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3 Key Tips to Create a Nurse Cover Letter

By 25th January 2019

nurse cover letter tips

When you apply for a job or a position of registered nurse, you need to provide a resume together with a one-page application document called a nursing cover letter. If you have recently graduated, you should send an entry level nursing cover letter, which is a good business etiquette.

Attaching a nursing cover letter new grad needs to be done whether it was demanded in the job description or not. This additional document not only introduces a job hunter but also explains to the prospective employers why this applicant is the best fit for the job. Our professional cover letter writers are ready to open you some secrets.
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Investment Banking Cover Letter Guideline

By 23rd January 2019

Cover Letter for Investment Banking

It is hard to write a perfect cover letter for investment banking. This is why professional cover letter writing service is here to help you.

If you follow the steps below, we will describe you how to write a cover letter for investment banking sphere that will help you get the results depending on what career stage you are.
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Quitting a Job? Write a Resignation Letter and Make a Graceful Exit

By 21st January 2019

letter of resignation

Transitioning from one job to another is a normal part of today’s career. A professional resignation letter can help you quit your job without burning bridges. It’s a big career step and should be handled professionally with an eye on the future, not the past.

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How to Tailor a Resume to the Job Description

how to tailor resume cv titleDid you ever wish you could just get inside the recruiter’s head to learn what exactly they’re looking for? Needless to say, you’re not the only job seeker out there who struggles to predict and address the expectations of recruiters.

Well, I’m going to let you in on a secret: what all recruiters are looking for are relevant skills and achievements. By incorporating them into your resume and cover letter, you’ll deliver an application that perfectly matches the job posting and instantly grabs recruiters’ attention.

Here are four tips to help you learn how to write a resume that is perfectly tailored to a job posting.
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7 Easy Steps to Create Skills Section that will Win You New Job

By 20th January 2019

resume skills sectionSkills section is a section that follows education and experience parts. This section lists things that are specifically useful for the position you are applying for. They make potential employee more promising and valuable and maximize the interest of potential employer. Your resume turns to be a powerful and competitive document, if skills section contains the right information.
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How to Create an Impressive Developer Resume

By 19th January 2019

developer resume tips

Every job seeker knows how important it is to have all your application documents written correctly before you start the job search. The first step towards landing your dream job is to create a resume that will win you the interview.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the common rules of resume writing before. However, if you are going to work in the software development industry, you need to bear in mind that the traditional CV and resume writing rules won’t work well for you.

Here are the best tips from professional it resume writers for writing a job-winning document from entry level web developer resume to senior web developer resume.
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5 Simple Steps to Write an Entrepreneur Resume

resume for entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you have all chances to experience business from the inside. Properly including this information in your entrepreneur resume is essential if you want to impress the potential recruiter.

Get ready to address your experience and knowledge by following key steps suggested by the company that writes resumes.

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Top 9 Best Websites to Find a Job

online job resume writingAre you looking for the best websites to find a job to take care of your bills and lead a comfortable life? If so, you have landed at the right place. Since finding an appropriate job is pretty difficult these days, we present you the finest sources in the list below so that you can pick your ideal job comfortably without facing any hurdles.
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Best Ways to Land a Developer Job

By 17th January 2019

way to find developer job

You’ve been scouring all of the online job boards for something in the software development and engineering field for a few weeks. You might have even had an interview or two, but those went nowhere. You need a job, and the faster, the better. Here’s how to find, prepare for and ace an interview, proving your coding chops and impressing your potential employer.
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Peculiarities About Recruitment in UAE

By 11th January 2019

uae recruitment

Resume Writing Lab clients often order CVs, resumes and cover letters to apply for a job in UAE, that’s why we asked an industry expert to share an experience of Arabian recruitment.

The UAE has been attracting thousands of job seekers from around the world and has established itself as a globally desired destination for migration.
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