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How Important Social Media Picture to Promote Your Business?

By 30th October 2019

Media Picture for business

We all know that image is everything, right? The use of social media can either build or break yours depending on how you go about your business.

It’s hardly possible to be an ardent social media user and not include a profile picture. The availability of the Internet-enabled gadgets such as phones has made it easy for users to update their profile photos every now and then. How many times have you ever found yourself thinking of effects your profile picture may have on your business? Most people brush the question off as soon as it creeps in their thoughts but that’s a poor business strategy!
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Find Your Dream Job This Labor Day

By 29th October 2019

expert resume writers

While pupils are buying new copybooks and applicants are receiving replies from dream colleges, managers start working intensively in order to hire a fresh workforce.

Labor Day is a starting point for desperate job seekers and full of energy enthusiasts. September for Americans is the most productive month of the year, as lots of them get their dream jobs and successfully enter the labor market.

Though, there are lots of attractive vacancies just that remain unnoticed. Unfortunately, employers tend to use their network (colleges or former colleges and other professional relations) in order to find potential employees.
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Things To Remove From Your Resume Immediately

By 28th October 2019

resume mistakes

Your resume is full of so many interesting points. Those are used to attract your employees, and add some more meaning to your working characteristic. You are not the only one who is there for the post. There are so many people, who are fighting for the same. So, it is mandatory for you to make your resume as simple yet effective, as possible, if you want to score some high marks. And it is during such instances when you need to discard some negative points from the resume.

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12 Rules To Create A Successful Resume

By 8th October 2019

write successful resume

Photo credit: Pixabay

A good resume is a job candidate’s first opportunity to make a strong impression on future employers. A resume that is not up to par will not convince hiring managers to invite you for an interview. Thus, it is critical that you put your best foot forward and sometimes applying to resume writers online is a good decision. The following tips will help you understand how to create a successful resume.
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3 Key Steps to Land a Job at Facebook

land facebook job

The modern job market is becoming more and more competitive day by day. So, it’s a challenging exercise to craft the effective and persuasive resume to get you noticed and grab the attention of employers among a stack of other well-qualified applicants.

You may have dozens of questions swarming in your head. Am I using the right action verbs? Are these buzzwords relevant for this industry? What “power words” shall I use?

Here are the best tips of Facebook hiring manager on how to land a job at Facebook!
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Resume Friendly Name: What to Name Your Resume?

what resume friendly name

Not every job applicant gives resume a title, which will be convenient for an employer. It will be handy for him to use the name containing the applicant’s full name and the position he applies for.

A recruiting manager usually stores every resume on his computer after reading it. He daily receives hundreds of faceless resumes, like Resume.rtf, Resume.doc, My resume.doc, Resume with the Photo Attached.doc.

Now imagine how the manager renames it dozen times a day… Really, no matter how kind and sympathetic this person is – they will start to hate every faceless resume. And if you give your resume file an appropriate name, he will be grateful for it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn several tips on how to give the resume friendly name listed by top resume writing service.
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3 Common Mistakes of Company LinkedIn Pages

By 3rd October 2019

mistakes in business linkedin profileYou must be well informed about the importance of a LinkedIn profile for personal promotion and career. The same situation relates to your business. Now you can market your business with a LinkedIn company page.

Sadly, often people have no appropriate experience and knowledge to create a good page that can really develop a business. What is more, optimizing your LinkedIn profile for recruiters can take a while if you don’t have appropriate knowledge. Keep on reading and learn how to make your business page to promote your company. However, creating a perfect LinkedIn profile for a company is a lot harder than it seems.

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How to Write a Perfect CV for Oil & Gas Engineering Graduates?

By 29th September 2019

CV for Oil & Gas Engineering Graduates

CV plays an important role in a job seeker’s search for employment. If done right, it can get you one step closer to your dream job. However, it is also one of the most difficult documents one has to prepare on their own.

Trends are constantly changing and the evolving technology has completely changed how recruiters search for prospective candidates. Moreover, the competition has increased tremendously in the job markets across industries and the scenario isn’t any different for those looking for employment opportunities in the oil and gas sector.
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5 Tips to Quit Job

write a resignation letter


Nobody in this world likes to be called a quitter especially in the workplace. But in life, you may come to a situation when it becomes essential to leave the present job and move to another superior position or you may need to leave the job for any other reason.

