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Creating Resume with No Work Experience

By 23rd July 2015

entry-level resume
Even if you lack any of work experience, it doesn’t mean you have no chances to get the desired job – who knows, maybe you meet all the recruiters’ expectations. For college admission resume, it’s more than essential to create a nice document, since the majority of them haven’t had an opportunity to work beforehand.
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Produce Ideas Not Gossips At Your Workplace

By 20th July 2015

gossips in the office
It’s essential when employees walk around their workplaces, get acquainted with the life of the company or keep track of all possible urgent issues and so forth.

As a good and professional worker, you always need to walk around in order to learn, listen and make conversations with your colleagues – these are the best way to stay informed. Spotted problems or any misunderstandings are better to be solved right away.
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Increasing a Salary Threshold for White Collar Overtime Exemptions

By 14th July 2015

salary news
On June 30, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to review the rule of overtime exemptions for office workers and make it, as a federal law. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act usually requires that “white-collars” get an overtime pay of 1 or 1.5 times of their regular pay rate for more than 40 hours of work per week.

Nevertheless, there can be several exclusions. Due to FLSA regulations, for those employees, who earn approximately $455 or more per week (at least in 23.660 per year) and manage to handle a so-called duties test, which lies in performing certain executive, professional or administrative duties and do not get the overtime pay, despite having a quality professional resume. For highly compensated employees, who earn more than $ 100.000 per year, can do a relaxed duties test.

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Your Employer is Spying on You

By 6th July 2015

custom resume writing help

A great number of companies are using modern technologies for monitoring employees’ phone calls, emails, and even movements. Read about everything you might be interested in:

How can employees be tracked?

Actually, they can be tracked in many ways. If you use office computer for work, it gives your boss opportunity legally monitor company email, as well as browser history.

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Top 5 Rules to Follow When Editing Resume

By 3rd July 2015

rules of resume editing

Editing a resume on your own can be quite a challenge. In order to receive an objective resume that won’t contain any odd and unnecessary information, you have to take this job seriously, even if it requires taking on the employer’s mindset, for example. The last one is actually a very useful idea: think of what would be interesting for the recruiter to know about his applicant and what things wouldn’t.
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Cleaning Social Media to Get a Job

By 23rd June 2015

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine someone without a social media account, especially when it comes to youth.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles are usually open to the publicity, which can have a constant access to anyone’s posted information and is often inappropriate for various reasons.

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Make Screening Tools Like Your Resume

By 19th June 2015

resume tracking

The present job market differs dramatically from the labor market just a few years ago. In the past, resume was needed by upper management and executives, but today it is almost impossible to land an interview for a position without this document.

As Resume Writing Lab reports, many job hunters are aware of the significant role of a well-submitted resume and do not disregard this opportunity to impress prospective hirers.
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9 Tips: What to Bring to a Job Interview

By 12th June 2015

things for a job interview
Congratulations, your requested resume has been applied now you’re just about to head off for your job interview. What are your first thoughts towards your interview preparation? Dressing up nice, using your new perfumes or maybe taking your lucky talisman?

Nobody doubts: looking neat and presentable is more than just important for your first meeting with job employers, however, besides a nice external image, there has to be heavy luggage of necessary documents and other things to take in your bag.

Unless you want to be “pleasantly surprised” by the number of required papers that should be taken with you, but you haven’t actually done that, the list below would become your personal crib in order to feel confident no matter what exactly recruiters would ask you to show.

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7 Reasons Why Cover Letter Is Important

By 10th June 2015

important cover letter

Due to the unemployment rate more and more job seekers are desperately trying to interest hiring managers and get a job offer. That is not a surprise that there are tons of resumes waiting to be seen, hundreds of candidates to be interviewed and an ocean of rejection letters.

Job applicants already know about the importance of resume as they enhanced awareness of professionally composed document. As a result, they submit and send valid and standardized resumes. Some job openings do require resume only, but if a candidate is looking for more success, he needs a custom cover letter.
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4 Bright Ideas to Make a Winning LinkedIn Profile

By 4th June 2015

good LinkedIn profile

It doesn’t matter if you already run some kind of business, work for a big company or look for new job opportunities. Networking can help you a lot in either case.

And today you are bound to use any option that can boost your career. A lot of professionals, as well as graduates without work experience, choose LinkedIn as the best networking tool for employers and employees. However, if you really want to benefit from your LinkedIn profile, it’s essential to make it as professional as possible.

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