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Keys to Professional Dance Resume Writing

By 17th June 2019
dance teacher resume

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A dance resume is needed to apply for a job in dance schools and studios, at dance castings, programs, courses, competitions and so on. It includes information about your dance skills and qualifications, work experience and accomplishments. A dance resume is required to evaluate a dancer’s suitability for a dance job.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details of how to format and structure your dance resume. It may differ a little from a standard professional resume, so let’s get started.

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5 Basic Tips For Writing Administrative Assistant Resume

resume for administrstive assistant
So, you have a purpose to apply for a position of an administrative position. The first thing to take care of during your job search is certainly a good resume emphasizing on your administrative skills, abilities, accomplishments in the past job and other strengths that represent you as a demanded and competitive candidate.

Crafting your resume can be indeed a little stressful since there are many aspects you should not forget about. Quite often people, especially entry-level employees, need a quality help from resume service to make their administrative assistant resume skills look compelling.

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Useful Advice on Writing a Successful Recruiter Resume (+ Examples)

recruiter resume writing

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As a recruiter, you’ve reviewed thousands of resumes both great and generic. Without a doubt, you know what to look for and how to tear it apart. But when it comes to writing your own recruiter resume, it’s surprising how many of you don’t know where to start.

In fact, leaving the core details of your resume can damage big times. Instead, show the results achieved throughout your past experience and stick out a mile. Yet, not every candidate is able to clearly explain all of his/her experiences on a resume. That’s why the recruiter resume sample below can be a solution.

Recruiting is a hot field for sure. So, go get a potential employer to pick up the phone and call you for an interview.

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Cracking the Interview Dress Code [Infographic]

By 16th June 2019

Research has shown how crucial the first 10-40 seconds of your initial introduction are in a social setting. 90% of people form their opinion about you within this short time.

Employers and hiring professionals often make assumptions about a prospective candidate based on their appearance, so it is important to make your first impressions count.

What to wear for an upcoming interview or that first day at work can feel like a minefield. Creating the right professional image is just as important as having a resume crafted by resume writing professionals! But what exactly makes you look like a good fit right away?
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How Should You Dress for a Job Interview?

Dress for a Job Interview

A recruiter needs a single glance to analyze how reliable and competent you are. Our interview attire can present our social status.

The first impression on the interview means a lot. It is formed in less than 30 seconds and is completely based on our clothes. That is why it is so important to ask yourself ‘How to dress for a job interview?’ not to fail before the interview begins.

Luckily, our resume writing company has chosen four image details that show the recruiter whether you fit into a corporate culture and present the level of your professionalism.
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5 Tips to Help You Write an Entertainment Resume

By 15th June 2019

entrtainment resume writingIf you think that all actors, dancers, singers or any other people related to an entertainment industry, get their jobs just because some producer has somewhere seen them performing on the street, this is a great misconception.

In fact, both newcomers and professionals are always busy doing tryouts and auditions, which usually requires a vivid portfolio and a resume. Certainly,

Certainly, resumes for an entertainment industry are different from regular ones that we normally imagine.

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What Is the Best Cover Letter the Recruiters Are Looking For?

good cover letter
How do you plan to catch a recruiter’s attention with your-’Frankenstein’-together-cover-letter in this ultra-competitive job market? Looking for personalities, recruiters seek only for the best cover letter that gets right to the point, without mudding the waters.

Today, a generic, poorly written, or simply ineffective cover letter doesn’t work anymore. There is no tolerance for misspelling or typos unless you’re lucky enough to have your potential employer overlook such mistakes. Forget about using stock sentences. These are those things that do not give you an extra advantage.

According to a recent Jobvite survey, 26 percent of recruiters still find value in cover letters. Even with many recruiters ignoring cover letters, it still worth the effort to write the best one.

Ideally, recruiters are seeking for people who can ease their pain. Apart from doing their job, a person should be ready to go above and beyond the duties and help the company hit its goals. Looking for the best cover letters, recruiters pick the one that suggests solving recruiter’s pain.

Next to your resume, a killer cover letter comes in when differentiating yourself from a sea of job seekers on the market. Apart from a set of necessary skills, recruiters are hoping to find a person with the right personality that aids their team. So, fire up something that enables the recruiter to quickly connect the dots between what’s needed, and what you have to offer.

Not sending a cover letter is a sign of laziness’, says Jodi Glickman, a communications expert and author of Great on the Job. ‘Even if one it two cover letters gets read, that’s still a 50 percent chance that you benefit from writing one.

Let your cover letter be your secret weapon for winning over a recruiter. Done right, the best cover letter makes people reading it feel the urge to read it right to the end. Saying that you have some reasons why you are the best candidate for the position will make any recruiter keep reading. Well, he/she will not be able to help but find out what your two or three reasons are.

To get you up to speed, according to a recent survey, 50 percent of recruiters consider a logical order for a cover letter presentation as one of the most important features. The same amount of participants highlighted poor spelling and grammar as their number #1 reason for application turn-off.

