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How to Use Google+ to Your Own Benefit During Job Search

By 21st January 2016

social media for job search
What would be the very first thing to do in order to begin your job search? Obviously, you should start with a professional resume preparation and appeal to proficient CV writers or certified writing services (one of those is Resume Writing Lab). No doubts, a resume is literally a clear representation of the candidate, therefore has to be winning and flawless. Nevertheless, your application isn’t the only source of information for the employer.
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Top 16 Mistakes to Stay Off in Resume and LinkedIn Profile

By 12th January 2016

LinkedIn profile tipsWhat is the most essential tool of any job hunter? Definitely, a well-written resume. Everyone knows: if you screw it up from the beginning, there would be no chance to get your foot in the door for an interview at a perspective company. Consequently, you’d better spend another hour or two for editing and proofreading your document until it’s perfectly-polished. read more…

Boost Your Job Search This New Year

By 30th December 2015

new year job searchJust imagine – 31,890,000 people or approximately 10% of Americans – are these numbers substantial for you? Namely this number of Americans adds to their plans finding a new job in a new year. Are you among them? If you aren’t, review your plans for the following year again, as a new year is like a new chapter of your life. Starting great changes from the very beginning is always a good idea as people tend to consider themselves as completely new personalities after the clocks strike. Is it true or not? We don’t know for sure.

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What Should You Know about the Holiday Hiring Myth

By 24th December 2015

holiday job searchWho feels like working in December, when everyone is so excited about celebrating Christmas holidays with his or her families and not care about job duties? Therefore, most of us consider that applying for the job in December is a ridiculous idea, since HR Managers tend to do a little hiring at this time. Nevertheless, Resume Writing Lab assures: it’s just another myth and sometimes there’re more chances of having yourself hired in December than in other months of the year.

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Priceless Career Tips from Favorite Xmas Movies

By 22nd December 2015

Christmas is coming and in the run up to this holiday most of employees tend to stay at home, watching Xmas movies and drinking milk with cookies. Such cozy atmosphere doesn’t favor working process. Fortunately, Resume Writing Lab figured out how to combine the useful with the pleasant. We decided to watch your favorite Xmas movies again and find career lessons that are given there.

Read our holiday article devoted to top 8 mistakes that are, mostly, made by you.
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10 Unacceptable Cover Letter Mistakes

By 17th December 2015

cover letter writing tipsDestroying your well-written resume with a terrible cover letter makes your candidacy very doubtful to the employer. Even though many of HR managers neglect reading cover letters of their candidates, some of them do; so if you didn’t do a great job with writing a good letter, your whole job application could easily get into a trash bin.

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How to Write Effective Executive Resume

By 15th December 2015

executive resume writingExecutive resumes are, basically, required if you are applying for position in high-level management career and, therefore, differ from standard ones. What’s the difference? Executive resumes contain a tiny answer to the question that means a lot for every recruiter. So, your resume should explain benefits that a company would get, if you were hired. High-level recruiters, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, or Board Members want to receive a convincing answer to the question “What’s in it FOR ME?” You are not supposed to write how brilliant your skills are. You are supposed to show the way you are going to increase sales, improve working conditions, develop new strategies, raise money or solve particular problems.

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30 Words You Should Never Use at Interview

By 8th December 2015

Most of job seekers get nervous when job interviews begin as they think they are judged or criticized by their potential employers. It makes them speak through their necks and, therefore, influence the outcome of the interview. So, (and everybody, actually, knows it) it is important to pull yourself together and control your speech. Our article will teach you some methodic to calm down and present the words you MUST definitely avoid in your interview. Let’s start.
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Cyber Monday Resume Tips

By 30th November 2015

Cyber Monday is the best thinonline resume writing serviceg for online shoppers. If you are reading this, you probably don’t need to Google this term. However, in a couple of words, Cyber Monday is Monday after Thanksgiving Day when Americans can shop online for affordable prices. Lots of discounts on this day allow people to purchase cool things.

This day is perfect opportunity for job seekers to order effective resume for affordable prices! Lots of helping services specialize in resume preparation online and can offer their help for available prices.
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Be Thankful During Job Search

By 26th November 2015

thanksgiving cardSpending time with family or in a company of friends on your Thanksgiving Day is priceless. And the actual thing isn’t in this large appetizing turkey, served with mashed potatoes and gravy or surprising little presents, but rather in the atmosphere of those rare and long-awaited family gatherings.

Since the tradition of celebrating American Thanksgiving Day dated back to the 15th century, it hasn’t lost its popularity. Even if we managed to make a great deal out of this day, nevertheless, it’s an important focus on everything that we’re grateful for.
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