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12 Rules To Create A Successful Resume

By 9th April 2019

write successful resume

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A good resume is a job candidate’s first opportunity to make a strong impression on future employers. A resume that is not up to par will not convince hiring managers to invite you for an interview. Thus, it is critical that you put your best foot forward and sometimes applying to resume writers online is a good decision. The following tips will help you understand how to create a successful resume.
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Freelancer Career: The Right Way to Start It [Infographic]

By 7th April 2019
Once in a while, everyone dreams to quit their desk and become a freelancer. Think about it: you can set your own work graphic and be your own boss!

Check the infographic below for a short list of all important elements of freelancer’s job:
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Best Pinterest Boards for Job Seekers

By 3rd April 2019

pinterest board boards job seekerWho wouldn’t like great Pinterest boards about clothes, accessories, and decorations for their houses? Although, is there something more glorious behind nicely organized Pinterest boards? Surprisingly, yes. The pinboard site is actually a perfect place for sharing ideas and getting useful advice, including the one about your career planning and a successful job search. If you have a current interest in a job search, want to learn about resume services online  or anything related to your employment, then start your Pinterest usage with following some of the best boards for job seekers.
Note that some of them indeed aren’t popular and don’t have thousands of followers, although, as you know, quantity doesn’t always mean quality.
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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Recruiter Calls You

holding an interview throught the phone

So, you have everything prepared for the interview session: your resume, cover letter and, of course, updated LinkedIn profile in case recruiters would want to stalk you in social medias. Many job seekers are more concerned about their resumes than everything else. Often they edit resume online or write it on their own. Needless to say that this process may take the most of their time.

But right now, when you’re waiting for a call back from the employer to get to the next stage of your job search, there’s something else to take care of: how to handle a call from the recruiter and make the best possible impression? Read these top 4 points to help you pass the phone interview successfully!
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Good Resume or Bad Resume: Key Moments

By 2nd April 2019

resume writing rulesIt often happens that a resume doesn’t work. It leaves you in thought that something was wrong. Or maybe your resume is just under-qualified? Resume writing experts state a clear difference between the good and bad resumes and add that fixing the problems is possible.

Of course, you have a good alternative option to apply for a professional help and make your own evaluation of resume editing service. Online resume writing services are widely popular nowadays when the virtual world became a powerful tool of every job seeker. Resume Writing Lab is ready to edit your resume and turn it into the impressive part of your professional success!
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Crazy Ways to Get a New Job

Do you think getting a job is as simple as going through the want ads and picking the one that catches your eye? If so,
you are in for a reality check. On average, there are over 100 applicants for a job in any given field in the United States. Only about 20 percent of those applicants make it to the interview. Your odds of getting noticed are slim, especially if you have limited work history or education.
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Do You Need to Update Your Resume?

update resume fastDozens of articles on the Internet claim that updating your resume is an essential part of a job search process. It is supposed to increase resume’s efficiency, as well as, your chances of being hired. Generally, experts believe that it should be updated, according to your career changes and skills development. Therefore, changes in your resume define your self-development and, actually, should little by little turn you into a promising professional. If you stick to this point, your resume must be updated by real professionals. Thus, make professional resume editing and forget about sleepless nights!
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Advice for College Students: How to Prepare for the Working World

By 1st April 2019

job search for college students

Many thanks to Erica Francis, representative of Ready Job, for this guest post written specially for ResumeWritingLab.

A college life often entails pulling all-nighters, spending free time with friends, and little sleep. Despite this being a “norm”, college students need to balance their time with preparing for their future. This includes building their resume, strengthening their networks, and generally preparing for their careers. It is only natural that professional resume writing is so important today. This is especially true now that competition for jobs is so fierce and millennials make up nearly 40% of the unemployed population  in the United States. Below is advice for students that will make the transition from college to the workforce easier.
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6 Simple Steps to Make a Resume Critique on Your Own

free resume critique

Whenever you’re finished to write some kind of responsible document, you always have to make its full review to see if there are still some mistakes waiting to be corrected. Of course, resumes fall under this rule as well. While Resume Writing Lab has prepared for you a resume critique checklist that contains the most important steps and criteria any job seeker has to pay attention to during his resume review.

But first things first. You ought to remember that the points below have to be evaluated objectively. If you have issues with being completely honest about your resume application, this can eventually affect your review turning it from a professional resume critique to a subjective one. So, let’s move to the checklist itself!

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5 Things You’d Better Do When Unemployed

By 29th March 2019

things to do during unemploymentNobody is insured from becoming unemployed. If you’re one of those unlucky workers, who were either dismissed from the job or took a gap year for any reason and right now you’re doing your best to enter the workforce again, then you probably know what it’s like to spend days trying to land a job.

You may surely go on with sleeping till 12 pm and then spend the rest of your day scrolling through job postings on your laptop. But seriously: instead of wearing out the seat of your pants, you could literally do dozens of productive activities for your self-development and job search progress. What are they? Look at our top 5 inspirational things you might get busy with at times of unemployment!
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