportunities – be unbiased. You have eyes and brains as well, so if your experience is 2 years instead of required 15, move on. This way you will definitely avoid a blow to your ego and finally find a suitable job. At the same time, you can use other tips of reducing the ego during job search that will also help to keep calm during your search.

Being a job seeker is difficult, especially nowadays. Obtaining a good resume isn’t everything today’s job hunter has to obtain. Therefore, take into account our aforementioned tips that are based on experience of numerous successful people and long-term observations. So, in the result you will 100% get what you want!