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How to Dress Successfully For Job Interview

By 19th May 2019

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This day has finally come: you have submitted a perfect resume and cover letter for the job opening, sent it to HR manager and the company decided to interview you. But if you think that you have already succeeded and there is nothing to worry about, then you get it wrong.

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Cover Letter Basics You Need to Know!

cover letter guideIt is widely known that a cover letter is considered as one of the main parts of your successful job search.

According to recent studies conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, approximately 76% percent of HR managers would pay a great attention to cover letters. This means that in case of several cover letter errors, the whole positive impression about the applicant can be completely ruined in one single moment.

Our online resume service decided to go through some of the fundamental cover letter basics how to write your cover letter and accomplish your cover letter objectives at their best. But first…
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Boost Your Job Search This New Year

new year job searchJust imagine – 31,890,000 people or approximately 10% of Americans – are these numbers substantial for you? Namely this number of Americans adds to their plans finding a new job in a new year. Are you among them? If you aren’t, review your plans for the following year again, as a new year is like a new chapter of your life. Starting great changes from the very beginning is always a good idea as people tend to consider themselves as completely new personalities after the clocks strike. Is it true or not? We don’t know for sure.

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Questions About Gaps In Resume

By 18th May 2019

Do you actually know someone who has been working for the same employer at the same company for his entire career period? Probably it would take you a bit of time to recall. Because of a current job crisis, it’s sort of difficult not to avoid a downtime in your job employment history. Many employees consider a downtime, as a self-conviction, however it’s never meant to be a deal-breaker for potential employers, when you try to re-enter the workforce. So, before starting professional resume editing give answers to these questions.
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Peculiarities About Recruitment in UAE

By 17th May 2019

uae recruitment

Resume Writing Lab clients often order CVs, resumes and cover letters to apply for a job in UAE, that’s why we asked an industry expert to share an experience of Arabian recruitment.

The UAE has been attracting thousands of job seekers from around the world and has established itself as a globally desired destination for migration.
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3 Most Important Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Most interviewees are so keen on giving correct answers and impressing the interviewer that they forget to ask questions that could enlighten them on what the position they are being interviewed for is all about and what the company really is like.  As you, apparently, managed to cope with effective resume writing and was invited to the interview, you have the right to clarify the situation and make sure that you really need this position.
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How to Know You Were Fired Illegally

illegally dismissed workerBeing called out by your boss into his office, knowing this is the exact time when you’ll be fired, is very discouraging. Nevertheless, this feeling has nothing to do with truly unexpected news about your dismissal. We may be very angry about our boss’s decision, yet it won’t have any effect on the situation in general. To be a full-time office worker means being put under certain rights related to employment, which many of us ignore. Sadly, we never know whether you’re receiving a justified dismissal or your boss acts completely illegally.
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5 Job Search Fears to Overcome this Halloween

Now it is a great time when children and adults together celebrate Halloween. Many people face their fears this time and try to overcome them. This is also a good time for realizing your job search fears and fighting them.
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Create Resume for Federal Job

resume for federal job

If you consider getting a job related to federal government, writing an effective resume is very essential. It not only differs from a traditional form of a resume but can become a challenge, since you must fit the necessary requirements in respect of your skills, other job experience, high education etc. Our federal resume writing service has collected best tips and presented below.
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How Good of a Job Seeker Are You?

types of job seekerJob search is a complex and often time-consuming activity. For some people, it can take years to land a job. Despite your situation, there are a few things that can boost your job search significantly. This is the reason some keen job hunters never stay without promising job offers even if they are currently employed. What is their secret? A natural charisma or maybe a resume crafted by Resume Writing Lab? These are advantages that can help you for sure. But are you doing enough to land that dream job right away? Answer this simple quiz and find out!
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