Go the extra mile, outline your qualifications and background as succinctly and professional as possible. The more tailored your cover letter to the job you’re applying, the better the chance to hit it big time. So, do your job right.

Best Way to Write a Cover Letter that Can Make All the Difference

Whatever you do, start with a specific introduction underlining the major issues a potential employer is dealing with. Sometimes that’s the toughest part.

Find out more about the company and the specific job you want. Once you have that pain point, go ahead and learn the challenges in your potential job.

Considering that a resume points out your transferable skills, your cover letter should explain those skills with a little more flavor, color, and personality. Simply put, the best cover letter for resume should be like you’re whispering: ’Hey! Look at this! Look at me!’

It’s in your interest to set your cover letter to 1-inch margins with the traditional 12-point font, meaning to be the best font for cover letter. Do your best to keep it all to a page or less. Set it out like a business letter. Many times recruiters do not even look at a cover letter if it’s over a page. With reason, how long do you pay attention to a commercial?

The best way to start writing a cover letter is to make research. With a myriad of the best cover letter examples, there’s no silver bullet. Instead, what’s more important, there’s no need to make it difficult.

cover letter example


Cover Letter Best Practices You Need to Pay Heed To

There’s no ‘perfect’ cover letter. Yet, if you want to write the best cover letter, make sure it’s unique, reflecting your experience and personality. The best thing is that there are no rigid rules to follow, still following cover letter best practices can influence your chances of securing an interview.

With the initial purpose to ask for a job, the best cover letter should be short and sum up the resume. Thus, the best cover letter for job needs to be a cold hard sell. Be confident and sell your expertise as if you are writing the best sales cover letter for the sales sector.

The better you can sell yourself, the bigger the chance to get the interview. Yet, don’t fly high with overselling yourself, by making claims which if true would mean you don’t need a job as you are already hugely successful.

Open strong. Don’t write ‘I’m applying for A job that I saw in B place’. That’s a waste of text. Remember, potential employers are more interested in what you can bring to the table in the first instance. So, the best cover letter opening is focused on your skills that relate to the job you are applying for.

Instead, try to make it sound like ‘I’m writing in response to the opening for AAA, which I believe may report to you. I can offer you seven years of experience managing communications for top-tier BBB firms, excellent project management skills, and a great eye for detail…’ Let a potential employer bespeak ‘This is the best cover letter I ever received!

get cover letter

Again, a logical and professional structure is key. Make sure it includes your address, contact details, the recipient’s address, the date, greeting, an introductory paragraph, three to five paragraphs of text, a closing paragraph, and a closing statement. If you feel the task is too complicated for you, consider the help of the expert cover letter writer online.

Authenticity matters. Never put something on your cover letter you can’t back up 100 percent. The fact is true; this is just of the many pet peeves recruiters hate to see in cover letters.

How to Write the Best Cover Letter?

Ideally, a cover letter will make a recruiter smile, call you and give you an interview. With the plenty of boring old cover letters, let yours be the best cover letter ever a recruiter received.

Think on your feet. Avoid cut & dry cover letter examples that will get your application chucked in the trash. If you really want to get hired, don’t let your cover letter blend in with the crowd. Instead, impress your potential employer at the first sentence and make it worth checking out.

To get more inspiration, it makes sense to check different solutions for creating the best cover letter ever received. Make a good first impression might be easier with the help of the best cover letter Reddit templates available out there.

Bottom Line

Want to snag the attention of a recruiter and convince him/her that you’re someone the company needs getting to know? Writing the best cover letter can certainly help.

So, do yourself a favor proofread your cover letter over and over, until you are sick of looking at it. Do not let any glaring cover letter mistake hold you back from landing your dream job. Help your stellar job personality get noticed in a sea of mediocrity.

7 Writing Tips for Outstanding Bilingual Resume

bilingual resume writing tips

Writing bilingual resume can be challenging. If you simply list out the languages without providing some credentials, it won’t sound persuasive.

So, if you consider your bilingual ability a decent skill that makes you stand out from other job candidates, you would want the recruiter to pay attention to it immediately.

Surely, it is hard to find a truly workable writing strategy that guarantees your successful approval, and if you have done a bilingual resume search already, you may have come to the same conclusion.

Nevertheless, if you follow recommendations for a bilingual resume writing, you will definitely increase chances of getting noticed!

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Best Ways to Land a Developer Job

By 14th June 2019

way to find developer job

You’ve been scouring all of the online job boards for something in the software development and engineering field for a few weeks. You might have even had an interview or two, but those went nowhere. You need a job, and the faster, the better. Here’s how to find, prepare for and ace an interview, proving your coding chops and impressing your potential employer.
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Essential Tips on How to Address a Cover Letter

cover letter solutation

Even the easiest thing in a cover letter, such as greeting your employer, can become the first challenge to stand in your way. How to address the cover letter if you are not sure who is about to read it?

At this starting point, many job applicants already manage to make their first and biggest mistake – they do not research. At times when you are opened to so many resources, finding such information is the easiest thing to do.
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