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4 Tricks to Write a Scholarships CV and Resume

By 19th August 2019

write resume and cv for scholarshipApplying for grants, scholarships or fellowships gives you a chance to either receive a funding for your college tuition or take part in interesting projects and get funded by the hosting organization. At this point, you’ll have a lot of competition going on.

Most grant and scholarship organizations demand participants to provide their CVs or resumes along with the basic application and a motivation letter. The purpose of the first two is presenting information about your current experience, education, skills, and your academic achievements. The thing is that students can’t usually boast with a broad experience. Thus, they might spend days in order to keep the content of their CV or resume for scholarships relevant and polished.
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7 Easy Steps to Create Skills Section that will Win You New Job

resume skills sectionSkills section is a section that follows education and experience parts. This section lists things that are specifically useful for the position you are applying for. They make potential employee more promising and valuable and maximize the interest of potential employer. Your resume turns to be a powerful and competitive document, if skills section contains the right information.
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Top 5 LinkedIn Headline to Boost Your Job Search

LinkedIn title to find a job

When it comes to using LinkedIn, most of the job seekers face difficulties they could easily omit. Try to consider the issue connected with LinkedIn profile titles for unemployed. The first and essential tip provided by professional LinkedIn profile writers lies in choosing appropriate job titles.

Being successful on LinkedIn is about stating the current position. Otherwise, your ranking will drop and a findability decrease. Being on the top is important and best LinkedIn profile title will help you to achieve this goal.

While you have a flawless summary written independently or produced by reputable resume writing companies such as Resume Writing Lab, it’s important to manage your LinkedIn profile making it complete and catchy! Check Linkedin headline examples for job seekers before you start.
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Applicant Tracking System: How Can Resume Beat the Check?

please ATS

The situation when a perfect candidate sends a resume and gets rejected is very unfair and also common during the job search. This is the reason job seekers might get discouraged by Applicant Tracking System.

Are you sure you know whom you are trying to impress? While most candidates think their resumes have a few seconds to grab manager’s attention, in fact, they have none.

If a company has more than fifty workers, a resume is very likely to be screened by ATS resume checker. Luckily, resume specialists know exactly how to create an ATS-friendly resume that can survive the robots’ estimation.

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The Easiest Way to Write LinkedIn Summary for Students

By 18th August 2019
linkedin summary for college students

Photo Credit: Pixaby

Every wise student knows that LinkedIn summary for students is one of the key steps to kickstart your career.

At first, it may seem complicated to describe yourself in 2000 characters. But it will get much easier if you read a guide on how to write a good LinkedIn summary for students.

Even if your writing skills are not that strong, professional LinkedIn profile writers are ready to share several vital tips to write a perfect LinkedIn summary.
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How To Put Your Resume Online

put resume online

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Due to the technological development, many spheres of life develop as well. It is a subject to the job search as well. Submitting a well-written and accurately printed resume does not guarantee a successful job hunt anymore as a lot of companies look for candidates with an electronic resume.

That’s why our resume editor service shares tips on how to share your resume online effectively.
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Reasons to Send Follow-Up Letters 

sending follow up letters
After being interviewed by the employer, job hunters often tend to make silly mistakes, which could be easily omitted if they followed simple how-to-get-a-job rules.

One of the common misconceptions lies in thinking that a process of their interview ends up as soon as they head out of the interviewer’s office. However, in fact, they’re totally wrong.

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Where to Find Promising Jobs in 2019

top 20 cities for employmentSometimes it happens that big cities can’t ensure job seekers with promising opportunities and attractive offers. Wallet Hub has confirmed that New York and Los Angeles are not the best cities for looking for a job. A kind of destruction of stereotypes, isn’t it? This resource took 17 metrics (such as job opportunities, employment growth, monthly median salary, and safety) according to two key dimensions (job market and socioeconomic environment, with a greater emphasis on the former) and compared 150 US cities to find out 20 that are the best for your job search.

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4 Essential LinkedIn Background Photo Tips

linkedin background picture

More and more people are joining and signing up to LinkedIn every day in order to start their job search. The vast majority of job hunters want to make sure their resume and profile are perfectly written by professionals, so they resort to the help of LinkedIn profile writing services.

Having a profile written by an expert in your field or industry is the same as having your resume created and fine-tuned by a qualified resume writer. However, the times change and so are the features LinkedIn offers for its users.
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How Not to Get Paid Less Like a Woman

By 17th August 2019

not to Get Paid Less Like a Woman

As I experienced personally as a hiring manager, women tend to ask for lower starting salaries than men if applying for the same positions. But why are we doing that?

My personal observation with my clients as well as many women around me is that most women don’t want to appear demanding or unreasonable with their salary expectations. The most frequent argument I hear from my clients is: “I don’t think the company can afford the salary you suggest.”

So basically we’re already worrying about the company’s financial situation and how we can help them before we even started there. How considerate of us…

Or, even worse: “My female friends told me that this is what I can expect for this position in this industry.”

Really? Do we want to hold each other back by telling each other to ask for the same amount we’re currently earning and not for more? I recently discussed this with a client and challenged this point heavily. Why should you earn the same as your friend in the same position? Do you know if her performance and knowledge equal yours? Can you really compare yourself with her? read more…