4 Bright Ideas to Make a Winning LinkedIn Profile

good LinkedIn profile

It doesn’t matter if you already run some kind of business, work for a big company or look for new job opportunities. Networking can help you a lot in either case.

And today you are bound to use any option that can boost your career. A lot of professionals, as well as graduates without work experience, choose LinkedIn as the best networking tool for employers and employees. However, if you really want to benefit from your LinkedIn profile, it’s essential to make it as professional as possible.

But what does it take to create both interesting and effective page that will attract partners, HR managers and job hunters to you? Is there some special recipe that helps successful people build profiles catchy enough that you will remember them tomorrow?

You have to understand that professional networking is a lot different from social media like Facebook. Certainly, nothing prevents you from having both pages. Sometimes companies even encourage their workers to update their profiles and prove that they are active everywhere at once.

But when it comes to creating your LinkedIn profile, you should know exactly what must be written on your page. This is your professional face and you definitely want it to attract positive kind of attention. Everything from proper wording to your resume design can influence the opinion of a reader. But do not be afraid of this challenge. Below you can read 4 unique ideas to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Pay Attention to Details

The easiest way to evaluate your profile is to think of it as if it was your digital resume. Surely there are several differences but the general idea is the same. Your page should include detailed information on your career, professional achievements, experience, skill set, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid factors that make resume fail. If you are a beginner, it’s probably better to follow helpful guidelines this service provides to all users.

You can also come up with a short summary that will include brief info like your goals and current position. This will give your profile certain personality. What is more, it’s a great way to catch people’s attention so they will continue reading through your LinkedIn profile.

Help People Find You

Another good way to impress your reader is to add a title. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be simply interesting or catchy. Of course, you want to make your profile unique and original, so the researcher will get the feeling of the person you really are.

But the main reason people spend so much time coming up with an appropriate title is to make it show up among search results. Use certain keywords that you want to be associated with. Do everything possible to let people know about you and your activities!

Use Multimedia Tools

A lot of LinkedIn profiles look like a wall of text. It can be both interesting and informative but the majority won’t last long reading through this plain text. Resume Writing Lab recommends adding up some visuals, as they can give a fresh look to your page. You can use ‘Professional Portfolio’ feature to insert something associated with your professional life. A couple of pictures, slogans, diagrams, videos, or links can benefit you a lot.

Obviously, you should know when to stop. This is your professional page so no need to cover it with flowers, rainbows or irrelevant pictures of your cat. Some people cannot find a thin line between catchy style and vulgar excessiveness. This is the reason expert cv and resume writers are hired today. Their insight can be rather helpful.

Give and Get Recommendations

Despite how fancy and interesting your profile may look, there should be some kind of proof that you are a capable specialist.

Testimonials are essential and you must prove both your experience and credibility. So, aside from your personal information care to mention a contact or two that can vouch for you.

The best case scenario is if you manage to find pages of your former colleagues, bosses, and companies on LinkedIn. Ask them for recommendations since those will definitely make your profile look trustworthy.

Of course, do not be greedy and spend few minutes to write something positive about your contacts as well. Show that you treasure your past circles but ready to find new promising connections!