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4 Ways to Focus Your Administrator Job Search

By 27th December 2019

administrative job search

Have you ever visited a corporate office, business office, or an industrial premise where an office located at just an entry point? You may have encountered a human face apart from a security guard and it is an administrative professional.

You may be warmly greeted by the smiling face of a receptionist and pushed ahead to a soft-spoken manager or executive to address your queries or requests.

In sum, these all are administrative roles aimed at running the business, corporation, or industry smoothly like a well-oiled machine!

It implies the significance and ever-growing demand for administrators in the present-day job market and tempts many to focus on administrator job search and administrative assistant resume tips to find a dream position or a prospective career.

Today I am going to give you ways to focus on your administrator job search scientifically and logically.

1. Know or Fix Your Role Jobs in Norfolk

If you are going to carve out a career in the administrative field in Norfolk or adjoining areas, you must have basic knowledge of various roles offer in the field. The following outline may help you to fix your role whether you are going to taking a step on the corporate ladder with almost no experience or you have somewhere in between the ladder and looking for a chance to step up further.

  • Administrative Assistant: It is a mid-level role demanding skills for arranging meetings, traveling, office coordination, presentation, correspondence, sales support, and support following admins/roles.
    • Executive Assistant
    • Human Resources Assistant
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Purchasing Assistant
  • Office Manager: A lot of managerial jobs involved in the role such as bookkeeping, schedule management, facility handling, logistics, and maintenance jobs. Keep an eye on office manager resume tips as well.
  • Clerks: Today most of the clerks are acting as data entry specialists and managing digital as well as physical files and support higher levels of posts. Some known roles are:
    • Office Clerk
    • File Clerk
    • Patient Registration Clerk
  • Receptionist: It is a place for the first face of an administration that greets visitors and guides them properly. Thus, it also meets the following roles in many companies.
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Medical Receptionist
  • Project Coordinator: It acts as a team leader or team secretary and dealing with requests generated by the entire team or department in an integrating manner.
  • Data Entry Specialist: It is the role of office assistant and entry-level admin position demanding digital data entry skills including data typing, tabulation, and much more to offer supporting roles for higher-level posts.

2. Search Key Administrative Skills within You While Applying for Administrator Jobs in Norwich

Once you fix your present role in the ladder of administrative career or jobs in Norwich, you must have relevant skill sets to get desired success. However, it is beyond the scope of a blog post to describe each skill attached to an admin role given above. Therefore, I have preferred to get-go with common and mostly applied characteristics or flairs for admin jobs.

Independent Nature

Most of the administrative decisions demand self-confidence and creativity stimulated from the inner of the admin. Therefore, self-reliant nature is inevitable for mid to top-level admin jobs.

Effective Conversations

Administrative jobs demand capacities to deliver clear, concise, and comprehensive messages in effective ways. Therefore, the ability to make effective conversations is mandatory to be a successful candidate.

Apart from fluency in communicating languages, the candidate must have a better understanding of the company culture, social, religious, and community cultures or working staff, ability to express ideas. It must be in polite, yet firm ways. A candidate must have a strong listening capacity.

  • Verbal or oral communication
  • Written communication
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Public relationship
  • Team leading
  • Digital communication including email, instant messengers, social media, and video chat abilities

Problem Solver or Result-Oriented

In practical life, things are hardly working in defined or predictive ways that an administrative syllabus teaches educational life to the candidates. Therefore, strong analytics, reasoning, and cognitive abilities are required to cope with emerging unique and innovative challenges.

Time Management

Many admin jobs involve attendance of multiple tasks in unpredicted ways and admin has to manage subordinate staff as well as affairs of top management too. Therefore, planning for their time and tasks becomes a challenge. They have to organize their own schedule along with others to deal with issues and routine efficiently.


We know that today most admin or office or company work involves high-tech gadgets and computing networks including BYOD devices where many technical skills involved accomplishing several tasks.

Dealing with MS office tools, databases, CMS, ERP, CRM, and the latest software on big to tiny screens are ways to work in the modern life of an admin, executive, or manager. Therefore, the admin candidate must be tech-savvy and familiar with the latest tools used in the organization.

Organizational Capabilities

An admin has to keep its staff working under the hood in order and align various calendars with the rest of the office staff, appointments, and external vendors. Therefore, strong organizational skill is the key skill for success.

Social Bird

Being a stereotype office-bearer is no the way of success for modern administrators, they have to be a social bird and should remain active on physical, social life as well as virtual social media to maintain and grow the social circles. Personal honesty, helping nature, and responsible acts are essential traits of a successful admin to manage and win the bosses, subordinates, and rests of society.

Ready to Go Extra Mile

Sticking with office time and allocated tasks hardly bring awesome results to the table for an admin or other employees. If an admin show commitment to the designated work and goals by going the extra mile by working hard, learning new skills, and becoming a team bird draw the attention of others working with him/her as well as others in the industry and may get rewards on appropriate time.

3. Creating Strong CVs/Resumes and Portfolio for Effective Presentations

Writing an effective resume is an art in itself, and the candidates applying for the administrative post must learn it for professional writers or seniors in the field. Similarly, with a strong presence of work portfolio, you hardly win the attention of interviewers or HR staff at all.

Learn to write a job application, cover letter, and other attachments to make your case strong for automated sorting machines as well as HR workers. For instance, infusing strong job keywords in the title and everywhere appropriate in natural ways, writing attention-grabbing titles and sub-titles, headings, and so on.

Keep texts clean, compact, and comprehensive by keeping readability in mind. Using bullets and other techniques to facilitate fast scanning of your highlighted points. In due course, several job portals or job boards are providing excellent services to write resumes personally as well as creating one online using wizards.

Also, be sure to check additional skills to mention on your resume if you want to get noticed!

4. Tracking the Application While Applying for Administrator Jobs in Norwich

Instead of applying directly to the leading or unknown companies for a post of admin, you ought to take the help of online job portals. These job boards are using the latest technologies to post as well as track your application and give you real-time updates through email, push notification on your mobile app, and via WhatsApp like instant messengers.

Leverage the latest tools and offerings of job boards to get your dream post at your suitable place or location.


We have discussed a lot of things involved in a job search for an administrative post and how the leading job portals can help you hit your intended goals.

Author Bio: Manya Ray is Marketing & PR Executive for Just Norfolk Jobs and has been since October 2017. Manya has a vast amount of HR & Recruitment experience coupled with her local knowledge of the Norfolk & Norwich area.