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How to Present Yourself as a Great Tutor on a Resume

By 19th February 2020
tips for tutor resume writing

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Apart from creating a personal brand, crafting a resume for a tutor is a huge boost to your career path. Learn how to express your experience in a clever way.

Knowledge sharing may be difficult, indeed.

Being one of the oldest teaching methods, tutoring still plays an important role in the learning process. Today, students at all levels receive tutoring to help them master chemistry, physics, math, or even reading.

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How Should You Dress for a Job Interview?

By 18th February 2020

Dress for a Job Interview

A recruiter needs a single glance to analyze how reliable and competent you are. Our interview attire can present our social status.

The first impression on the interview means a lot. It is formed in less than 30 seconds and is completely based on our clothes. That is why it is so important to ask yourself ‘How to dress for a job interview?’ not to fail before the interview begins.

Luckily, our resume writing company has chosen four image details that show the recruiter whether you fit into a corporate culture and present the level of your professionalism.
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Pros and Cons of ‘Fill in the Blank’ Resume

fill in the blank resume

If your resume has no exact structure and formatting, the recruiter will consider you unprofessional. Yes, they won’t likely to read your application. This is when fill in the blank resume may seem appealing.

Job seekers, who decide to write their resume on their own, can use the “fill in resume form”. You download the blank that is already divided into needed categories. You only must fill in your information.

In any case, familiarizing yourself with professional resume samples might be a smart decision. Keep in mind that even if fill in resume seems like a perfect solution, there are still the drawbacks. Which ones? Find out from this article!
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Professional Affiliations Resume: How to Write One

By 17th February 2020

Professional Affiliations On Resume

Resume affiliations are optional but they are gaining popularity among reputable employers in the context of the high competition.

Active people with solid experience in the professional or civic spheres want to share this experience. And our resume professional writers will teach you to do it right.

So, resume affiliations: what are they, how and when to write them?
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10 Things that Make Up a Nursing Resume

By 15th February 2020

how to write a nurse resumeThe requirements, raised by the recruiters in the nursing field, may not meet your expectations. However, your nursing resume must meet them. This is the main formula of the successful nursing summary. A graduate nurse resume, which contains the key skills and qualities, is almost doomed to success.

Obviously, the  team of professional resume writers online are familiarized with nursing skills for resume and the basic professional requirements. Such reputable resume writing companies as Resume Writing Lab  are ready to accomplish the best resumes for nurses. Nevertheless, if you decided to write your nursing resume independently, you should include the following 10 details.
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Breaking Myths about Resume Templates

By 13th February 2020

resume templates tipsAs soon as you officially announce about the beginning of your job search, there should be several things to take care of initially. Surely, the resume is one of those prime things. It doesn’t matter if you are going to write a brand-new resume or give the old one much of an update.

However, be aware that each job hunter dreams of having a winning, good-looking and accurate document that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

So, from here people may have different thoughts about what to do next. Should you turn to Microsoft Word? Maybe try using a resume template? Or have the resume ordered from professional writing services?
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4 Tricks to Write a Scholarships CV and Resume

write resume and cv for scholarshipApplying for grants, scholarships or fellowships gives you a chance to either receive a funding for your college tuition or take part in interesting projects and get funded by the hosting organization. At this point, you’ll have a lot of competition going on.

Most grant and scholarship organizations demand participants to provide their CVs or resumes along with the basic application and a motivation letter. The purpose of the first two is presenting information about your current experience, education, skills, and your academic achievements. The thing is that students can’t usually boast with a broad experience. Thus, they might spend days in order to keep the content of their CV or resume for scholarships relevant and polished.
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Want to Get Creative with Your CV Design? Make Sure You Make It Professional

Your CV Design

Are you caught up in the diversity of CV template design craze but still doubt whether to use it for your resume or not? In an easy world, we can get any job we want by simply saying ‘I’m the right fit!’.

Yet, the real world we’re living in makes us think outside the box to get noticed. With so many design CV advice out there, it’s easy to get carried away by a rainbow of colors. Not exactly what you’re going for, right? Get all the resume writing help to create a CV that rocks and reel a recruiter in.

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Why We Need CV

cv for job application

A curriculum vitae, most known as CV, is an overview of an individual’s experience and employment history. This document helps recruiters find the best candidates among a very large number of applicants for the position. CVs are crucial indeed and one should have well-submitted document within reach. It is necessary to note that some companies ask job hunters to send curriculum vitae as this is good opportunity to check applicant’s intelligence and attentive behavior.
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Resume Action Words: Foolproof Tips You Have to Know

By 12th February 2020

action words on resume

Let’s face it, even outstanding employees are not always outstanding at writing resumes. Punch up your job application with strong action words for a resume.

Indeed, writing a great resume is easier said than done. Yet by using good resume action words, you can punch up your resume quickly.

Action words on your resume are vital. In fact, an action words resume can be the difference between a job interview, and a job offer. Now, take a note of action words to use on a resume. Our professional resume writers collected the most vital points below.

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