So, under that circumstance, it becomes necessary to write a resignation letter to your immediate boss and let him or her know about your decision. Though you should tell your boss about the decision of you leaving in person but writing a resignation letter is mandatory.

A resignation letter is important since it is actually a kind of official document that will keep the record of the end of your employment with the organization where you are presently working.

Thus whenever you decide to quit your job it becomes very essential to let your manager know about your decision in person and then send a formal letter of resignation via an email or a handwritten letter. Then the HR personnel of the company will keep your resignation letter or email to record the time that you had been with the company. But writing a resignation letter is never an easy task.

You have seen some free printable templates on the Internet but it may not fit in your situation. Considering all those things we have come forward with five essential tips that you will need with quitting your job.

Essential Things to Remember While Quitting the Job

If you have decided to quit your job you have to write the resignation letter and in the resignation letter you must include the following five essential things:

Resignation Letter template

Now, let’s consider each of the steps in detail.

#1 Express Clearly That You Are Resigning From Your Post

The first thing that you need to do is to express clearly that you are resigning from your post. In the resignation letter, it is very important to state clearly that with this email or letter you are giving a formal notice about your resignation from the post.

At that time you must also include your designation of the present company and your company name. This will actually make everything clear and no issue will arise in the future.

#2 Give the Date of Your Last Working Day

In the resignation letter, you must include the date of your last working day. But be very careful when writing the date of your last working day since once you write the last date you cannot alter it. Your company will start searching for a new person who can take over your position and probably he will be recruited before your last working day.

So, if you make a mistake on the date then it will certainly create a huge problem both for you as well as the company. So until and unless you are 100 percent sure of your last working day you must not write the resignation letter. It is advisable to download a blank calendar and double-check the date of your last working day before you submit the letter to your boss.

steps to write a resignation letter


#3 Express Your Gratitude to the Company

You may have decided to leave the job with your current company but it does not mean that you will not require then in the future. Hence it becomes very important to keep a good relationship with the employer at the time of leaving the job.

So, in the resignation letter, you must write one or two sentences for showing your gratitude towards your boss. You must thank your employer as well as your supervisor for all kinds of support that they had given you throughout your entire days in the company. This will certainly help you to end your job in a positive note and foster a peaceful transition.

#4 Offer Assistance During the Transition Period

 It is seen that as soon as an employee sends his or her resignation email or letter to their boss chaos starts in the mind of the boss as the workload gets automatically increased for the boss.

No company can ever compromise with the work if a few of their employee puts their resignation. Under such circumstances, your boss will have to complete all the pending work within the deadline. Until and unless a suitable candidate is hired and trained the supervisor will have to face the consequence.

steps to write a resignation letter


As such, it is always better if you offer some kind of assistance at the time of the transition period. If not much at least you can train the new employee and let him or her know how to take over your work.

Your little assistance can be of immense help to your boss and this will help you to maintain a good relationship with your boss in the future. Thus you should simply add a line in your resignation letter that you will be happy to assist during the transition period. This can certainly make your transition process smooth.

#5 Put Your Contact Information and Signature

You may need your boss in the future for any kind of reference or your employer may come up with some better job opportunities in the future. So, it is always better to mention your contact details in the resignation letter.

Though it is not mandatory to give you contact details in your resignation letter still it is always better so that your boss can contact you in case any other good opportunity arises in the future. Apart from that, it is also necessary to put your signature on the letter as it will authenticate that you are a person who has written the resignation letter.

But in case you are sending the resignation email then the signature is not required. Only the name will solve your purpose but you must end your resignation letter with a thank you note and a proper closing note.

Generally, it is seen that people use some common closing terms in the resignation letter such as ‘Sincerely’, ‘Thanking You’, ‘Best Regards’, as while writing the letter of introduction. You can use these closing terms followed by your name.

It is not easy to create an important document by yourself. But this step-by-step guide on how to write a resignation letter correctly was written to help you.
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How Blogging Will Boost Your Career?

By 24th September 2019
Boost Your Career


Finding a good job these days is quite difficult as the expectations of the recruiter are high, and almost everyone has the same job qualification these days. That is why you need to do something unique to stand out from the rest.

Having a profile on LinkedIn or sending out a resume is something that every job aspirant does, that is why you need to start a blog. Blogging is one way to communicate with the people around you and show your passion. It a platform to share your experience and journey and skills that you learned in your education and how it can help you with your job.

Still need more reasons? Then read the following points that will show how blogging affects your career.

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