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Be the Olympian! 6 Champion Tips for a Job Search

By 10th December 2019

job seekers and olympic successThe 2016 Summer Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro are coming this August which is an incredible and long-expected event. You can’t help admiring the athletes who have dedicated their lives to sports, constantly striving for victory in spite of all the obstacles on their way.

Treat the Olympic athletes’ commitment to winning as a role model to follow in your job search. These brave, devoted, persistent people can teach job seekers how to be the best and move to the highest level in their career. Use these champion tips in your job search!
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Effective Ways to List Your Freelance Jobs on Resume

freelance work on resume

Active people usually get involved in different types of freelance work.

It can be any paid job, projects or other activity. In fact, these job seekers have some privilege over others, who tend to laze during unemployment gaps.

Nevertheless, the role of freelance jobs is ambivalent due to an uncertain attitude of different employers. Side activities can be considered as professional development or as employment gaps.

Therefore, listing such work in your resume may be a questionable decision. You may be certain about mentioning your freelance job when you can clearly answer the following questions

How to relate this experience to my professional field? or
Is this experience handy for the company I’m applying to?

In other words, your freelance experience should be relevant – only this way it can help you.
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11 Job Sites and Search Engines in Saudi Arabia

looking for job in saudi arabia

There are top job search sites that might help you. It can be job finding services in Saudi Arabia or the ones dedicated to job hunt. Most of the websites that show up on the following list have a strong reputation not only among Saudi Arabian audience but also among other countries in the Middle East.

Whether you are unemployed or simply looking for better career opportunities, this list would be more than useful. All of the websites below help people find jobs according to their current skills and qualifications. Nonetheless, don’t forget about the importance of a resume writing service during your job search. For better results though you should go to each site. So, here are the top 11 websites for finding a job in Saudi Arabia.
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High-School Resume: Dos and Don’ts All Students Should Know

high school student resume

Perhaps some students think that at this point they have a long way before writing a resume. However, you need a powerful resume to get into a good college. This is the only option to build your way to the job of your dream.

In order for a top-rank college to accept you, you have to be unique and memorable. That’s why the high-school resume must reflect your accomplishments, hobbies and interests, extracurricular activities and work experience.
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Basic Guide on How to Write a Data Analyst Resume

Data Analyst Resume


Plenty of data is swarming around the world. Only skilled staff can help us make sense of this data. Would you like to become a data analyst? There are so many advantages in acquiring this profession as this is one of the most in-demand positions these days.

According to the 2018 Future of Jobs Report by the World Economic Forum, there will be an increasing need for software developers and data analysts up to 2022.

How can you show to potential recruiters that you are a perfect fit for this position? You should have a professional resume that can prove this. Keep on reading and use the steps from this tutorial to craft your own data analyst resume sample and win the desired job.

Choose the Best Format

The first step towards writing a perfect data analyst resume entry level is to select the right format of the application document. HR managers may pay attention to the way you format the application document.

If they don’t find the necessary information within a few seconds, they won’t waste their time searching through the whole paper. If you are willing to be a business data analyst, make sure you look at several data analyst resume examples online to get a better understanding of what your final paper should look like.

One of the best formats for this document is a reverse-chronological resume format. Thus, you will be able to showcase your objective, highlight the skills and relevant experience.

Remember to use white space, add subheadings and just make the overall look of your entry-level data analyst resume professional. You have limited time to make a great impression. Save the document in PDF format so that the formatting is kept intact and the recruiters can find easily what they need.

Add Contact Information

Now that you’ve picked the most correct format, add your contact details at the top of the page. Keep this part of your entry-level data analyst resume basic and relevant. Include just your full name, phone number, and email address. It’s optional to mention your address as you may find a great position even in another city or information on resume

Why do you need a killer junior data analyst resume? PayScale states that senior professionals earn around $130,000 per year and the demand for these specialists will grow to 28% by 2020. So, having all the details up-to-date and relevant is essential to winning the job of your dreams.

Make sure your email address is professional and doesn’t include any nicknames. Additionally, submitting a link to your LinkedIn profile may be an extra opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and let potential employers have a closer look at you.

