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11 Job Sites and Search Engines in Saudi Arabia

By 19th June 2019

looking for job in saudi arabia

There are top job search sites that might help you. It can be job finding services in Saudi Arabia or the ones dedicated to job hunt. Most of the websites that show up on the following list have a strong reputation not only among Saudi Arabian audience but also among other countries in the Middle East.

Whether you are unemployed or simply looking for better career opportunities, this list would be more than useful. All of the websites below help people find jobs according to their current skills and qualifications. Nonetheless, don’t forget about the importance of a resume writing service during your job search. For better results though you should go to each site. So, here are the top 11 websites for finding a job in Saudi Arabia.
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Be the Olympian! 6 Champion Tips for a Job Search

By 18th June 2019

job seekers and olympic successThe 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro are coming this August which is an incredible and long-expected event. You can’t help admiring the athletes who have dedicated their lives to sports, constantly striving for victory in spite of all the obstacles on their way.

Treat the Olympic athletes’ commitment to winning as a role model to follow in your job search. These brave, devoted, persistent people can teach job seekers how to be the best and move to the highest level in their career. Use these champion tips in your job search!
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Applicant Tracking System: How Can Resume Beat the Check?

please ATS

The situation when a perfect candidate sends a resume and gets rejected is very unfair and also common during the job search. This is the reason job seekers might get discouraged by Applicant Tracking System.

Are you sure you know whom you are trying to impress? While most candidates think their resumes have a few seconds to grab manager’s attention, in fact, they have none.

If a company has more than fifty workers, a resume is very likely to be screened by ATS resume checker. Luckily, resume specialists know exactly how to create an ATS-friendly resume that can survive the robots’ estimation.

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7 Easy Steps to Create Skills Section that will Win You New Job

resume skills sectionSkills section is a section that follows education and experience parts. This section lists things that are specifically useful for the position you are applying for. They make potential employee more promising and valuable and maximize the interest of potential employer. Your resume turns to be a powerful and competitive document, if skills section contains the right information.
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Most Frequent Questions about Job Search

job search faq and professional helpThere are plenty of questions that refer to the job search from students, graduates, single mothers, and inveterate job hunters. Today’s article is dedicated to the most frequent questions about the job hunt! Does the power of LinkedIn profile writing manage to influence the result of the job hunt? What’s the best time to look for a new position? All this and much more you will find out right here!
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10 Resume Verbs You Should Use Carefully

By 17th June 2019

resume verbs to skip
Everyone heard there exist special resume power verbs you necessarily have to include in your resume as if they would make a great difference to your employer.

The truth is that most HR managers are simply tired of seeing same word constructions all over again, which makes every other resume resemble the previously reviewed ones.

Besides, you have to realize that modern job market is way more demanded because of high competition among candidates. You have to avoid traditional verbs and phrased with more creative and compelling structures to catch the recruiter’s attention.
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The Secret of Resume Formatting

resume fromat

Photo Credit: Pixabay

An effective and great resume can be easily recognized by its style, good organization and readable. The length of such resume should not exceed two pages or even fewer. It is also delivered on time, for example, within two days after the position was opened.

The last but not the least important feature of a good resume is its relevance, meaning that every described idea is determined to proof the main goal and make the candidate the most appropriate person for the definite position.
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Monster Resume Search Guideline

monster employment job search reviewThe Internet offers you great opportunities to boost your job search in several times, so you can make it through much faster.

Not only could you read about useful job search tips and strategies, register on LinkedIn and network with potential employers, but also you could even have your CV/resume written at professional best resume writing service.

Among the largest job search sites, we want to draw our attention to is

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3 Secrets of Salary Rates in Dubai

Updated on: 03.03.2017

job search UAE salaryDepending on your skills in negotiation and a level of your qualification, you may get quite a different salary in Dubai. There is no minimum wage rate and standardized salary level, but salaries are often higher than in western nations. Salary will also depend on your nationality, qualification, experience and history of your employment, as well as on other different factors.

Surprisingly, you may negotiate a better salary, even if you apply for a standard job position. Thus, workers of the same level in the same company may have a different salary. That is why it is really important to choose the best way for introducing yourself. To increase your chances, you should obviously create professional CV. Mind that not only your professional features matter. Your negotiation skills also have a great impact on the result of your interview.
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3 Ways to Save Money Ordering Resume

save money ordering resume

Job search… It is definitely not the most pleasant time in your life, calls, applications, expectation. And that feeling of uncertainty.

Though, you can feel much more confident when you have application documents written by specialists. First of all, you know that your resume/CV, cover letter, and follow-up letter are better than many others sent by applicants like you. Moreover, these documents can serve as an excellent guide for successful interview crafted especially for you.

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