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Optimizing Your Job Posts [Infographic]

By 19th November 2019

You might think that filling an empty position in your company is an easy thing — but it’s not. Only about one-third of all people are looking for jobs, and the market for them is competitive.

While you might think that as a company, you are in the driver’s seat, in fact, you are competing against other companies for the attention and interest of those prospective employees.

That’s why crafting the best job description (and getting it noticed) may be key to finding the most qualified employees. Much like keywords help people find websites that match their interests, so too will those keywords help people find your job listing.

While job seekers often use the help of professional resume writers, employers have their own means of attracting new promising staff members. This graphic helps you work through what you need to do to write the best job posting possible.

job post optimization infographic

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