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5 Quick Tips to Start a Job-Search

By 1st March 2019

quick tips for job seekersOften people get stressed whenever whey have to look for a job. It is a complex process and often job seekers have no idea how to start in the first place. Are you facing some unexpected changes in your life? Found yourself suddenly looking for a job? Make sure to have 5 quick job search tips ready at hand. Spend a minute to prepare for upcoming challenges and get ready to do your best!

A Top-Notch Resume

Make sure to have a neat, concise resume free of grammar and spelling mistakes with an up-to-date contact information and a detailed outline of your goals, targets, qualification, and skills. Or just find certified professional resume writer who can create a masterpiece of a resume for you.

Updated LinkedIn Profile

how to benefit from linkedin as a job seekerUse your LinkedIn profile as a beneficial business tool aimed to ‘sell’ yourself and create a positive, long-lasting impression on the employer.

Update your profile with a professional-looking up-to-date your LinkedIn profile photo, creative tagline and a detailed description of your skills and expertise:

  • Make sure to take advantage of all its features: video, publications, presentations, groups.
  • Try to stay active, share some useful professional content, posts, make the regular updates to the status.
  • Make your LinkedIn profile an effective visual addon to your resume.

Your Unique Story

You should always be ready to tell a good story about yourself either on a job interview or on a business talk with your colleagues. This is the question you should be ready to answer at all times. Make sure to create a vivid presentation of yourself, a narration about your life, professional experience, try expressing your personal views and convictions to make the connection. Surely, once you get the job, keep doing your best! Christina Madsen, a successful writer and fashion expert, writes about several easy ways to impress any boss.

The Short Description

description to find a jobApart from the personal presentation, a one-to-three-line description of who you are can also work great for you. Help your friends to help you. Make them use a well-composed laconic description to introduce you to their HR-managers and directors in an effective way. Sometimes a few lines can change your career.

Also, be aware of 4 job seeking problems that can be easily solved if you read our tips!

Your Salary History and Expectations

We are not normally used to disclosing our income and talking about the expected salary is an uncomfortable topic for many. However you should be ready for the HR-specialists’ questions on this matter, it’s recommended to think about it beforehand. Have your latest income details available, make sure not to sell yourself short, stay self-confident and do not let your abilities to be underestimated.

By having all of the mentioned tips already in place, you have all chances to find a job of your dream in no time. And most importantly – never stop trying!