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Secret of a Successful Creative Resume

By 29th January 2020
how to write a creative resume

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Creative specialists are the very professionals who are supposed to make a resume on the highest level. It is an essential part for them to make a resume presentation.

This can be simply explained by the sphere of their work, as they always create new ideas and designs.

That is why self-presentation can be regarded as the first and most important creative work that will make the first impression on employers and determine your future.
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Letter of Introduction: Overview and Useful Tips

Letter of Introduction


What is a letter of introduction? And how can a letter of introduction sample help you land your dream job? This is a piece of correspondence that is sent via email and introduces a specialist to another colleague or a person to a friend.

There are various reasons when you may need to know how to write a letter of introduction. You may write it to introduce one coworker to another, introduce new team members, new customers, and clients, a freelancer or a contractor as well as introduce yourself as a candidate for a certain position. read more…

Cleaning Social Media to Get a Job

By 28th January 2020

Nowadays it’s almost impossible to imagine someone without a social media account, especially when it comes to youth.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles are usually open to the publicity, which can have a constant access to anyone’s posted information and is often inappropriate for various reasons.

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The Only Way to Write Your Scientific Curriculum Vitae

science cv

Being a scientist requires a whole bunch of skills and abilities. When it comes to job hunting in this field, the first thing you need to do is to master curriculum vitae science. Applying to professional cv writing service can save you so much time and energy. But why do you need a CV instead of a regular resume in the first place?

Your scientific curriculum vitae should include the information about your research, teaching, publications or presentations. In other words, if you are a well-established scientist and have certain work experience, your CV may cover much more than one page.
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Fit Military Resume To Civilian Job

military to civilian transition resume

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Leaving your military service not only means giving up your military career but looking for a new civilian job that requires a clever resume. Statistics show that more than a half of former servicemen applications are being denied. So, it could be a good decision to apply to military resume writers or at least to read their tips.

Even if your service experience has many accomplishments in it, it doesn’t mean you will be able to write them down on your CV and successfully get the desired position. If you want to make those skills transferable to your current job preference, follow the guideline below.
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How to Write an Appealing Artist CV?

By 27th January 2020
Artist CV tips

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A CV or curriculum vitae is a necessary document that can be submitted when an applicant is looking for a job in the art industry. A CV includes information about artist’s awards and accomplishments.

It also highlights the galleries, collections, art exhibitions his art has been held. In this article, you will find out how to write an artist CV so that it draws the attention of the prospective employer. We have listed some tips to help you with what you need to include in your CV to get your dreamed position.

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Careers Of The Future: Choosing A Career That Promises Job Security

Job Security Career


Choosing a career can be quite overwhelming, especially when considering that only specific fields can provide both job security as well as high-paying annual salaries.

In addition to this, selecting the right career for you as an individual is crucial for personal growth. Making the wrong decision would not only leave you incredibly miserable each day at work, but your personal life will take a toll as well.

Beyond the perks of a nice paycheck, one of the most significant factors to consider when selecting a career is job security. Having to make a career change later in life because there is no longer a demand for professionals with your skill set can be understandably daunting.

To help narrow your selection of choices, these top-rated careers of the future are able to provide both job security as well as an impressive annual salary.

Medical Careers

Selecting a career in the medical field is a fantastic decision that would undoubtedly be able to promise your job security. What’s more, striving towards becoming a qualified doctor is not the only option in this industry as registered nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are high in-demand professions to consider.

While the average nurse practitioner takes home roughly $85,000 per year, the job description consists of treating illnesses and prescribing medicine. If you are an individual with a passion for helping others, you should consider a career in the medical field.

Medical Careers


Technology Industry

There’s no denying that technology is taking over virtually every industry out there, which is why a career as a software architect, software engineer, or IT analyst would be a wise decision. IT is a leading career if you are focused on industry growth, and the salary expectancy is quite incredible too.

If you are considering a career in this field, you will need to further your education. Students, who have no acquired formal qualifications such as their A levels, should obtain access to higher education diploma, which would allow them to further their education and land a job in the ever-growing technology industry.

Technology Industry


Education Sector

Realistically, there will always be an incredibly high demand for professionals in the education sector as society cares deeply about education. Whether you opt for a career as a primary school teacher or a university professor, you will likely never experience the turmoil of battling to find employment.

Furthermore, teachers are among the select few who are able to enjoy incredibly alluring work-life balance which means that you would have absolutely no difficulty furthering your own education and spending quality time with your family.

Education Sector


Financial Services

If you have a mathematical mind, you may want to consider the attractive annual salaries and career security that working in financial services can provide. From accountants to financial advisors, financial services can be a gratifying field for those who simply love numbers. Job growth in this industry is expected to rise a staggering 41% over the next 10 years; therefore, you will be able to enjoy job security for years to come.

Financial Services


10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Career

By 26th January 2020


successful job searchPhoto credit: Pixabay

With a continuously struggling economy, hiring freezes and workplace stagnation, employees should focus on improving the job they have instead of searching for a new position.

Transporting your career to the next level takes patience and strategy. Surprisingly, there are simple strategies that can be implemented which deliver an immediate positive influence on your career. These key points can lead to you climbing the ladder given the right opportunity.
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Top 5 Things to Promote Your Career as a Woman

There is a popular opinion that a woman is a homemaker and she should take care of her family, her husband, and children. She has no time to do business or manage people. However, in modern society, a great number of women resist these unwritten rules. They strive to achieve professional success and build a career.

Unfortunately, building a career a woman meets more difficulties than a man. To break a housewife’s stereotype, she needs to work better than a man. A woman practically has no right to make mistakes, if, of course, she wants to go up the career ladder.

Things to Promote Your Career

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Political Views Boost Job Search… or Kill

political interests of a job seekerEverybody sticks to the particular opinion, political party or candidacy. Political views differ and often oppose each other. When it comes to a job search, lots of job seekers wonder – should they mention their political preferences in social media?

Obviously, social media is a multi-tasking tool that you can use not only for your job search but for keeping in touch with your friends too. Therefore, revealing your political views on Facebook or Twitter is a question that requires deep analysis, which we will provide further. When it comes to a resume, it’s important to realize that revealing your political views would be inappropriate and wrong!
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