How Should You Dress for a Job Interview?

Dress for a Job Interview

A recruiter needs a single glance to analyze how reliable and competent you are. Our interview attire can present our social status.

The first impression of the interview means a lot. It is formed in less than 30 seconds and is completely based on our clothes. That is why it is so important to ask yourself ‘How to dress for a job interview?’ not to fail before the interview begins.

Luckily, our resume writing company has chosen four image details that show the recruiter whether you fit into corporate culture and present the level of your professionalism.

Colors of Choice

The color of your clothes means much more than you think. It can help you influence a person’s opinion.

Linda Goldman, a consultant in business communication and etiquette, stresses: the colors we choose for our interview outfits render a certain message to other people:

  • If you choose clothes with a contrasting combination of colors, you will make the impression of a dominant person.interview outfit colors
  • Pastel shades in clothes and make-up help to ingratiate yourself to your interlocutor.
  • Blue clothes are the best answer to what to wear to a job interview. It is no accident that uniforms and business suits are often blue. It is associated with reliability, confidence, competence, and calmness.
  • Red color expresses vitality and the desire to gain success. This is the color of leadership, it shows that you are not afraid to stand out and attract attention. However, for the first interview, it is better to choose burgundy. This choice will make people think you are wise and educated.
  • Dark clothes make the potential employer feel that the candidate is serious, reliable, competent, and self-confident.
  • The worst color for the interview is orange – it is associated with unprofessionalism.

Style of Clothing

Business suits are not always the perfect answer to the question “How should you dress for a job interview?”.

If you choose these clothes, you may seem to be “overqualified”. People unconsciously think that it’s an outfit of influential highly skilled employees with great ambitions.

The best interview outfits for men are business casual options. The exceptions are the positions in the sphere of law, finance or governmental ones. This option is also a great choice for those who try to change career.

If the candidate wants to take up a leadership position, the business fit will come in handy. But if the desired position is an educator, an animator or a seller, such clothes are inappropriate. Recruiters can conclude that the candidate does not match the position, because “ambitions are higher than the post”.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you have to downgrade your resume if you are actually qualified. For example, a professional network engineer resume should always be prioritized over your appearance.

Meaningful Details

Choosing an interview attire for women is much harder than for men. Women should avoid bright make-up and too much perfume.

Choose small and elegant jewelry, such as small stud earrings, thin single bracelets, watches. Glasses in a stylish and elegant frame can also become an effective image item.

Fitting into the Corporate Culture

Your dress code for the job interview should be as close as possible to the company’s generally accepted dress code.

People tend to accept the ones that are similar to them. The more you look like the rest of the company’s employees, the easier it is for the recruiting manager to imagine you among them.

Are you asking yourself “What to wear to an interview to fit the corporate culture?” In order to answer this question, you should turn to social neinterview outfit styletworks. There should be a page of the company you want to work in.

Research it carefully. Recruiters are looking for your personal information on social networks. Career experts strongly recommend doing the same.

If the desired organization prefers a formal business style, wear a business suit.

In the case of an informal business style, a jacket or a suit is not required. Yet, do not choose jeans, sneakers, and T-shirts. Remember that if you want to be taken seriously and have your salary requirements met, you have to maintain an appropriate image.

If we are talking about a completely informal environment, it is still worth adding at least one “serious” item to your image.

If you are applying for a creative position: designer, advertising specialist or PR, illustrator, copywriter, etc., show your creativity in appearance. Include bright colors in your image, at least in accessories.

Otherwise, how would a potential employer entrust you a creative work if your image looks sad? In some companies, there is even a ban on wearing classical clothes. It’s a sign that the company values the freedom of creativity and openness to new ideas.

Also, be sure to check fill-in-the-blank resume tips to make sure both your appearance and resume are on point! 

In Conclusion

So, before an interview, you should:

  • Check where you go: learn the dress code of the company and its culture.
  • Think about the color and style of your interview attire.
  • Pay attention to details: do not wear too bright make-up or too much jewelry.

After you follow these tips, you’re ready to reap the benefits of a proper interview presentation: a good first impression, self-confidence, and a good showing of basic personal competence.