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How to Make Your Sales Representative Resume Work for You

By 17th August 2019

writing Sales Representative Resume

The difference between a good resume and the one that lands you an interview is quite significant. Understand the key differences between the two can set yourself apart from the pack. Don’t have a sales representative resume at a hand? No worries, though, today is the best time for writing one.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. For that reason, our professional resume writers encourage you to learn some sales representative resume sample ideas.
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Things To Remove From Your Resume Immediately

resume mistakes

Your resume is full of so many interesting points. Those are used to attract your employees, and add some more meaning to your working characteristic. You are not the only one who is there for the post. There are so many people, who are fighting for the same. So, it is mandatory for you to make your resume as simple yet effective, as possible, if you want to score some high marks. And it is during such instances when you need to discard some negative points from the resume.

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Keys to Professional Dance Resume Writing

dance teacher resume

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A dance resume is needed to apply for a job in dance schools and studios, at dance castings, programs, courses, competitions and so on. It includes information about your dance skills and qualifications, work experience and accomplishments. A dance resume is required to evaluate a dancer’s suitability for a dance job.

In this article, we are going to discuss the details of how to format and structure your dance resume. It may differ a little from a standard professional resume, so let’s get started.

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5 Steps to Make a Perfect Physician CV

By 16th August 2019

CV for Physician

Doesn’t matter if you are writing a Curriculum Vitae for the job of an office manager, sales executive, IT specialist or even a military man. In any case, you’ll be following the CV writing basics during the process.

Likewise, if you apply for the job of a physician, those basic CV writing rules will come in handy as well. However, aside from general rules, there are also specific aspects of physician CV writing that maybe you didn’t know before.

Don’t worry, though: our career specialists and professional CV writers made a 5-steps guideline to help you create a professional physician Curriculum Vitae by yourself.
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4 Tips to Write Outstanding Resume for Healthcare

how to write health care resumeA good resume is an extremely important factor in the job search. It greatly influences on whether you will be viewed as a potential candidate or not. And there is a ton of tips on the Internet for the creating the best resume possible.

But the reality is that work in the healthcare field requires a different kind of resume. Often it is called a healthcare-focused CV. Using a specialized resume for healthcare would be the perfect option for the improving own chances for success.

The resume will catch recruiter’s attention and show candidate’s purposefulness and focus. The resume will catch recruiter’s attention and show candidate’s purposefulness and focus.

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3 Key Steps to Land a Job at Facebook

land facebook job

The modern job market is becoming more and more competitive day by day. So, it’s a challenging exercise to craft the effective and persuasive resume to get you noticed and grab the attention of employers among a stack of other well-qualified applicants.

You may have dozens of questions swarming in your head. Am I using the right action verbs? Are these buzzwords relevant for this industry? What “power words” shall I use?

Here are the best tips of Facebook hiring manager on how to land a job at Facebook!
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How to Make a Receptionist Resume You’ll Be Proud Of


Receptionist ResumeIt’s simple: to be a good receptionist you must be as a talented candidate with a set of interpersonal skills. Having zero hospitality experience you may think there’s no reason to worry about. Answering calls, writing letters and handle paperwork, is that all? Unfortunately, not; a worker at a front door is not just a guide for visitors.

Clearly, the company’s success is all about the receptionist’s duties; take this into account when composing your next resume. It may be a large corporation, but without a proper attitude, nobody wants to cooperate. You have to be cheered up even in the last 5 minutes of your shift. People, who come, might be highly important, so be ready for a lot of stressful situations. read more…

Best 6 Graphic Design Resume Tips

resume for graphic designer

Graphic designers are much luckier than other job hunters. When it comes to writing resumes, they may create it using all of their creativity and imagination. Not many industries allow for the job seekers to directly showcase their work-related skills and abilities with their application document itself.

At the same time, a creative graphic design resume also serves as a sample of your portfolio. Lawyers can’t defend their application in the court. Chefs aren’t given the chance to cook their resume into a pie.
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Resume vs. CV: Can You Tell Them Apart?

CV vs. resume

Both a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) are very well-known terms for people familiar with job or internship application process. Often your CV is an obligatory document for students applying for scholarships or grants.

However, even if people do know about the existence of these documents, they rarely understand the difference. The thing is, most of the times our mind perceives two of those terms as one whole. Some people do even consider a CV and resume as synonyms.

So, what is the difference between resume and CV, if there is any? Is it related to the regional peculiarities or the document’s purpose?
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Great LinkedIn Profiles You Should Look Up To

best linkedin profile

There are so many significant aspects of your LinkedIn profile that make it look professional and distinctive out of millions of other users. If you learn how to apply all of them in your profile and make them compliment each other, it will help you gain credibility among recruiters.
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