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Crazy Ways to Get a New Job

By 2nd April 2019

Do you think getting a job is as simple as going through the want ads and picking the one that catches your eye? If so,
you are in for a reality check. On average, there are over 100 applicants for a job in any given field in the United States. Only about 20 percent of those applicants make it to the interview. Your odds of getting noticed are slim, especially if you have limited work history or education.
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Do You Need to Update Your Resume?

update resume fastDozens of articles on the Internet claim that updating your resume is an essential part of a job search process. It is supposed to increase resume’s efficiency, as well as, your chances of being hired. Generally, experts believe that it should be updated, according to your career changes and skills development. Therefore, changes in your resume define your self-development and, actually, should little by little turn you into a promising professional. If you stick to this point, your resume must be updated by real professionals. Thus, make professional resume editing and forget about sleepless nights!
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6 Simple Steps to Make a Resume Critique on Your Own

By 1st April 2019

free resume critique

Whenever you’re finished to write some kind of responsible document, you always have to make its full review to see if there are still some mistakes waiting to be corrected. Of course, resumes fall under this rule as well. While Resume Writing Lab has prepared for you a resume critique checklist that contains the most important steps and criteria any job seeker has to pay attention to during his resume review.

But first things first. You ought to remember that the points below have to be evaluated objectively. If you have issues with being completely honest about your resume application, this can eventually affect your review turning it from a professional resume critique to a subjective one. So, let’s move to the checklist itself!

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5 Things You’d Better Do When Unemployed

By 29th March 2019

things to do during unemploymentNobody is insured from becoming unemployed. If you’re one of those unlucky workers, who were either dismissed from the job or took a gap year for any reason and right now you’re doing your best to enter the workforce again, then you probably know what it’s like to spend days trying to land a job.

You may surely go on with sleeping till 12 pm and then spend the rest of your day scrolling through job postings on your laptop. But seriously: instead of wearing out the seat of your pants, you could literally do dozens of productive activities for your self-development and job search progress. What are they? Look at our top 5 inspirational things you might get busy with at times of unemployment!
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Top 9 LinkedIn Profile Updates to Become More Hirable

By 24th March 2019

how to boost linkedin profile
The role of social and professional networks can’t be underestimated. The biggest and most popular professional network on the web is LinkedIn. It’s priceless for establishing professional connections. LinkedIn makes recruiters, potential business partners, people from your industry find you much easier.

When you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn has much to offer. Just make sure to take a moment to update your profile. To avoid mistakes and make sure your page is flawless, learn from Resume Writing Lab LinkedIn profile writers!
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Five Things to Edit in Your CV

By 17th March 2019

things to edit in CV

The purpose of CVs is to help job searchers get an interview. Considering the fact that an average HR manager spends approximately 30 seconds to scan CV for the first time, it is important to mention that one has to make a positive impression and sell oneself.

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Strategy for Getting Job Before 2016

Thinking about changing your job to get a new desirable one before the New Year? There is nothing impossible, you just need to use all appropriate instruments. Think about the left time and take advantage of it.

Follow the next strategy to have a new good boss before the clock strikes.
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5 Quick Tips to Start a Job-Search

By 1st March 2019

quick tips for job seekersOften people get stressed whenever whey have to look for a job. It is a complex process and often job seekers have no idea how to start in the first place. Are you facing some unexpected changes in your life? Found yourself suddenly looking for a job? Make sure to have 5 quick job search tips ready at hand. Spend a minute to prepare for upcoming challenges and get ready to do your best!
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How to Write an IT Cover Letter: 5 Steps to Success

By 5th December 2018

cover letter writing

IT jobs are in demand these days. However, this makes Information Technology career extremely competitive. To win the desired position you will need a perfect IT cover letter. But what does it take to make one?

An expert team of cover letter writers shared all necessary steps that will make your application stand out even if you are writing IT cover letter with no experience!
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5 Tips You Need to Write Entry Level IT Resume

By 24th October 2018

it resume for entry level

It may be quite hard to write a regular resume, but when it comes to creating an entry-level IT resume with no experience, the task might seem even harder to complete. When you have just finished college and have no work experience yet, it’s difficult to fill three-quarters of a blank page.

Firstly, your resume will be looked at by a human resources manager who will search for special “buzz words” specific to your field. After that, a hiring manager will represent the second part of the test. In other words, you need to make sure your document is written professionally. Follow the advice from our IT resume writers and learn what a perfect entry-level IT resume should look like.
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