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How Important Social Media Picture to Promote Your Business?

By 20th April 2016

Media Picture for business

We all know that image is everything, right? The use of social media can either build or break yours depending on how you go about your business.

It’s hardly possible to be an ardent social media user and not include a profile picture. The availability of the Internet-enabled gadgets such as phones has made it easy for users to update their profile photos every now and then. How many times have you ever found yourself thinking of effects your profile picture may have on your business? Most people brush the question off as soon as it creeps in their thoughts but that’s a poor business strategy!
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Free Resume Editing: Tempting Offer for Students

By 28th March 2016

resume writing for students2015 was a productive year for Resume Writing Lab and for our clients. Job seekers got their quality resumes and stayed satisfied. We are grateful to our customers, who ordered their application documents. Their trust to our service was guaranteed by our quality work. Thousands of job seekers learned that they can rely on our professional writers. 2016 is the year of changes for our service and for the labor market.

We decided to pay attention not only to job seekers but also to students, who will have to try themselves on labor market soon. Our tempting offer lies in providing students with free resume editing services! This is your chance to use this attractive opportunity from professional resume editors and ensure your professional success!
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Is Your Resume Good Enough for an Executive Job?

By 25th March 2016

resume to land executive jobEvery job seeker knows the difference between a simple job and an executive one. If you occupy a general position, you will be rarely given a responsibility to make actual decisions. If you are an executive, your list of responsibilities may be impressive. Obviously, this position requires specific professional and personal skills. You have to demonstrate that you and only you are the perfect fit for the particular position!

A resume for an executive job must be targeted, polished and proofread. An average resume doesn’t fit aforementioned characteristics and, actually, won’t help you to get an executive level job. This conclusion is based on the vast experience of our specialists. They are ready to share this experience with you!
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Political Views Boost Job Search… or Kill

By 23rd March 2016

political interests of a job seekerEverybody sticks to the particular opinion, political party or candidacy. Political views differ and often oppose each other. When it comes to a job search, lots of job seekers wonder – should they mention their political preferences in social media?

Obviously, social media is a multi-tasking tool that you can use not only for your job search but for keeping in touch with your friends too. Therefore, revealing your political views on Facebook or Twitter is a question that requires deep analysis, which we will provide further. When it comes to a resume, it’s important to realize that revealing your political views would be inappropriate and wrong!
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5 Tips to Deal with Phone Interviews

By 18th March 2016

tips for phone interviewPhone interviews are an actual tendency for today’s business world. More and more recruiters offer job seekers to contact each other via phone. Time is compressing and employers don’t want to waste their priceless seconds on unnecessary chatting that does not refer to the business. Therefore, phone interviews are gradually replacing traditional ones.

Of course, telephone interview has its drawbacks. While one person feels free to talk via phone and, actually, prefers avoiding face-to-face conversations, another may feel comfortable building eye contact, showing a smile or explaining any misunderstandings in a resume. Surely it cannot happen if you use the help of resume writing services like Resume Writing Lab. However, never forget about resume improvement or, at least, changes to prevent any sticky situations in the first place.

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6 Things To Avoid In Your Medical Resume

By 7th March 2016

medical resume objective
Any job seeker has to write a solid resume, including the ones specified for the medical industry. Whichever type of the document you need, a medical technologist, a doctor one or the resume for medical assistant, it’s the only one thing to ensure your future career success. Certainly, you may simply visit resume writing company and get a complete resume straight away. But right now we’re discussing the case when you write a resume on your own.

Thus, let’s revise several mistakes people usually make when writing their medical resumes and together with Resume Writing Lab experts try to find proper solutions to each one.
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Presidential Candidates’ Tricks for Job Hunters

By 1st March 2016

trump elections speech interviewWhen you watch presidential candidates’ debates, you can get a lot of new experience. Pay attention that these candidates are like being interviewed. So, any job hunter has a great chance to pick up working techniques. All the constituents are like real hiring managers for the most important position – president. So, these interviews are made on the highest level. Job seekers have a possibility to watch a free master class on interviewing, self-branding and networking.

While most job hunters are doing well using Resume Writing Lab and branding themselves, some mistakes are still happening. To avoid them and gain new tips, you should consider the next recommendations from the presidential race.
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Why Creating LinkedIn Profile Is Not Enough

By 24th February 2016

social media linked in job searchLinkedIn is a must have for today’s job seekers but is joining it enough? Unfortunately, no. This irreplaceable tool accomplishes a set of important tasks and will definitely enhance your job hunt but only if you know how to use it.

Simply joining LinkedIn and observing others won’t bring you a promising position. Having a LinkedIn profile is about presenting your personality and standing out from the crowd. Professional LinkedIn profile writers provided us with several priceless tips on how to use this job hunting tool 100%.

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Secrets Valentine’s Day Has For Job Seekers

By 10th February 2016

14 of february roses heartshapedValentine’s Day… Lots of sweet couples will spend their salaries to prove their love and affection by buying sweets, bouquets of roses, soft toys and cute cards. 14th of February works wonders and the air is filled with love and passion. Basically, most of job seekers tend to consider this day of love unsuitable for job interviews. However, they are wrong.

While you try to impress your partner, your potential employers remain without your attention and you lose chances to get your dream job. The whole atmosphere can affect recruiter’s attitude and positively influence your interview. How can this happen? Get the answer right now!
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2 Weird February Job Search Problems to Solve

By 1st February 2016

job search in winter2016 is already started but lots of job seekers still can’t recover after winter holidays. This way, lots of them lose valuable opportunities to get a job. This is a typical problem that almost every person all over the world faces with. Such policy is the worst one for job seekers, as it reduces their productivity and increases their unemployed period. I hope that after reading this information most of readers start editing their LinkedIn profiles and tailoring their resumes, BUT wait. There are two more weird problems that require solution. What are these problems, who faces them and how to deal with them – all these and even more find out from our article.

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