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11 Job Sites and Search Engines in Saudi Arabia

By 16th April 2019

looking for job in saudi arabia

There are top job search sites that might help you. It can be job finding services in Saudi Arabia or the ones dedicated to job hunt. Most of the websites that show up on the following list have a strong reputation not only among Saudi Arabian audience but also among other countries in the Middle East.

Whether you are unemployed or simply looking for better career opportunities, this list would be more than useful. All of the websites below help people find jobs according to their current skills and qualifications. Nonetheless, don’t forget about the importance of a resume writing service during your job search. For better results though you should go to each site. So, here are the top 11 websites for finding a job in Saudi Arabia.
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Facebook Resume “Work History” Feature Is Available

social media resume

Facebook has already made the first step into the online labor market allowing its users searching for the jobs basing on two criteria: location and keyword.

The job ads allow Facebook users looking for the jobs just the way they look for the goods on this social media. Recently, a Facebook representative confirmed information about launching a new option – placing so-called resumes in your profile.
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Online Resume Generator: Good or Bad Idea?

By 15th April 2019

resume generator

Many people agree that job search process is a very tedious and consumptive. It can also be frustrating, especially if you are applying for several positions at once.

There is so much work to do: fill out dozens of applications, prepare for the job interviews, and create a unique resume for each position. This is when a lot of job seekers start considering online resume generator.

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What Job Search Expenses are Deductible?

By 14th April 2019

job search taxes

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 12 million of jobless Americans as for February 2013. Many of them didn’t start looking for the job due to the high expenses that go with a job search.

Resume and cover letter writers, placement services, travel, phone calls, and many other job search related expenses hit the pocket.

Job search equates with a full-time job, though none of the job seekers receive money for it. Still, every job seeker can get his money back because some of the job search expenses are deductible.

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Top 5 LinkedIn Headline to Boost Your Job Search

LinkedIn title to find a job

When it comes to using LinkedIn, most of the job seekers face difficulties they could easily omit. Try to consider the issue connected with LinkedIn profile titles for unemployed. The first and essential tip provided by professional LinkedIn profile writers lies in choosing appropriate job titles.

Being successful on LinkedIn is about stating the current position. Otherwise, your ranking will drop and a findability decrease. Being on the top is important and best LinkedIn profile title will help you to achieve this goal.

Apply to LinkedIn Profile Writer

While you have a flawless summary written independently or produced by reputable resume writing companies such as Resume Writing Lab, it’s important to manage your LinkedIn profile making it complete and catchy! Check Linkedin headline examples for job seekers before you start.
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Top 4 Weird Interview Questions

weird questions at job interview
The job interview is something every job seeker is looking for after the resume is sent. You may check your email every five minutes hoping to get a long-awaited invitation for an interview from the company of your dreams.

However, getting this email or phone call doesn’t guarantee you will be chosen among other candidates. A professionally structured job application can help you get invited for an interview, and resume improvement services can help with your application, but it’s totally up to you to stand out the interview challenge.

The competition of the modern labor market is quite stiff, so make sure you are prepared to answer any awkward and weird interview questions you might be asked.

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Such a weird interview question may throw a candidate off guard. Don’t let this question rattle you and make you stumped. The interviewer simply wants to have a look at your creativity and ability to play along.

Take a pause if you need to think it over and simply answer honestly as there are no right answers to such questions. HR managers are willing to know how the applicant views himself. Also, the reply to this question can symbolize where a candidate sees himself in the food chain and whether he is a perfect match for the position.

Why Do You Deserve That?

One of the job hunters was having an ordinary job interview. The interviewer asked him about his salary expectations and the candidate answered that he was expecting the figure which was the maximum mentioned in the job description. The interviewer was very surprised and asked why the candidate thought he deserved that.

Some career coaches advise not to state an exact amount as expected income as it can make the candidate sound greedy. But the outcome depends on your smart reply and resourcefulness.

The key here is not to give general and common reasons but give the potential recruiter relevant and significant reasons that distinguish you and make you a perfect candidate for that position.

Talk about your relevant work experience and/or internships you have had that can relate to the position you are applying for. If you sound confident and give the right answer, you will most likely hear from the HR manager in a few days.

What Kind of Birth Control Do You Use?

shocking interview questions questions

This is probably one of the top-rated and really crazy interview questions that was asked during a job interview by an HR manager at a reputable law firm in New York. A female candidate was being interviewed for an associate position.

This question may sound stupid and even illegal these days. That’s why the hiring manager used this tricky question to get to know if the female candidate was planning on having kids in the nearest future.

We all know that recruiters aren’t supposed to ask any gender-related questions and should be equal to men and women. So, some of them attempt to veil their real intentions and make the candidate stumble by such an unexpected question.

By the way, here is the list of the words to avoid during the job interview. Try to remember at least the most part of them.

Another variant of trying to know about your personal life is asking, “Did I see a child seat in your car in the parking lot?” The reaction of the candidate can tell a lot to the interviewer even if he refuses to reply.

Do you know how the woman replied? She simply declined to answer and, as a result, didn’t land that job. However, she found a better job offer later and became a successful prosecutor. The idea here is not to be shy and decline the questions that seem illegal or inappropriate.

The Worst and the Best Day You Had Professionally

Another weird question asked during a job interview was “What was the worst and the best day you have had, professionally speaking?” This is a tricky one and your reply can distinguish whether you will be offered a position or not.

The best option is to think about your answer in advance and build persuasive yet honest sentences about your previous experiences. Don’t exaggerate and don’t tell lies. Your answer will demonstrate to the hiring manager what you find the most and the least significant in your work and what your values are. Check out our job interview checklist to get prepared.

These were some of the weirdest interview questions and answers. Hopefully, your job interview will go smoothly and lead you to a great job offer.

Step-by-Step Spanish Resume Writing Guide

By 13th April 2019

Spanish teacher resume

Did you know that your perfectly crafted resume could seem poor-written abroad? Or even if you need a Spanish teacher resume, you need to keep some key points in mind.

Even if your resume could easily get you a job in your native country, it may lose its power in a foreign land. Thus, Spanish resume format has its peculiarities that should be taken into consideration.

Luckily, bilingual resume writers are ready to share a detailed guide that will help you to tailor your resume in accordance with Spanish cultural environment and business etiquette.
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Professional Affiliations Resume: How to Write One

Professional Affiliations On Resume

Resume affiliations are optional but they are gaining popularity among reputable employers in the context of the high competition.

Active people with solid experience in the professional or civic spheres want to share this experience. And our resume professional writers will teach you to do it right.

So, resume affiliations: what are they, how and when to write them?
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How To Write A Cover Letter For Internship

internship cover letter

Most of the internships require a cover letter as a part of the application. It may seem intimidating at the first time however it is easier than it sounds. Nowadays a cover letter isn’t considered to be an essential element.

Unlike a resume, it gets much less attention than it deserves. Still, a good cover letter can become a convincing finishing touch to the application. Not everyone writes a cover letter for internship position. Thus, it will impress a recruiter, if you do.

Although, keep in mind that writing an online cover letter is not as easy as it seems.

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Quick Guide on How to Find a Second Job

finding a second job

If your salary is not enough to pay all the bills, it is a high time to ask yourself  “should I get a second job?”. You will not only earn extra money but also bolster your resume. It will help you get a new career in the future.

How to find a second job? Our resume writing service suggests that the best way to do it depends on the type of job you are searching for, the place you want to work in and how much extra money you need. It is also defined by the flexibility of your current job and your future employer.
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