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A Cheat Sheet for IT Resume

By 14th September 2015

The foundation of an exciting information technology specialist career starts with an effective resume. However, it differs from standard resume template. Look through the following tips to find out how to write powerful IT resume.
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Create Resume for Federal Job

By 9th September 2015

resume for federal job

If you consider getting a job related to federal government, writing an effective resume is very essential. It not only differs from a traditional form of a resume but can become a challenge, since you must fit the necessary requirements in respect of your skills, other job experience, high education etc. Our federal resume writing service has collected best tips and presented below.
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Find Your Dream Job This Labor Day

By 7th September 2015

expert resume writers

While pupils are buying new copybooks and applicants are receiving replies from dream colleges, managers start working intensively in order to hire a fresh workforce.

Labor Day is a starting point for desperate job seekers and full of energy enthusiasts. September for Americans is the most productive month of the year, as lots of them get their dream jobs and successfully enter the labor market.

Though, there are lots of attractive vacancies just that remain unnoticed. Unfortunately, employers tend to use their network (colleges or former colleges and other professional relations) in order to find potential employees.
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Fit Military Resume To Civilian Job

By 3rd September 2015
military to civilian transition resume

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Leaving your military service not only means giving up your military career but looking for a new civilian job that requires a clever resume. Statistics show that more than a half of former servicemen applications are being denied. So, it could be a good decision to apply to military resume writers or at least to read their tips.

Even if your service experience has many accomplishments in it, it doesn’t mean you will be able to write them down on your CV and successfully get the desired position. If you want to make those skills transferable to your current job preference, follow the guideline below.
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Interview Checklist

By 2nd September 2015

Job Interview… Sounds scary? Everything depends on your attitude and of course preparation. First of all, it is necessary to realize that is not an ordeal, but an excellent opportunity to get a new job, meet new people and even change life. Though, sometimes even really positive people fail and we all know about it.
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How to Improve LinkedIn Profile

By 27th August 2015
custom linkedin profile writing

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Nowadays it’s rather important to learn how to correctly use social networks, especially when it relates to achieving your professional goals.

One of the most popular websites you may take the advantage of is surely LinkedIn®, created in order for recruiters and new organizations to look for future employees and partners online.

Going through thousands of professional LinkedIn profile writers HR managers work hard analyzing the potential candidate’s information shown on the networking site, which means it’s more than necessary to create a professional look of the profile itself.
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Benefits of Resume Writing Services

By 25th August 2015

benefits of resume writing service
There are so many points of views regards to whether resume writing services are good or bad. It is quite easy to judge when you are not a desperate job seeker, who doesn’t get invitations to interviews despite numerous attempts.

Time has changed a lot and even employees with great experience cannot recognize the job market today. They cannot understand why having so many skills and years of successful work, they are not always noticed by the recruiters.

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25 Habits Of A Successful Job Seeker

By 21st August 2015

successful job search

No one is born successful. Every admirable individual has to spend years, if not decades, shaping his or her character and attaining personal objectives.

However, when it comes to career growth, every job seeker wants to speed up this process.

Surely, the key component of a successful job search is hard work, but there are some extra habits, and of course resume tailored by experts, that often help applicants land interviews and impress potential employers. You are better to know these habits and acquire at least some of them!
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3 Ways to Save Money Ordering Resume

By 18th August 2015

save money ordering resume

Job search… It is definitely not the most pleasant time in your life, calls, applications, expectation. And that feeling of uncertainty.

Though, you can feel much more confident when you have application documents written by specialists. First of all, you know that your resume/CV, cover letter, and follow-up letter are better than many others sent by applicants like you. Moreover, these documents can serve as an excellent guide for successful interview crafted especially for you.

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3 Easy Steps To Recharge Any Career

By 14th August 2015

recharging career
Once in a while every job seeker, employee or businessman should consider refreshing his or her career. You may not notice it, but any information eventually gets outdated and if you are the kind to trim your sails to the wind, it is better to maintain everything about your career well-organized. Here are some of the best tips that can help you keep abreast of professional tendencies.

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