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Resume Vs. Cover Letter. What is The Difference?

By 13th April 2019

difference between resume and cover letter

A cover letter and resume is a united set of documents necessary for any job seeker. Although they go as a pair and complement each other, these papers have important distinctions.

Both resume and a cover letter give a job hunter a possibility to market his skills to the employer. However, they have different purpose, format, and writing style. The mistakes in writing these documents could show that a candidate is not aware of business etiquette. How to avoid it?

Luckily, the best resume and cover letter writing service are ready to explain the main differences between a resume and a cover letter.
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How to Put Temporary Position On Resume

mentioning temporary position on resumeYou might be asking yourself “should I put temporary jobs on my resume”. Some people think that this will just damage their resumes showing that they are irresponsible or unconfident.

However, most professional experts claim that you need to put temporary employment on a resume.

If you have problems creating your resume or don’t understand how to improve general effectiveness of your application, you can use a simple

If you have problems creating your resume or don’t understand how to improve general effectiveness of your application, you can use a simple way to edit resume. Online company of professional writers will help you with the best writing or editing service.
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How To Write Your Resume If You Are Changing Career

By 12th April 2019

resume for career change

Creating a catchy resume might be challenging. Not to mention that experienced employees often try to look for the same career opportunities. However, when it comes to career switcher, the challenge doubles in times.

Unfortunately, HR managers wouldn’t be able to estimate your huge passion and desire to work in the new area from your application. At the same time, they wouldn’t want to. Most of the things depend on the way how you demonstrate your skills and previous experience even if it wasn’t relevant to the applying job position.

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How to Write a Resume If You Are Over 50

over 50 resume writing

When you have to write a resume for over 50 years old, you should learn a couple of tricks that will help you stand out and become a desirable candidate for a promising employer.

Our resume editing service suggests using this guide on how to write a resume for people over 50 – use it and write your winning application paper!
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Additional Skills to Put on Resume

To make your resume effective you have to put together many elements. If you wonder what additional skills to list on a resume, you have to consider both your experience and job ad you are interested in.

Ideally, the skill section of your resume should have as many of the soft and hard skills that are noted in the job offer. If you do not know how hard skills differ from the soft ones, no worries – our resume edit service will define both of them in the following article.
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That’s How Your Perfect Academic CV Should Look Like

CV for an academic job

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There is no doubt that an academic CV is a significant tool when applying for new jobs or for professional development. Generally, such a CV will be just one of several important documents including your research statement, cover letter, sample courses, as well as a teaching statement.

Whether you would like to create your very first academic CV sample, or you need to update your existing one, here are the best tips from careers experts on how to write an outstanding application document and avoid the widespread mistakes.

Design Elements for Academic CV

If you’ve already searched for CV or resume templates on the Internet, you’ve probably come across various types of documents. One academic CV template can be of simple design, while the other one is too flashy. We know that you don’t have much time to grab the attention of the HR manager. However, overthinking design elements and making your document too creative is not what they are looking for.

example of the academic CV

Have a look at academic CV examples with readable fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Courier. We recommend you to use the same font throughout the whole document. Also, when you are writing a CV, don’t use complex design elements, photographs, and lots of graphics – it is not the best way on how to write an academic CV.

Length of CV for Academic Job

The Internet is swarming with information that an application document shouldn’t be longer than two pages because the recruiters will pay attention only to the most important details.

“This fact doesn’t apply to academic CV graduate student as this is the only field where an applicant can create their document as long as they want it to be,” says Emma Baker, a career advisor for the graduate school at King’s College London.

The only thing is to carefully list your achievements in CV and structure the paper professionally so that the recruiters will want to read it all.

Widespread CV Academic Mistakes

One of the top mistakes is certainly when candidates tell lies on their CV in an attempt to catch the hiring manager’s attention and outshine the rest of the competition. However, career coaches don’t advise adding incorrect information in your application document as the truth will be revealed sooner or later.

Also, many applicants don’t know how to highlight the most important and relevant details on their CV examples academic. If your document is not scannable and turns into a long list of all your life, it won’t grab attention and help you stand out.

Put the information about your grants, publications, and places where you have worked in the middle so that it’s visible.

There is no single academic CV format that works perfectly for everyone. But if you keep the most relevant and significant information on the first page and remember about the rule of 90 seconds when the HR manager will review your paper, you will have more chances of getting noticed.

Which Format to Use

One of the most surprising facts about academic CV formats is that it is actually more helpful to use reverse chronological order instead or a normal chronological one. The reason for this is that it helps to notice the recent achievements and publications of an applicant instead of casting a glance on a paper that was dated 2005.

Put your most recent accomplishments in the middle so that the recruiters see your key strengths and what makes you different from the other candidates.

Hopefully, these tips will help you create a compelling academic CV and win the desired position.

How To Write A Great Ecommerce Resume: Your Complete Guide

Ecommerce Resume

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Writing a resume can be a daunting task. Whether it’s your first time or you’re looking for ways to punch up an old draft, there are so many things to consider: What is the employer looking for? Where should I start? What should I include?

Your resume is your first impression, so even if you’re the perfect fit for the job, your resume is your ticket into that interview room where you can prove it.

While there is no such thing as a perfect resume, there are a number of best practices that can drastically improve your success rate and help you start getting interviews lined up.
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How to Format LinkedIn Profile Like a Pro

linkrfin profile formatting

Employers and hiring managers tend to spend less than ten seconds looking at applications. Reviewing your LinkedIn profile is not much of a difference. Regardless of how much time a decision-maker will look through it, the point of your profile is to make a good first impression.

Don’t worry if you feel unconfident or aren’t sure how to create a brilliant profile that will highlight your skills and qualifications. Luckily for you, our LinkedIn profile writer can help you deal with LinkedIn profile formatting without any troubles. Keep in mind that creating unique and high-quality application is similar to LinkedIn profile writing. However, there are certain differences you have to take into consideration.
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Clue Tips for Writing Resume Career Summary


writing resume summaryJob search is a difficult process with lots of requirements, recommendations and tasks to be fulfilled by job-seeker. Moreover, it becomes even more complicated, when you begin to think about hiring managers and their preferences.

You need to take into consideration that these people are very busy, dealing with hundreds of candidates and their resumes every day. This fact makes their work more specific and time-limited, that has a direct impact on your behavior.
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3 Secrets of Salary Rates in Dubai

By 11th April 2019

Updated on: 03.03.2017

job search UAE salaryDepending on your skills in negotiation and a level of your qualification, you may get quite a different salary in Dubai. There is no minimum wage rate and standardized salary level, but salaries are often higher than in western nations. Salary will also depend on your nationality, qualification, experience and history of your employment, as well as on other different factors.

Surprisingly, you may negotiate a better salary, even if you apply for a standard job position. Thus, workers of the same level in the same company may have a different salary. That is why it is really important to choose the best way for introducing yourself. To increase your chances, you should obviously create professional CV. Mind that not only your professional features matter. Your negotiation skills also have a great impact on the result of your interview.
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