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Best 6 Graphic Design Resume Tips

By 16th August 2019

resume for graphic designer

Graphic designers are much luckier than other job hunters. When it comes to writing resumes, they may create it using all of their creativity and imagination. Not many industries allow for the job seekers to directly showcase their work-related skills and abilities with their application document itself.

At the same time, a creative graphic design resume also serves as a sample of your portfolio. Lawyers can’t defend their application in the court. Chefs aren’t given the chance to cook their resume into a pie.
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Salary Negotiation Tips: How to Ask For More?

Salary Negotiation Tips


I’ve worked with several women on salary negotiations during the last year and I noticed that many make a big mistake: they name their desired salary way too early in the process and they don’t gamble. They name the amount they want to have straight away. Now there are several problems with this.

You limit your possibilities for negotiation if you tell them how much you really want too early. I know, it’s easy to get pressured into naming a concrete amount by HR or your boss but remember: once you’ve said the amount, you can’t go back anymore.

Consider that: if you tell them the minimum salary that would be ok for you and they offer you less, won’t you be unsatisfied with the outcome? And what if they accept the amount too readily? Won’t it make you feel like you asked for too little? Won’t you doubt if more would have been possible? Won’t you be unsatisfied as well? read more…

Boston Tech Firms are Looking for New Employees

By 4th August 2019

boston job searchXmas holidays are almost over and job seekers can resume their job search. Great news can cheer up desperate tech job seekers – over 1,000 of Boston tech workers will be hired in 2016. Software and network engineers, sales and marketing professionals, as well as, IT specialists have more chances to get their dream jobs and high salaries in a new year.

Resume Writing Lab posts the list of companies that are ready to get your flawless resumes. The only thing that is left to do is to produce a powerful application document. If you need to get IT resume writing help, apply to professional writing companies and make sure they are real writing experts.

Here is a list of experienced companies and startups that will welcome your resumes this year:

  • Lola Travel – is new a Boston startup that was created by Kayak co-founder Paul English is going to provide 250 new employees with working places. In 2015 there were only 30, by the way.
  • Current, GE’s – is another new Boston startup that is going to hire 200 new tech workers and offer them tempting opportunities to work in their new Boston-area headquarters which location is still unknown.
  • Bullhorn – is a recruiting Boston software firm is a tidbit for every job seeker who is looking for a tech position. This year Bullhorn is planning to increase its headcount to 730 by the end of next year, up from 530.
  • Granite Telecommunications – if you want to apply to this Quincy-based telecommunications firm, you can become among those 200 lucky employees that will fulfill 1,700 workers team in 2016.
  • Comcast Corp. in Philadelphia that has a department in the Greater Boston is a broadcasting and cable company that will welcome more than 100 customer service workers this year.
  • Carbonite – is a cloud backup firm in Boston with a 675 tech workers is planning to hire 100 additional employees to complement their professional team.get hired in boston
  • Datadog – is a company that deals with cloud data and infrastructure for companies. This fast-growing company is going to offer 95 new tempting vacancies for new professionals and young job seekers.
  • 128 Technology – is company that attracts experienced experts and graduates. This firm is the stealthy venture-backed Burlington software company founded by former Acme Packet co-founders is going to attract even more new employees in 2016. Though its representatives didn’t inform us how many workers they are going to hire this year, it’s obvious that you can fearlessly apply for a job in 128 Technology.

Check special cheat sheet for IT resume here

  • Placester is supported by $27 million investment and it allows moving into new headquarters and hiring new professionals. Its CEO claims that this year has already prepared a team of promising professionals and tempting opportunities for them.
  • SimpliVity attracts newcomers with its professionalism and experienced team as it has already created a novel IT appliance system aimed at data centers and is going to offer you being a part of this team. A specific number of applicants is unknown but it is supposed to be substantial.

So, you have got a promising list of vacancies in Boston that creates a good platform for your job search. The only thing you have still to do is to figure out how to boost job search this year and follow all directions. In today’s digital era tech and IT experts are highly estimated and appreciated. Therefore, if you are a tech job seeker, just use all recommendations and start you job search. Let it be successful!

How to Get a Raise: Move Up the Career Ladder

By 24th July 2019
How to Get a Raise


After we looked at how to negotiate your starting salary, let’s talk about raises now. There’s much more to negotiating a raise than you’d think. Take a guess: it’s again all about preparation, but of a slightly different kind. read more…

Myths about Hiring Professional Resume Writer

By 19th July 2019

hire resume writer

Today more and more HR managers claim that well-submitted resume plays a crucial role in the employment process. This document simplifies the job search and helps hiring managers to find right candidates, but for many job seekers, it is rather challenging to create a professional looking resume.

That is why resume writing companies are so popular today: applicants strive to find the best writers in order to have the best result and that becomes the occasion of disputes. Should or should not employees hire professional resume writers?
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How Am I Legally Protected during the Recruitment Process?

By 13th July 2019

legall protected during recruitment

The recruitment process can be exhausting by all accounts and rejection can deter many from reapplying for their dream roles. One thing that is undeniable throughout this, that is felt by many, is the power imbalance throughout the process.

Although most hiring managers work ethically and within the realms of the law, it’s important to know your rights as an applicant, as this can help you throughout your career. Here are some of the ways that you are legally protected during the recruitment process.
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Best Ways to Land a Developer Job

way to find developer job

You’ve been scouring all of the online job boards for something in the software development and engineering field for a few weeks. You might have even had an interview or two, but those went nowhere. You need a job, and the faster, the better. Here’s how to find, prepare for and ace an interview, proving your coding chops and impressing your potential employer.
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How to Improve LinkedIn Profile

By 11th July 2019
custom linkedin profile writing

Photo credit: Pixabay

Nowadays it’s rather important to learn how to correctly use social networks, especially when it relates to achieving your professional goals.

One of the most popular websites you may take the advantage of is surely LinkedIn®, created in order for recruiters and new organizations to look for future employees and partners online.

Going through thousands of professional LinkedIn profile writers HR managers work hard analyzing the potential candidate’s information shown on the networking site, which means it’s more than necessary to create a professional look of the profile itself.
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Make Screening Tools Like Your Resume

By 6th July 2019

resume tracking

The present job market differs dramatically from the labor market just a few years ago. In the past, resume was needed by upper management and executives, but today it is almost impossible to land an interview for a position without this document.

As Resume Writing Lab reports, many job hunters are aware of the significant role of a well-submitted resume and do not disregard this opportunity to impress prospective hirers.
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Increasing a Salary Threshold for White Collar Overtime Exemptions

By 5th July 2019

salary news
On June 30, 2015, the United States Department of Labor (DOL) has proposed to review the rule of overtime exemptions for office workers and make it, as a federal law. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act usually requires that “white-collars” get an overtime pay of 1 or 1.5 times of their regular pay rate for more than 40 hours of work per week.

Nevertheless, there can be several exclusions. Due to FLSA regulations, for those employees, who earn approximately $455 or more per week (at least in 23.660 per year) and manage to handle a so-called duties test, which lies in performing certain executive, professional or administrative duties and do not get the overtime pay, despite having a quality professional resume. For highly compensated employees, who earn more than $ 100.000 per year, can do a relaxed duties test.

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