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4 Winning Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters

By 13th October 2016

optimizinf linkedin profile

Are you sure that your LinkedIn page works and doesn’t require optimizing? Unfortunately, if you are still looking for a job, your LinkedIn page, more likely, doesn’t cope with its responsibilities. The main goal of the social media for the job search lies in the attracting recruiters and, thereby, increasing the chances of being hired.

If you haven’t achieved this goal yet, you should learn how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters.

Modern LinkedIn profile writing service offers affordable writing and editing help but if you want to optimize an online page independently, you should look through the following effective tips to attract recruiters on your outstanding LinkedIn profile!
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7 Secret Strategies Only Resume Consultants Know

By 13th September 2016

how to write resume like a professional consultantWhen you are thinking about writing a resume, you can find lots of information from resume experts that are all true. You will learn that it’s necessary to prioritize your achievements over responsibilities, develop your own brand, show your dedication to development, etc. While the advice is good and should be followed, they are still not focused on the main idea of writing resumes.

That is why it’s quite necessary to deal with professional resume consulting services but not with different writers who pretend to be experts. To be able to determine the level of your writer, you definitely need to know the main point of any resume.

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9 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Career Opportunities

By 9th September 2016

ob opportunities tips for job seekersEvery major step takes a lot of time, especially when it comes to your career.

Naturally, achieving career goals can turn into a long and challenging battle.

However, the amount of time needed depends on It depends directly on our attitude towards career coaches, professional organizations, and professional resume writers.

If you always strive to do your best, be absolutely sure that your efforts are going to be rewarded. Here are top 9 recommendations below you would want to stick to on a daily basis in order to build up a successful career.

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4 Job Seeking Problems Solved

By 5th July 2016

Every month job seekers apply to our company for resume writing services, as they face some kind of problems and need help to cope with them.  Opening email after email sent by job hunters from all over the world, we realized that life stories are different but the problems are quite the same and what is more important we are able to solve them. So, check this list and probably you will find the case very similar to yours.
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5 Reasons to Boost Your Job Search This Summer

By 1st June 2016

how to perform your summer job searchA light breeze, inviting ocean, warm sand, and you writing your resume – this is a perfect picture of your summer 2016. Right now we are going to destroy a longstanding myth about summer job search. In fact, summer job search for college students, for single mothers, for everybody else is absolutely real. The only thing you have to remember: it will be a little bit more complicated to find a suitable vacancy.But it is possible nonetheless. Just follow these summer job search tips and spend your summer time with use!

If you have your effective summary, that’s perfect – you can start your job hunt right away. Otherwise, look for a reliable resume and LinkedIn profile writer to complete a powerful application. Now it’s time to start your successful summer job hunt!
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How Important Social Media Picture to Promote Your Business?

By 20th April 2016

Media Picture for business

We all know that image is everything, right? The use of social media can either build or break yours depending on how you go about your business.

It’s hardly possible to be an ardent social media user and not include a profile picture. The availability of the Internet-enabled gadgets such as phones has made it easy for users to update their profile photos every now and then. How many times have you ever found yourself thinking of effects your profile picture may have on your business? Most people brush the question off as soon as it creeps in their thoughts but that’s a poor business strategy!
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Free Resume Editing: Tempting Offer for Students

By 28th March 2016

resume writing for students2015 was a productive year for Resume Writing Lab and for our clients. Job seekers got their quality resumes and stayed satisfied. We are grateful to our customers, who ordered their application documents. Their trust to our service was guaranteed by our quality work. Thousands of job seekers learned that they can rely on our professional writers. 2016 is the year of changes for our service and for the labor market.

We decided to pay attention not only to job seekers but also to students, who will have to try themselves on labor market soon. Our tempting offer lies in providing students with free resume editing services! This is your chance to use this attractive opportunity from professional resume editors and ensure your professional success!
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Is Your Resume Good Enough for an Executive Job?

By 25th March 2016

resume to land executive jobEvery job seeker knows the difference between a simple job and an executive one. If you occupy a general position, you will be rarely given a responsibility to make actual decisions. If you are an executive, your list of responsibilities may be impressive. Obviously, this position requires specific professional and personal skills. You have to demonstrate that you and only you are the perfect fit for the particular position!

A resume for an executive job must be targeted, polished and proofread. An average resume doesn’t fit aforementioned characteristics and, actually, won’t help you to get an executive level job. This conclusion is based on the vast experience of our specialists. They are ready to share this experience with you!
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Political Views Boost Job Search… or Kill

By 23rd March 2016

political interests of a job seekerEverybody sticks to the particular opinion, political party or candidacy. Political views differ and often oppose each other. When it comes to a job search, lots of job seekers wonder – should they mention their political preferences in social media?

Obviously, social media is a multi-tasking tool that you can use not only for your job search but for keeping in touch with your friends too. Therefore, revealing your political views on Facebook or Twitter is a question that requires deep analysis, which we will provide further. When it comes to a resume, it’s important to realize that revealing your political views would be inappropriate and wrong!
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5 Tips to Deal with Phone Interviews

By 18th March 2016

tips for phone interviewPhone interviews are an actual tendency for today’s business world. More and more recruiters offer job seekers to contact each other via phone. Time is compressing and employers don’t want to waste their priceless seconds on unnecessary chatting that does not refer to the business. Therefore, phone interviews are gradually replacing traditional ones.

Of course, telephone interview has its drawbacks. While one person feels free to talk via phone and, actually, prefers avoiding face-to-face conversations, another may feel comfortable building eye contact, showing a smile or explaining any misunderstandings in a resume. Surely it cannot happen if you use the help of resume writing services like Resume Writing Lab. However, never forget about resume improvement or, at least, changes to prevent any sticky situations in the first place.

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