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How to Dress Successfully For Job Interview

By 10th December 2019

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This day has finally come: you have submitted a perfect resume and cover letter for the job opening, sent it to HR manager and the company decided to interview you. But if you think that you have already succeeded and there is nothing to worry about, then you get it wrong.

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The Easiest Way to Write LinkedIn Summary for Students

linkedin summary for college students

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Every wise student knows that LinkedIn summary for students is one of the key steps to kickstart your career.

At first, it may seem complicated to describe yourself in 2000 characters. But it will get much easier if you read a guide on how to write a good LinkedIn summary for students.

Even if your writing skills are not that strong, professional LinkedIn profile writers are ready to share several vital tips to write a perfect LinkedIn summary.
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Resume vs. CV: Can You Tell Them Apart?

CV vs. resume

Both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) are very well-known terms for people familiar with job or internship application process. Often your CV is an obligatory document for students applying for scholarships or grants.

However, even if people do know about the existence of these documents, they rarely understand the difference. The thing is, most of the times our mind perceives two of those terms as one whole. Some people do even consider a CV and resume as synonyms.

So, what is the difference between resume and CV, if there is any? Is it related to the regional peculiarities or the document’s purpose?
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8 Social Media Job Search Facts and Tips

By 9th December 2019

Can social media really help you get a new job? Or probably, people just overestimate the impact and in fact, we use such websites as Facebook and Twitter only for chatting with friends? Job seekers argue a lot since they have different experience and methods that helped them to win a dream job.

Therefore, to make a conclusion and help job seekers choose the right strategy Resume Writing Lab has created an infographic based on thorough research, and, as you know, facts are stubborn things.
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4 Ways to Focus Your Administrator Job Search

administrative job search

Have you ever visited a corporate office, business office, or an industrial premise where an office located at just an entry point? You may have encountered with a human face apart from a security guard and it is an administrative professional.

You may be warmly greeted by a smiling face of receptionist and pushed ahead to a soft-spoken manager or executive to address your queries or requests.

In sum, these all are administrative roles aimed at running the business, corporation, or industry smoothly like a well-oiled machine!
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4 Tricks to Write a Scholarships CV and Resume

write resume and cv for scholarshipApplying for grants, scholarships or fellowships gives you a chance to either receive a funding for your college tuition or take part in interesting projects and get funded by the hosting organization. At this point, you’ll have a lot of competition going on.

Most grant and scholarship organizations demand participants to provide their CVs or resumes along with the basic application and a motivation letter. The purpose of the first two is presenting information about your current experience, education, skills, and your academic achievements. The thing is that students can’t usually boast with a broad experience. Thus, they might spend days in order to keep the content of their CV or resume for scholarships relevant and polished.
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How to Create an Impressive Developer Resume

developer resume tips

Every job seeker knows how important it is to have all your application documents written correctly before you start the job search. The first step towards landing your dream job is to create a resume that will win you the interview.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the common rules of resume writing before. However, if you are going to work in the software development industry, you need to bear in mind that the traditional CV and resume writing rules won’t work well for you.

Here are the best tips from professional it resume writers for writing a job-winning document from entry level web developer resume to senior web developer resume.
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Top 4 Weird Interview Questions

weird questions at job interview
The job interview is something every job seeker is looking for after the resume is sent. You may check your email every five minutes hoping to get a long-awaited invitation for an interview from the company of your dreams.

However, getting this email or phone call doesn’t guarantee you will be chosen among other candidates. A professionally structured job application can help you get invited for an interview, and resume improvement services can help with your application, but it’s totally up to you to stand out the interview challenge.

The competition of the modern labor market is quite stiff, so make sure you are prepared to answer any awkward and weird interview questions you might be asked.

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

Such a weird interview question may throw a candidate off guard. Don’t let this question rattle you and make you stumped. The interviewer simply wants to have a look at your creativity and ability to play along.

Take a pause if you need to think it over and simply answer honestly as there are no right answers to such questions. HR managers are willing to know how the applicant views himself. Also, the reply to this question can symbolize where a candidate sees himself in the food chain and whether he is a perfect match for the position.

Why Do You Deserve That?

One of the job hunters was having an ordinary job interview. The interviewer asked him about his salary expectations and the candidate answered that he was expecting the figure which was the maximum mentioned in the job description. The interviewer was very surprised and asked why the candidate thought he deserved that.

Some career coaches advise not to state an exact amount as expected income as it can make the candidate sound greedy. But the outcome depends on your smart reply and resourcefulness.

The key here is not to give general and common reasons but give the potential recruiter relevant and significant reasons that distinguish you and make you a perfect candidate for that position.

Talk about your relevant work experience and/or internships you have had that can relate to the position you are applying for. If you sound confident and give the right answer, you will most likely hear from the HR manager in a few days.

What Kind of Birth Control Do You Use?

shocking interview questions questions

This is probably one of the top-rated and really crazy interview questions that was asked during a job interview by an HR manager at a reputable law firm in New York. A female candidate was being interviewed for an associate position.

This question may sound stupid and even illegal these days. That’s why the hiring manager used this tricky question to get to know if the female candidate was planning on having kids in the nearest future.

We all know that recruiters aren’t supposed to ask any gender-related questions and should be equal to men and women. So, some of them attempt to veil their real intentions and make the candidate stumble by such an unexpected question.

By the way, here is the list of the words to avoid during the job interview. Try to remember at least the most part of them.

Another variant of trying to know about your personal life is asking, “Did I see a child seat in your car in the parking lot?” The reaction of the candidate can tell a lot to the interviewer even if he refuses to reply.

Do you know how the woman replied? She simply declined to answer and, as a result, didn’t land that job. However, she found a better job offer later and became a successful prosecutor. The idea here is not to be shy and decline the questions that seem illegal or inappropriate.

The Worst and the Best Day You Had Professionally

Another weird question asked during a job interview was “What was the worst and the best day you have had, professionally speaking?” This is a tricky one and your reply can distinguish whether you will be offered a position or not.

The best option is to think about your answer in advance and build persuasive yet honest sentences about your previous experiences. Don’t exaggerate and don’t tell lies. Your answer will demonstrate to the hiring manager what you find the most and the least significant in your work and what your values are. Check out our job interview checklist to get prepared.

These were some of the weirdest interview questions and answers. Hopefully, your job interview will go smoothly and lead you to a great job offer.

7 Easy Steps to Create Skills Section that will Win You New Job

resume skills sectionSkills section is a section that follows education and experience parts. This section lists things that are specifically useful for the position you are applying for. They make potential employee more promising and valuable and maximize the interest of potential employer. Your resume turns to be a powerful and competitive document, if skills section contains the right information.
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6 Hints How to Write an HR Manager Resume

writing manager resume

Are you a Human Resources Manager? Even if you have several years of experience and a good set of qualifications necessary, it might not be enough. Companies need you to hire other employees. And this role is exceptionally important!

Before making a decision to write the best HR manager resume on your own, think several times about applying to manager resume writers who have more expertise in resume writing than you can possibly imagine.
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