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Top 9 LinkedIn Profile Updates to Become More Hirable

By 24th March 2019

how to boost linkedin profile
The role of social and professional networks can’t be underestimated. The biggest and most popular professional network on the web is LinkedIn. It’s priceless for establishing professional connections. LinkedIn makes recruiters, potential business partners, people from your industry find you much easier.

When you’re a job seeker, LinkedIn has much to offer. Just make sure to take a moment to update your profile. To avoid mistakes and make sure your page is flawless, learn from Resume Writing Lab LinkedIn profile writers!
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Five Things to Edit in Your CV

By 17th March 2019

things to edit in CV

The purpose of CVs is to help job searchers get an interview. Considering the fact that an average HR manager spends approximately 30 seconds to scan CV for the first time, it is important to mention that one has to make a positive impression and sell oneself.

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Strategy for Getting Job Before 2016

Thinking about changing your job to get a new desirable one before the New Year? There is nothing impossible, you just need to use all appropriate instruments. Think about the left time and take advantage of it.

Follow the next strategy to have a new good boss before the clock strikes.
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Interview Checklist

Job Interview… Sounds scary? Everything depends on your attitude and of course preparation. First of all, it is necessary to realize that is not an ordeal, but an excellent opportunity to get a new job, meet new people and even change life. Though, sometimes even really positive people fail and we all know about it.
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3 Common Mistakes of Company LinkedIn Pages

By 4th March 2019

mistakes in business linkedin profileYou must be well informed about the importance of a LinkedIn profile for personal promotion and career. The same situation relates to your business. Now you can market your business with a LinkedIn company page.

Sadly, often people have no appropriate experience and knowledge to create a good page that can really develop a business. What is more, optimizing your LinkedIn profile for recruiters can take a while if you don’t have appropriate knowledge. Keep on reading and learn how to make your business page to promote your company. However, creating a perfect LinkedIn profile for a company is a lot harder than it seems.

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Your October Job Search Kickstart Checklist!

By 3rd March 2019

autumn job searchAn autumn is already there and the job hunting season is on. Everybody starts to fit in their own working rhythm. The whole atmosphere is encouraging and stimulating. Therefore, October is a perfect working start line.

Although it seems to be otherwise, October is an ideal month for the job hunting. It marks the start of the holiday season, with the Halloween and Thanksgiving on the corner.

October is a green light for the hiring new people for the holidays. Although many of the vacant positions will be open in November or December, it is worth to get ready ahead of the game. So here are a few right steps on the path of the job hunting.
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5 Quick Tips to Start a Job-Search

By 1st March 2019

quick tips for job seekersOften people get stressed whenever whey have to look for a job. It is a complex process and often job seekers have no idea how to start in the first place. Are you facing some unexpected changes in your life? Found yourself suddenly looking for a job? Make sure to have 5 quick job search tips ready at hand. Spend a minute to prepare for upcoming challenges and get ready to do your best!
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Hope and Change: Chronic Unemployment in the U.S.

By 20th December 2018

usa unemployment

Bonita Guesman, 59, who has occupied several jobs, now starts all over again at the Goodwill Industries classrooms in the South Side on Monday, July 20, 2015. She is going to complete her GED program after she had got laid off.

She had been looking for a job for five months until she realized that every potential employer wants to see a high school diploma beside professionally written CV and other documents. Bonita has been working her entire life to support herself and her family. A woman used to work mostly in the legal and banking. She had worked for 8 years at Bank of New York Mellon and when she got laid off she faced some difficulties in the labour market.


Tired of always being refused, Bonita decided to completely change the situation. A woman applied to high school to get her GED.

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Boston Tech Firms are Looking for New Employees

By 6th December 2018

boston job searchXmas holidays are almost over and job seekers can resume their job search. Great news can cheer up desperate tech job seekers – over 1,000 of Boston tech workers will be hired in 2016. Software and network engineers, sales and marketing professionals, as well as, IT specialists have more chances to get their dream jobs and high salaries in a new year.

Resume Writing Lab posts the list of companies that are ready to get your flawless resumes. The only thing that is left to do is to produce a powerful application document. If you need to get IT resume writing help, apply to professional writing companies and make sure they are real writing experts.

Here is a list of experienced companies and startups that will welcome your resumes this year:

  • Lola Travel – is new a Boston startup that was created by Kayak co-founder Paul English is going to provide 250 new employees with working places. In 2015 there were only 30, by the way.
  • Current, GE’s – is another new Boston startup that is going to hire 200 new tech workers and offer them tempting opportunities to work in their new Boston-area headquarters which location is still unknown.
  • Bullhorn – is a recruiting Boston software firm is a tidbit for every job seeker who is looking for a tech position. This year Bullhorn is planning to increase its headcount to 730 by the end of next year, up from 530.
  • Granite Telecommunications – if you want to apply to this Quincy-based telecommunications firm, you can become among those 200 lucky employees that will fulfill 1,700 workers team in 2016.
  • Comcast Corp. in Philadelphia that has a department in the Greater Boston is a broadcasting and cable company that will welcome more than 100 customer service workers this year.
  • Carbonite – is a cloud backup firm in Boston with a 675 tech workers is planning to hire 100 additional employees to complement their professional team.get hired in boston
  • Datadog – is a company that deals with cloud data and infrastructure for companies. This fast-growing company is going to offer 95 new tempting vacancies for new professionals and young job seekers.
  • 128 Technology – is company that attracts experienced experts and graduates. This firm is the stealthy venture-backed Burlington software company founded by former Acme Packet co-founders is going to attract even more new employees in 2016. Though its representatives didn’t inform us how many workers they are going to hire this year, it’s obvious that you can fearlessly apply for a job in 128 Technology.

Check special cheat sheet for IT resume here

  • Placester is supported by $27 million investment and it allows moving into new headquarters and hiring new professionals. Its CEO claims that this year has already prepared a team of promising professionals and tempting opportunities for them.
  • SimpliVity attracts newcomers with its professionalism and experienced team as it has already created a novel IT appliance system aimed at data centers and is going to offer you being a part of this team. A specific number of applicants is unknown but it is supposed to be substantial.

So, you have got a promising list of vacancies in Boston that creates a good platform for your job search. The only thing you have still to do is to figure out how to boost job search this year and follow all directions. In today’s digital era tech and IT experts are highly estimated and appreciated. Therefore, if you are a tech job seeker, just use all recommendations and start you job search. Let it be successful!

How to Write an IT Cover Letter: 5 Steps to Success

By 5th December 2018

cover letter writing

IT jobs are in demand these days. However, this makes Information Technology career extremely competitive. To win the desired position you will need a perfect IT cover letter. But what does it take to make one?

An expert team of cover letter writers shared all necessary steps that will make your application stand out even if you are writing IT cover letter with no experience!
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