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Book Review: Job Search & Career-building Workbook

By 24th April 2019

job search & career workbook reviewWith the development of technologies everything is fated to change: likewise, right now we’re witnessing an entire alteration of the job-search and career-building strategies. Accomplishing your goal and having an evident success in handling the 21st-century job search and career development is truly a challenge unless you’ve got an efficient plan to follow.

However, together with the Jason McDonald’s new edition of the book ‘Search & Career-building Workbook’ you’ll learn everything about the job search and career-building across the all possible social media platforms. In order to become a treasured employee, broaden your perspectives and reach out to a higher professional level in online self-marketing business!

“It’s time for something new, something different, something that explains the New World of job search and career building, something that helps you leverage the Internet to find a job, get an interview, and build your career.” – says the book’s introduction.

More about the author: Jason McDonald is currently a director of a leading online training company called ‘JM Internet Group’; along with it, he’s been teaching SEO, AdWords and Social Media Marketing in San Francisco and Stanford Universities, and arranges corporate training in places all over the USA.

Simplicity and Availability to Everyone

Jason’s job search & career building workbook provides job hunters and novice entrepreneurs with tips, tricks, and solid suggestions that are truly entitled to change their mind about the modern world of employment and career development. The book can actually help any job seeker boost their job search this summer.

McDonald says: “I’ve got the idea of writing a job search and career-building book when I was doing classes on personal branding in Stanford.” The author didn’t want to make a theory book full of empty promises written in a sophisticated language. Instead, he managed to create a workbook with clear and easy-to-understand explanations on how to solve the particular issue for small business owners, marketers and other individuals searching for a good employment.

And honestly, he coped with his task quite successfully. Many reviewers point out that the book is both entertaining and instructive. It provides readers with a structured material broken down into sections and small parts with different tutorials.

Innovative Approach to a Job Search Strategy

The book is a real find for anyone willing to devote his or her time for online self-branding and it may truly become your portable “career coach”. Unfortunately, many people don’t have a clear understanding of the fact that some of the outmode job search methods, such as paper resumes and physical career offices at university campuses are simply losing its importance and ultimately replaced by an online personal brand image, supported with a help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media Marketing. The importance of social media pictures shouldn’t be underestimated too.

The book contains an in-depth explanation of that issue covering one of the most significant for the job hunting and career-building social networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Besides, McDonald made analysis for some of the platforms, like Pinterest, Snapchat, and Youtube that aren’t usually considered to be legitimate in this case. Furthermore, he has listed some of the good application to boost your efficiency even more. Keep reading and you will find plenty of useful information on your website and blog promotion through SEO and many other step-by-step guides.

Also, be sure to check whether your resume is good enough to land a job in today’s job market!

300 Pages of Relevant and Efficient Guidelines

Thus, if you care about you online branding, this book shouldn’t be left aside. From the very first pages, you are dwelling into this process, search for your problem and right away find the best possible solution to it. The book by Jason McDonald is worth purchasing. If you try hard enough, described strategies will work for your career benefit 100%!

You can read more about the best ways to sell yourself throughout your career in McDonald’s book, Job Search & Career Building Workbook: 2016 Edition – Mastering the Art of Personal Branding Online via Blogging, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & More, available on!