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30 Words You Should Never Use at Interview

By 8th December 2015

Most of job seekers get nervous when job interviews begin as they think they are judged or criticized by their potential employers. It makes them speak through their necks and, therefore, influence the outcome of the interview. So, (and everybody, actually, knows it) it is important to pull yourself together and control your speech. Our article will teach you some methodic to calm down and present the words you MUST definitely avoid in your interview. Let’s start.
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7 Easy Steps to Create Skills Section that will Win You New Job

By 3rd December 2015

resume skills sectionSkills section is a section that follows education and experience parts. This section lists things that are specifically useful for the position you are applying for. They make potential employee more promising and valuable and maximize the interest of potential employer. Your resume turns to be a powerful and competitive document, if skills section contains the right information.
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Cyber Monday Resume Tips

By 30th November 2015

Cyber Monday is the best thinonline resume writing serviceg for online shoppers. If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to Google this term. However, in a couple of words, Cyber Monday is Monday after Thanksgiving Day when Americans can shop online for affordable prices. Lots of discounts on this day allow people to purchase cool things.

This day is perfect opportunity for job seekers to order effective resume for affordable prices! Lots of helping services specialize in resume preparation online and can offer their help for available prices.
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Be Thankful During Job Search

By 26th November 2015

thanksgiving cardSpending time with family or in a company of friends on your Thanksgiving Day is priceless. And the actual thing isn’t in this large appetizing turkey, served with mashed potatoes and gravy or surprising little presents, but rather in the atmosphere of those rare and long-awaited family gatherings.

Since the tradition of celebrating American Thanksgiving Day dated back to 15th century, it hasn’t lost its popularity. Even if we managed to make a great deal out of this day, nevertheless, it’s important focus on everything that we’re grateful for.
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Questions About Gaps In Resume

By 24th November 2015

Do you actually know someone who has been working for the same employer at the same company for his entire career period? Probably it would take you a bit of time to recall. Because of a current job crisis, it’s sort of difficult not to avoid a downtime in your job employment history. Many employees consider a downtime, as a self-conviction, however it’s never meant to be a deal-breaker for potential employers, when you try to re-enter the workforce. So, before starting professional resume editing give answers to these questions.
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Strategy for Getting Job Before 2016

By 19th November 2015

Thinking about changing your job to get a new desirable one before the New Year? There is nothing impossible, you just need to use all appropriate instruments. Think about the left time and take advantage of it.

Follow the next strategy to have a new good boss before the clock strikes.
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Choosing LinkedIn Profile Photo

By 12th November 2015

LinkedIn profile improvementNowadays, almost every young or experienced job seeker knows and uses LinkedIn®. This service connects job hunters with employers and managers and facilitates job seeking process. There is no need to describe this tool – LinkedIn® has already become an indispensable helper for everyone who is looking for a job.
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Ultimate Guide to Writing College Application Resume

By 10th November 2015

Resume is necessary today not only when applying for a job. College applicants are also required to write a resume among the other documents of their application package. That is why it is recommended for them to learn important tips for creating this college application resume. And here are collected main features that must be included in your college admission CV.
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3 Most Important Questions to Ask an Interviewer

By 6th November 2015

Most interviewees are so keen on giving correct answers and impressing the interviewer that they forget to ask questions that could enlighten them on what the position they are being interviewed for is all about and what the company really is like.  As you, apparently, managed to cope with effective resume writing and was invited to the interview, you have the right to clarify the situation and make sure that you really need this position.
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Dealing With References on Resume

By 30th October 2015

writing references on resumeIt’s not a secret that some employers request for a list of references written either in your resume or throughout the interview. Since it’s not anymore an issue to check references through the internet, revealing the truth has become more effective and much faster.

Therefore, even if your job application doesn’t request you to include any references, it would be a good idea to have them done beforehand and ask certified resume writer to organize the list.
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