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Write For Us: Contributor’s Guideline

By 14th November 2019

Reasons to Write for Us

contributor's guidelinePublicity. Resume Writing Lab blog is quickly gaining popularity on the web, as we keep on adding new useful posts.

Also, we have many visitors from the USA, Australia, Canada, German and other countries.

Once you work is published our team starts promoting it through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit and other social media sites.
Purpose. We don’t write about everything and here you will appeal straight to the target audience.
Polish. Improve your writing skills. Try to be a little better every day.
• We do like hearing from you…

What We Publish

• We only publish original and unique articles. The post must not be submitted or published elsewhere online.
• We accept articles on career, job interview, and job search related topics. They can be how-to’s articles, original reporting, and analysis, infographics etc. In general, to get an idea of what you should write about, visit our blog.
• Submissions can range from 600 and 1000 words, but not limited to it.
• We allow including links that are useful and relevant for the reader. At the same time, we don’t accept submissions that promote service or business, not in line with our Company’s philosophy.
• The Author can also include a short bio.
• We can include necessary images, but try using pictures that are not copyrighted by people from Flickr, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, Pixabay etc.

How to Submit

• Use the form below to fill in personal information and submit the article.
• Due to a large volume of submissions, we need up to 3 business days to review and publish your post.
• We reserve the right not to publish the article.
• If your post is accepted, you will get the notification with the link via email. We hope you will be active in the comments and share it with friends.

We look forward to your contributions!
Resume Writing Lab Team

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