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5 Job Search Fears to Overcome this Halloween

By 27th October 2015

Now it is a great time when children and adults together celebrate Halloween. Many people face their fears this time and try to overcome them. This is also a good time for realizing your job search fears and fighting them.
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Clue Tips for Writing Resume Career Summary

By 19th October 2015


writing resume summaryJob search is a difficult process with lots of requirements, recommendations and tasks to be fulfilled by job-seeker. Moreover, it becomes even more complicated, when you begin to think about hiring managers and their preferences.

You need to take into consideration that these people are very busy, dealing with hundreds of candidates and their resumes every day. This fact makes their work more specific and time-limited, that has a direct impact on your behavior.
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8 Steps To Winning Job Search This Fall

By 16th October 2015

resume for job searchThinking of getting a job or change your current workplace? Then, you’re definitely in the right place.

As you may know, the process of applying for a new job is pretty much the same in every working area.

Therefore, the sooner you learn necessary strategies from figuring out your value, as an employee to negotiating the deal, there would be fewer changes for your failure.
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Write Resume Profile Statement That Drives Success

By 13th October 2015

writing resume profile

Every resume requires a profile. A resume profile is a statement or a set of statements providing employers with applicant’s achievements he or she has made during the career.

Resume profile is also known as a career summary. The only thing you have to do is to summarize all the outstanding and significant events and key points of your working experience related to your dream position.

This way your potential hirer can clearly understand whether you can become a promising worker and be useful for the company.
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Is Resume Template a Job Search Killer?

By 6th October 2015

resume template

Are you still wondering why employers don’t call you up for an interview? The reason can be simple – you have written your resume according to a template.

HR managers, recruiters, and employers are spending too much time reading standard resumes based on a template, so they will quickly understand that your resume is not a unique one, and they will lose any interest in further reading.
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Mobile Apps Help to Find a Job

By 1st October 2015
apps for job search

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Time is going on and technologies modify our life. With a help of various online services, computer software, and mobile apps people buy tickets, products, clothes and other stuff, order college papers and even look for a job.

Of course, searching for a job on the Internet is faster and more conveniently as it saves precious time. Moreover, job hunters manage to get resume online, apply for more jobs and check out more opportunities.
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The Secret of Resume Formatting

By 29th September 2015
resume fromat

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An effective and great resume can be easily recognized by its style, good organization and readable. The length of such resume should not exceed two pages or even fewer. It is also delivered on time, for example, within two days after the position was opened.

The last but not the least important feature of a good resume is its relevance, meaning that every described idea is determined to proof the main goal and make the candidate the most appropriate person for the definite position.
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Secret of a Successful Creative Resume

By 22nd September 2015
how to write a creative resume

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Creative specialists are the very professionals who are supposed to make a resume on the highest level. It is an essential part for them to make a resume presentation.

This can be simply explained by the sphere of their work, as they always create new ideas and designs.

That is why self-presentation can be regarded as the first and most important creative work that will make the first impression on employers and determine your future.
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How To Put Your Resume Online

By 18th September 2015
put resume online

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Due to the technological development, many spheres of life develop as well. It is a subject to the job search as well. Submitting a well-written and accurately printed resume does not guarantee a successful job hunt anymore as a lot of companies look for candidates with an electronic resume.

That’s why our resume editor service shares tips on how to share your resume online effectively.
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The UAW Union and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Are Ready to Extend a Contract

By 16th September 2015

job contract exended

Photo Credit: PixabayUAW workers are trying to overcome salary and benefits problem and are going to extend a contract with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Some desperate employees became jobless in order to find a better working place. September job hunters boom in the labor market infuses with a hope those who decided to try their luck.

As Resume Writing Lab noticed the first thing they started with was sending their it resumes to a dozen of companies as soon as possible. But let’s consider the situation happened between The UAW union and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles!
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