Include Data Analyst Entry Level Resume Objective or Summary

Every candidate wants the HR manager to think that they are the best fit for the position. The only thing that can prove you are better than the rest of the competitors is having an outstanding SQL data analyst resume.

Adding a creative objective or summary will help you grab the recruiter’s attention and make them read the rest of the document. Depending on your circumstances and your current position, choose between these two options.

Data Analyst resume objective

Include a summary in your resume for data analyst if you have enough work experience and want to emphasize your accomplishments and skills in your paper.

However, if you are changing careers, write a data analyst resume no experience, or have some gaps in your employment history, then it’s better to opt for a resume objective. Mention what you are passionate about and what useful skills you have so far.

Describe Work Experience

This part is especially important for the senior data analyst resume. You have something to tell to prospective recruiters so make sure you don’t skip the most essential details. Start with the most recent positions you’ve had and list up to five accomplishments and responsibilities under every position.

Remember to include data analyst resume keywords and tailor it to fit the description from the job opening. Provide with achievements of big data analysis you’ve completed and given some examples.Describe Work Experience

Must-Include Data Analyst Skills Resume

Your education, as well as previous work experience, really matters when it comes to the job searching process. However, mentioning the right skills is just as significant in order to stand out.

Sometimes you may take certain skills from the data analyst job description resume as the job openings state what kind of person the company is looking for. Here are some of the most essential hard and soft skills for a specialist in big data:

  • Hard skills for your healthcare data analyst resume may include logic and analysis, problem-solving, data mining, programming languages, database management, and design, risk management, system administration, tech support, etc;
  • Your soft skills may include critical thinking, risk assessment, communication, attention to details, teamwork, leadership, and decision-making.

skill section on resume

To sum up, being a data analyst offers great career opportunities and high income to those who manage to craft a job-winning data analyst resume that will put them above the competition.


Great LinkedIn Profiles You Should Look Up To

best linkedin profile

There are so many significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile that make it look professional and distinctive out of millions of other users. If you learn how to apply all of them in your profile and make them compliment each other, it will help you gain credibility among recruiters.
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Lace Your Job Fair Resume

resume for a job fair

If you are going to attend a job fair, you need to know about important tips to pay attention to in order to get the most out of such event.

Of, course you should be ready with your resume prepared in necessary format and copied enough times.

Some applicant searching for resume writing services while others prefer writing on their own. Anyway, you need to learn important features and understand hiring principles. To know about the other necessities you should bother, just read the following tips about your resume writing to be fully prepared.
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6 Skills to List on LinkedIn Right Now

skills to list on LinkedIn

One of the main parts of every LinkedIn profile is “Featured Skills & Endorsements” section. You can create a LinkedIn skills list that can be endorsed by other users.

Why is LinkedIn skill list so important for your profile? Firstly, it demonstrates your qualifications to recruiters and employers. Secondly, the more skills your list contains, the higher your chances of being contacted by HR managers.

Keep in mind that professional LinkedIn writing service suggests that if there are five or more skills on the profile, it will be viewed a lot more.
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7 Writing Tips for Outstanding Bilingual Resume

bilingual resume writing tips

Writing bilingual resume can be challenging. If you simply list out the languages without providing some credentials, it won’t sound persuasive.

So, if you consider your bilingual ability a decent skill that makes you stand out from other job candidates, you would want the recruiter to pay attention to it immediately.

Surely, it is hard to find a truly workable writing strategy that guarantees your successful approval, and if you have done a bilingual resume search already, you may have come to the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, if you follow recommendations for a bilingual resume writing, you will definitely increase chances of getting noticed!

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Cracking the Interview Dress Code [Infographic]

Research has shown how crucial the first 10-40 seconds of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this short time.

Employers and hiring professionals often make assumptions about a prospective candidate based on their appearance, so it is important to make your first impressions count.

What to wear for an upcoming interview or that first day at work can feel like a minefield. Creating the right professional image is just as important as having a resume crafted by resume writing professionals! But what exactly makes you look like a good fit right away?
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