3 Most Important Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Most interviewees are so keen on giving correct answers and impressing the interviewer that they forget to ask questions that could enlighten them on what the position they are being interviewed for is all about and what the company really is like.

As you, apparently, managed to cope with effective resume writing and were invited to the interview, you have the right to clarify the situation and make sure that you really need this position.

While there are so many questions that you could ask the panelists, specialists of Resume Writing Lab find these three most important:

1. What is the biggest challenge for the person filling this position?

interview questionsAsking this question allows you an opportunity to explain your qualification towards handling the task ahead of you. It also enlightens you on what you are getting yourself into.

It also enlightens you on what you are getting yourself into. When you ask this question ensure to listen to the interviewer’s answers carefully, as this will guide you on what to say next. The interviewer’s answer will let you know if the challenge ahead of you is up to your ability or if you will simply be walking into the fire by taking up the position.

From the interviewer’s answer, you can also gauge the dynamics of the teamwork and at the same time, you could learn about the kind of help that would be availed to enable you to tackle the challenge. From this question, an interviewee should also gauge the amount of autonomy they are expected to work under.

Alternatively, if you do not want to structure this question this way, ask for the skills required to fill the position. Though, it is great when job seekers know the answer before the interview when they are just writing a resume objective for an application.

2. What led to the availability of this position?

If the hiring company is not open to let you know why the position is vacant, make it your business to find the real reason behind the vacancy. If the organization is hiring new positions ask about the sustainability of the positions in question. The organization may not be willing to openly discuss their previous employment and that’s within their rights.

However, if the turnover for the same post has been very high this could be a red flag. In this case, you need to find out what traits/skills the organization expects you to have to survive in the position for long. You don’t want to start job hunting, as soon as, you start working in your new station.

3. What would other employees quote as the greatest benefit of working for this organization?

A good company has numerous reasons as to the benefits of working for them. Expert Lillian Glass recommends being keen on body language when you shoot this question to notice the interviewer’s response. Do they look uncomfortable, have they been caught unawares or are they calm and relaxed?questions to ask recruiter

You should be able to judge whether or not the answer you get is genuine or fabricated.

Having received the company’s version, try reaching out to some current employees and see if they answer your question the same way as the interviewers.

It is wise to look for someone not in a leadership position when asking this question to help you get a genuine answer.

An interview has two sides and so these questions are not the only ones that you should ask. They are, however, a must ask in any deemed successful interview.